This I Pinkie Promise (Momo Akatsuki)

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This I Pinkie Promise (Momo Akatsuki)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2016
Location: Mitakihara General
Synopsis: Momo finally decides she'd had enough of just sitting by Sachiko's bedside in despair and rage. It's time to act.
Thanks to: Sachiko Hayakawa
Cast of Characters: Momo Akatsuki

Momo Akatsuki sat in a chair right beside Sachiko's hospital bed, watching her comatose girlfriend like she had every day since the day she watched as her best-friend and girlfriend was drained until she reached this state before her. It replayed in her mind over and over, each time tumbling and shattering into something dear inside of Momo. The nurses felt like they should ask the little crying girl to leave, but none of them could work up the nerve once they got close to her. That was always when they'd notice they weren't tears of sadness, but the burning tears of someone taken by anger and gripped tightly. The sort that leave little red trails down your face as they burn your skin.

Today Momo had enough of just sitting there, letting the fire rage inside of her. It was time to let it rage outside. So she gently took Sachiko's pinkie in her own, twining her own little finger around Sachiko's like a serpent. "I promise that I'll make them pay. Everyone that made you hurt, and especially the two that hurt you the most. I won't just stand by again. They'll pay.". Such grim words for such a young face, thought the nurse just strolling in.

"Miss, I'm afraid you'll have to leave. The doctors want to do an MRI today, to make sure she's still.... You know, there.". Momo looked at the woman, fiery hot pink eyes blazing and the nurse took a step back. Momo just nodded and walked quietly from the room, something around her neck grasped firmly in her hand.