Theme - Shugo Chara!

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Theme - Shugo Chara

All children have an Egg inside their Hearts: a Heart Egg. This Egg contains their single most important dream. Perhaps it’s to be an astronaut someday, or become an award winning author, or become a Soccer Superstar!

Sometimes, when someone’s dream is strong enough, they’ll wake up one day to discover that their Heart Egg has materialized as a real object! If they take care of this Egg, it will hatch into a fairy of sorts, called a Guardian Character, or Guardian Chara. This fairy represents their dream, so it may be a tiny astronaut, a tiny writer, or a tiny soccer star, for example.

When one has a Guardian Chara, they’re suspect to some things. One is that randomly, they are subject to the influence of a ‘Chara Change’. Something triggers them to temporarily take on a different personality, and a slight visual adjustment. For example, if someone’s dream is to be a best selling author, then mentioning the word ‘Author’ might cause a pencil magically appear behind their ear, and suddenly they’re speaking enthusiastically about books despite them usually being quiet and reserved. This usually comes with magical abilities that manifest as well.

Those who can master their chara change - or get some help from Amu Hinamori - can initiate a ‘Character Transformation’, a form that is more fitting of a Magical Hero and usually comes with a full costume change (as opposed to a Chara Change’s ‘Tiny Detail’) and greater power, usually based around their dream.

Of course, there’s a dark side to this all. The Easter corporation seeks a special Heart Egg, called the Embryo, which has the power to grant any wish. They seek it out by causing the Heart Eggs in children to corrupt and turn into X-Eggs, corrupted dreams which can also erupt into an X-Character -- a small, dangerous creature of Darkness -- constantly insisting that everything is impossible, and that nothing is worth anyone’s time. The Easter Corporation both creates X-eggs as a side effect of their search, and uses them in various schemes; there is, after all, much power in a child’s heartfelt dream.

OC Chara Bearers are appable, and Chara Bearers can be of any age or gender, but typically they tend to be in the Elementary to Early Middle School range of grades, as the older one gets, the more the Heart Eggs weakens. Dreams are either realized, and the Heart Egg is no longer needed to help guide the realized dream, or the dream is forgotten as the person moves onto other things.