Things Gained (Norie Okana)

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Things Gained (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 12 May 2016
Location: Norie's Bedroom Closet
Synopsis: Norie lets her hair down in her 'secret lair' and lets her thoughts wander freely.
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

The closet in Norie's room had become a sort of safehaven for her. She'd cleaned out a little cubby on the far right side, and taped one of those reading lights you'd clip on a book onto the wall to give her a little light- she didn't really use it though, she liked the dark.

It was sort of funny, to think that she was scared of being out past dark not that long ago. She had this silly fear at the time of some sort of big dog or beast attacking her. That was sort of silly to think about now- now that she knew some of those things existed from a much darker place that she felt more at home in than her own own house.

The small place also let her 'put her hair down' to it's purple color, with those violet eyes and pale skin-- drop being Norie, so to speak-- and give her a buffer if she heard someone turn the knob on the door of her room outside the closet- to put it back on. This was a tactic she used to keep her energy usage down. One of the few at least. She hated it. She hated not 'being herself'- but it was better than worrying about being a horrible monster who had no coherent thought.

At least... at least her parents were happy. She had a /friend/ again. Her parents saw it as a good sign-- that things were getting better. The therapist was contended with this too. Utau was a good friend, she helped her find people to drain- didn't judge her-- just... wanted to do things. She knew Utau felt the same way-- Norie didn't judge her either- for her own 'horrible acts'.

'Horrible Acts'. At first she thought she was a monster. Then... then at some point. Draining people just became 'eating'. Just... a normal act everyone does. Right? How is that horrible? They like sushi... she likes the energy of people- she thought. It's not like she killed the people she drained. They fell unconscious, they woke up.

So why did people get so upset? It's like she knew, maybe. Before. But now.. now she wasn't so sure.

That voice was still there. It only spoke to her though when she got hurt enough to go hide in the Dusk Zone nowadays though. She wasn't fighting it anymore. Not like before anyways. Norie claimed to want to be human again, sometimes. She wondered if she believed that anymore too.

So what if she was a monster now!? She thought. There was something.. just. Seeing the look on that boy's face when he pulled the knife that night when she was out with Utau. There was something /thrilling/ about it. Something about teaching him a lesson that she /enjoyed/. If she.. 'fixed' herself. How would she feel then? Would she feel 'bad'? Why would she even want to put herself through MORE of this. It's almost like the world was making sense again to her. Just from a different perspective.

But--nrg. Maybe she should talk with Ayana again. Ayana seemed to understand things better. She did promise to still talk to Ikiko about her curse. But--but maybe. She should let her know she's having second thoughts too. They'd been so nice to her. Like Utau, not judging her. Wouldn't it be wrong to waste their time if she didn't /want/ to be 'turned back'?

But what if they insisted? Ugh! No-- they wouldn't. Right? If they were friends... like Utau then-- they'd understand, right?

Nrg. Maybe she just didn't want to loose the few friends she'd gained since this mess. Was it wrong to not want to feel alone? She finally felt like.. like she /had/ people to talk to again! To do things with! She even got to /dance!/. And she'd be getting to dance with Sachiko soon, too-- if she kept her promise!

She was lost in her thoughts, but not so lost to hear the door knob jiggle-- oh, darn! She threw up the magical disguise. It was just an instant. A soft flash....

And there was Norie's brother opening the closet door on Norie with her phone out. Norie looking up, looking mildly annoyed with a straight purse to her lips. "Do you even knock anymore?" she asked.

"...Weirdo, hiding in the closet." he muttered. "Yeah, Mom's been calling you a few times, we're going out for dinner. No surprise you didn't hear it in here." he mutters. "Anyways, go on get ready." he said as he began to meander off out of the room.

Norie merely rolled her eyes and sighed, getting to her feet. She at least hoped they were going to that place on the pier. She always liked staring into the dark ocean.