Things About... Pies. (Reiko Touyama)

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Things About... Pies. (Reiko Touyama)
Date of Cutscene: 18 June 2016
Synopsis: Reiko Touyama makes a post to the Virtue HeartNET about Pies. And Love. Love and Pies. What!?
Thanks to: Like Everyone
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama

Reikos's setup her Virtue Camera phone as a webcam. She's adjusting the camera and then running back to sit on her bed. Her room seems to be painted blue, with some fish decorations in the background. Her Bedding seems to have a similar theme to the room. That's all you can really see! She is sitting off center more to the left.

"Hi! Um. I'm Reiko Touyama! I'm Prism Keeper Orange, Hello! I know there's an emergency going on. With the plants. But there's also been some other issues going on and I wanna have a talk anyways!" she beams.

"Um..." she says kind of unsure, like she's doing this adlibbed rather than scripted. She seems to be searching words. A tiny koi in a directors headset appears and holds up a cue hard just out of frame to the right. Reiko huffs and waves it off screen! "That text is too small I can't read it anyways!" she huffs.

"Oh! Um. Right. So." she crosses her arms. She motions to the right. The video has been edited so there's a big white square next to her now. The words 'Love is not a Pie!' is scrawled on it. The 'o' in Love looks like a lattice top pie. It's expertly drawn in a cartoony style by Reiko.

"Love is not a pie!"

The video shifts to a pie, overhead. It looks like the one in the 'O' from earlier. At this size, you can see it is cherry. "What I mean is..." says Reiko her hands animated a bit. "Is that many people treat love like a pie...." she waves her hands.

some faces appear around the pie, all smiling happy faces. Three boys, three girls. They don't look like anyone specific- you can see some resemblance to some people you might know. Maybe. If you imagine hard enough.

"They treat it like a pie, because they act like they have only so many pieces to give out!" the pie separates into six pieces. Each face gets a slice. There is smiles, and a tiny heart over each one.

"People might think their slice is bigger..." a boy on the right's slice grows one half as big as the one below it shrinks half way. The boy on the bottom seems slightly more dejected while the one on top continues to be happy.

"---Or they think their slice can be taken away and given to someone else, leaving them with no pie." she says crossing her arms. The girl on the right obtains the boy's over her pie piece, leaving the boy with none. The boy's heart breaks in two while the girl gains two hearts! Super happy!

"But love is not a pie!" she says sternly crossing her arms. The picture poofs! The pie disappears. It leaves the faces 'baffled!?'.

"Love isn't something that can be measured finitely!" she insists. "If I could continue this analogy, I would say love is a lot more like a bakery- able to produce a countless amount of pie! or.. Love! But- That would be really silly at this point..." she says sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

The picture changes to a small picture of a bakery with a cartoonish conveyer belt spitting out pies from it willy nilly.

"What I'm saying is." she continues. "It's really silly. Because. If someone loves you. And you know it. They're not giving you some sizeable piece of some pie you can look down and measure." she says sheepishly. "--and just because they love someone else, too--- Doesn't mean there's a slice of pie in your heart that just got smaller either...." she says.

"Because. Love comes in various ways! and forms! Like the bakery... it makes many /different/ types of pies! Wait no, I said I'd stop that." she says, growing frustrated as she holds her hands out in front of her in tiny frustrated fists as the frame to her right fills up various pies of varying flavors.

Reiko Touyama kind of looks down. "Look... I've had a lot of time to think about this-- and hear about lots of troubles- and have my own misadventures in love, with my own views that make it difficult-- and don't you dare listen to that fox! I'm totally not dating four boys and a girl at once." she says crossing her arms- a small blush crossing her face.

"--and it's just something I believe in I wanted to share." she says quietly. "Cuz maybe this'll help you too.... and I know some others have heard it from me before, too, this whole rant."

There's a soft pause, before she smiles again. Yeah she still has the blush! "Um. That's it... really!" she gives a soft wave! a tiny koi joins in off from the right- it still has the director's headset on.

The video ends with a gentle fade out to black!