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TinyPlots and Plot Approval

Here on MahouMUSH, staff will run TPs to keep the story alive. But we want players to get the chance to come up with plots that can change and challenge the world as well! This file will detail some guidelines to follow for player-run plots.

Events such as Holiday Celebrations, School Dances, Birthday Parties, and most strictly social events don’t need approval from Staff at all. Go run them! If Staff has a specific plan for a holiday, and you do too, we’ll work out to make sure everyone has fun in the compromise. Other scenes that don’t need approval are ‘Monster-of-the-Week’ styled combats, general mischief such as Energy Draining attempts, or most short two to three day events.

Plots meant to last more than about five scenes and/or longer than a month should generally be spoken to about staff before they’re run. Scenes that are meant to have a profound impact on your character -- where things like organizational allegiance, stats, or personality might change dramatically (permanently or temporarily) should discussed with staff to make sure everything happens smoothly and staff is informed. Scenes that change the status quo of a large area or the Earth or any other major magical world should also be approved before they’re run. Plots like ‘Stealing the World’s Color’ or ‘Making it so everyone in Tokyo speaks in a strange tongue and no one can understand each other’ are examples of such scenes.

There’s no formal plot application process, but if you are planning on running a larger plot, contact a staff member directly or send a +request. Staff will work with you to develop your plot and may ask you for a brief outline when this is appropriate. In particular, it’s important that you come up with at least one possible way that your plot might end, so it doesn’t run on indefinitely, and give us an idea of the approximate length you are hoping for.

Staff is saving a few major plot ideas for staff run TPs, and if your idea touches on such a plan, we’ll try to work with you to incorporate your idea into it, but cannot always promise this.