Timeless (Homura Akemi)

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Timeless (Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 11 January 2016
Location: Mamoru's Apartment
Synopsis: Homura decides that Mamoru's stuff needs to be moved out of his apartment.
Cast of Characters: Homura Akemi

<Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqMQJi4HTEM>

Mamoru's apartment, the most compromised place in all of Tokyo, and yet to some a very precious locale. Many of Mamoru's friends would visit this place, either searching for something that Mamoru might've had, or coming by just because they missed him. Usagi Tsukino did much of the latter, at least until Kunzite made it clear that she could not. A certain Puella Magi was very offended by the news when she first heard of that.

The moonlight shines through the balcony window, illuminating the room in a pale blue that plays across the surface of Mamoru's walls, table, and couches. The roses in the garden on Mamoru's balcony sway in a gentle breeze. That pale blue suddenly becomes muted, and the roses are stilled, as all of time stops.

It's then, in that timefrozen moment, that the door opens. Out of habit, and also out of respect, the intruder takes off her shoes at the entrance, leaving them by the door.

Homura remembers the times she spent here. She remembers the time she was attacked. She didn't blame Hinote for what happened, at least not nearly as much as he blamed himself, but it left her wounded and weak. Who was there to take care of her after that happened? Mamoru Chiba, who gave her a place to stay and protected her until she could stand on her own two feet again. Until she decided that she had imposed upon him long enough. Did she ever properly thank him for that? She doesn't remember, but the two had exchanged so many kindnesses before then and after.

The bitter black-haired Puella Magi opens each of Mamoru's kitchen drawers, picking up time-frozen utensils, glasses, and other small objects and throwing them into her shield. They'll be safe, there, in her storage space. At least until she finds a new place for them.

Homura remembered the time she came over on Thanksgiving. It wasn't even a holiday that she was all that aware of, until Madoka mentioned that it was celebrated in America. Homura basically walked into that party only to find that Kyouko, Mami, Sayaka and most importantly Madoka had come together to have a meal. Mamoru wasn't there. He was in hiding, but Homura likes to think he would've had a good time if he was there.

The balcony door is wide open. The sneaking Puella Magi carries a table out to the balcony and tosses it over the edge. Once the table leaves her grasp, it falls and then... halts, in the middle of the air, its colors muting to match the muted colors of the timefrozen night. Then the sisterly thief leaps into the air, catching the table, and bringing it back into her timefrozen space. She falls, and the table falls with her, and she doesn't release it until they are both close to the ground.

The released table freezes, and hovers just a few feet above the ground. Next to it is the open back door of a moving truck, filled with other furniture that she has already moved. Whatever was too big to fit in her shield has ended up here. With her feet on the ground, the timefrozen table is caught, brought back to life, and slipped in with the rest.

"Sorry... you probably don't need this right now. I'm not being very considerate."

"I'm not the only one who lost someone, Homura. You're allowed to be frustrated and sad and try to figure things out. I'm sorry. It's just...if everyone keeps worrying about me, how are they going to deal with it? I'm as fine as I can be. And oddly enough, this," she gestures between them. "This is helping. Because for the first time since it happened, I actually feel a little bit of hope."

Why did the thief come? Was it out of soft-heartedness? Was it about the principle of the matter? She knew she was angry, and she acted on that anger... Where did that anger come from? As she glanced at the Star Locket in her hand, and listened to the music, she thought about that. The note was clearly meant for someone else. The locket was also clearly meant for someone else. She knew who that someone else was. It was clear what needed to be done.

She reached out to touch the black rose hanging over her ear, reminding herself of an oath she made. She muttered, "I promised myself that I would look out for your interests the best I could, since you weren't around to handle them yourself. I know you wouldn't want this place to become a threat to Usagi-chan, and I know you wouldn't want her to have to stay away from all the things that remind her of you. So I'm sorry, brother, but I have to move your stuff out for a while."

That was enough of a reason for her, even if there was probably a better way to say it. "I promise I'll help you move it back when the time is right, and I promise I'll deliver this gift that you wanted her to have. Just as soon as I can." The locket's music stops, and the thief takes one last look around at the now barren and empty apartment. The front door is locked. Her shoes are hanging from her fingers. She walks out the balcony door, closing it behind her, before putting her shoes back on and jumping over the edge.

When color returns, and the wind blows again, any sign of the thief is long gone.

<PHONE> A text from Usagi Tsukino at Mon Jan 11 22:32:58 2016: omg on my way to the airport...J is staying at my place. Can you please please please keep an eye on him? PLEASE?!

<PHONE> You text Usagi Tsukino: ur on the way to the airport? ya sure i'll look in on him but like. oh nvm i'll give it to you when you come back.

<PHONE> A text from Usagi Tsukino at Mon Jan 11 22:34:44 2016: Oh thank you! He's really nice! I just don't want him to go back to...that place. By being taken, not by wanting to! Uh, wait what?

<PHONE> You text Usagi Tsukino: mamo left you smthing. i found it. it's really cute. there's also a letter here addressed to you. he kept forgetting to give it to you i guess. and ya i'll keep him safe, one way or another

<PHONE> A text from Usagi Tsukino at Mon Jan 11 22:37:00 2016: Ohhhh Mamo-chan!!! <3 <3 <3 And thank you again omg you have no idea! Also, if you want, you can meet my family. My brother's a jerk. HEY! Do you want a souvinere?!

<PHONE> You text Usagi Tsukino: ooh sure. whatever you think is neat. oh god but this thing though. *homu sends a picture of the star locket* and it plays music *homu sends a .wav of the music it plays*

<PHONE> You text Usagi Tsukino: sorry i just had to share it. see you when you get back!

<PHONE> A text from Usagi Tsukino at Mon Jan 11 22:56:01 2016: omg! omgomgomg! Happy tears! 8D I'm gonna listen to it until I get home, just you see! Good thing I have headphones! Thank you so much, Homu-chan! <3

<PHONE> You text Usagi Tsukino: np! have fun on your trip

<PHONE> A text from Usagi Tsukino at Mon Jan 11 22:57:15 2016: I will! <3 <3 //(*.*)