The new Roommate (Rena Sakai)

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The new Roommate (Rena Sakai)
Date of Cutscene: 23 February 2016
Location: The home of Rena Sakai
Synopsis: The arrival of Dabble presents some new challenges for the rookie Steam Sentinel.
Cast of Characters: Rena Sakai


  • clang. Clang. ClAnG! CLANG!*

The pounding sound of a hammer against metal scared the living daylights out of Rena. She had been sleeping soundly. The events which transpired at the Seiyou Theater had tired her out in the worst way. Now that much needed sleep had been stolen away by an unknown source. Was someone trying to break in? Was it a burglar? Could it be that Craft guy with another cog? Was her parents in danger!? The girl's heart is racing as she sits up and quickly looks around.

Her eyes fall on something messed up, The new roommate, Dabble, happens to have set up a furnace and is doing some late night smithing. It wouldn't be so bad except: 1) It's 3AM. 2) Her and the rest of her family are trying to sleep and will be awake in an hour and a half. And finally 3) The furnace is set up on her nice WOODEN desk. She facepalms. "Dabble, What are you doing! Its 3am! Are you trying to wake everyone up?"

Dabble turns and raises a pair of goggles from her face, "I couldn't sleep and I found this weird device! I thought I could make it better." She happens to have dragged the toaster into the girls room and has taken the thing apart.

"Oh no! Mom and dad are going to kill me! That was working fine! That's a toaster! It toasts bread! Makes it nice and warm and crispy! You've gotta get that back together! My parents usually have toast with breakfast before work! If they see it like this or any changes they will know something is wrong!" Rena is suddenly very alarmed. This big new secret could be out well before a day is up. She quickly moves over and starts trying to piece things back together. Ooops. *SSSS* "Owwww!!! Darn that hurt!" her fingers are a nice shade of red courtesy of the very hot copper plating.

Dabble quickly looks at the burn and then at the toaster. "I'll put it back together quick but you should let me know what I can work on and what I can't. I love to tinker and improve on things! I don't wanna get you in trouble." She then frowns a little. "You're hand will heal up soon. Don't worry! Steam Sentinels heal faster then normal people. Its so you can stay in a fight without being killed."

"That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt! Just get this cleaned up please, and I will find a place that you can work. You're going to burn the house down if you do it there. My desk is flammable." She states as she winces and holds her hand. The pain is subsiding but, there is still the shock of it all. "I'm going back to sleep. Please keep it down. You can tinker and stuff while I'm at school and my parents are at work."

"Uh uh! Nope! I'm coming with you! You need me! Without me you can't transform and there is no telling when Craft will attack again. I can't let you get captured, not with the hopes of Gearwork and this world on the line. You're too important!" Dabble comments as she continues assembling the toaster.

"No pressure." Rena goes back to bed and then to sleep. Life just got a whole lot more interesting for the young woman.