These Things Are Important (Makoto Kino)

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These Things Are Important (Makoto Kino)
Date of Cutscene: 02 June 2016
Location: Earth Court Frat House - Kitchen
Synopsis: A certain upcoming birthday reminds Makoto that her planner needs some updates.
Cast of Characters: Makoto Kino

At some point during the first couple days of June, a sheet of paper has been posted to the front of the refrigerator in the kitchen that was once Mamoru's and is now shared, to greater or lesser extents, by the five members of the household. Bordered with a pink rosebud pattern and stuck up at more-or-less eye level with fridge magnets, it sports a few lines hand-written across the top in green pen:

"Evil plants trying to eat the Earth is no excuse for missing birthdays. [Usagi]-chan's is June 30, for anyone who wants to think about presents!"

(Usagi's name is not actually written in; in its place is a small, stylized doodle of a bunny. )

Most of the rest of the page is taken up by three columns, labeled respectively "Name," "Birthday," and "Favorite Kind of Cake". Below these, near the bottom of the page, a postscript has been added:

"Making up a birthday is fine, but I have to know when it is or you don't get a cake. <3"

Below this is another line - smaller, hastily scribbled, clearly an afterthought:

"(Limit one birthday per person per year, smartasses.)"