Uminari Sea Park

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Crappy sea park map.jpg
Allied Faction: Unaligned
Allied Groups: N/A
Location Type: Business
Grid Locale: Uminari City - Central Harbor
A place that serves as something of an amusement park meets a sea creature based zoo (like a GOOD version of a specific multi-country park franchise that has a bad rep), or like a more fun focused and mostly out door aquarium. It still has educational value, but is mostly about cute things and how smart they can be. The tanks that most of the customers see are not actually where the bigger animals live, but smaller places they are ushered into for short time periods. The animals within the tanks are usually rotated out over the course of the day to avoid too much stress or over working any of them.

Front Gate: This is where you get your tickets, maps, and sometimes promotional flyers and discounts. It is decorated with a happy, waving seal illustration accompanying the park's logo at it's top.

Dolphin, Seal/Sea Lion, Orca, and Beluga Tanks: These areas are used for shows. Feeding time is on display periodically, as well as various trick shows.

Nurse Shark Tank: This tank has no trick shows, but does have rather low-key feeding times and a plaque that talks nicely about the park's neighbor Verone Aquarium.

Penguin Dome: A large, indoor area fashioned like an igloo and kept cold to match. It's designed with fake glaciers and snow to give the the penguins a place more like their own environment. Like the tanks, it is some how connected to a water source, but unlike the tanks it is smaller and allows for people to get much closer with the penguins. It is very much meant more for watching the penguins frolic and play together, but it also has trick shows like the tanks. What's better is that it has (with staff involvement only, of course) guest feedings instead of feeding shows. The closest normal guests are allowed to the penguins would be this supervised feeding time.

Otter's Cove: This is a large sort of...half building sort of place. It is also connected to a much bigger water source like the dome and the tanks. Like the penguin dome it is possible to get rather close to the animals here. This place is formed half like a sea cave with lots of rocky outcroppings and half like a building for the humans to watch from that also has the tools required for the staff guided guest feedings, just like the penguin dome. Of course trick shows happen here too.

Alligator, Crocodile, Flamingo, and Turtle Exhibits: These areas are all fenced off land areas that have ponds connecting to the outer source of water. These are akin to the Nurse Shark Tank in that there are no big to dos with them, they are mainly here to be seen and have low-key feeding time displays.

Squid, Octopus, Jellyfish, and a Variety of Fish Tanks: These tanks too are mostly just here for completion purposes or to make the park prettier. These have even less fanfare than the Nurse Shark Tank or the fenced off areas, however some of these animals are a common focus for some of the special monthly exhibitions.

Gift Shop: There is a lone gift shop for your stereotypical, sea park themed souvenir needs.

Restaurants: There is a small handful of different restaurants and food stands, all sea themed, but containing different sorts of food.

Water Slide: One of the more entertainment based parts of the park is a rather tall water slide that, rather than simply depositing the guests into the water, takes them under the water. This allows them a view of the sea creatures living there (for the feeling of swimming with them) as the slide surrounding them is made of see through materials. Then it eventually deposits the guests into a small, separated pool.

Luge Ride: Another entertainment based part of the park. This one is slightly more like an amusement park ride than the slide is. A set group of people are set into a luge together and sent down an open topped slide like form, causing for a roller coaster like ride. Of course, putting on the offered safety equipment is a must before the ride is allowed to even start.

Pet Stop: This is an area for people who brought pets with them, most likely specifically for service pets. It's a place for feeding, watering, and pottying your pets, all in doors for comfort's sake.

Children's Play Area: A sea based play ground for child guests. However, it doesn't just consist of typical play ground equipment, it also has a fountain/splash pool, and various child aimed rides (think things like the tea cup ride or those little tiny trains that roll around in a small circle).

The Pond: There is a large pond that covers almost half of the entire park. It has various sets of bleachers set up around it and allows for swimming and paddle boat rides at most times. It is also sometimes used for water skiing and non-animal stunt shows there of.

SPECIAL EXHIBITS: Every month there is a special exhibit that switches theme and place within the park. For instance, October's exhibit is one showing fossils of water based dinosaurs. November's exhibit is on Emperor Hirohito and his son Akihito's contributions to late 1800s marine biology. December's (And Janurary's) Exhibit is on things that affect sea life in the area of the North Pole (such as polar bears and the tundra, but it also has a lot of focus on the illusive Narwhals). February's exhibit is over when, where, and the rituals involved in the mating of various species. March highlights the importance of environmental changes (such as the changing of season) on sea life.

Super Special Features: Guests with either a large amount of funds to spend, or the right connections are allowed onto the pier in the back of the park that is generally only for staff. This area leads to another feature of the park where you are allowed to get VERY close and personal with the sea creatures. Things like swimming with or riding dolphins happens here, for instance.

SEASONAL EVENTS: These are not entirely decided yet, but sometimes the park will do special events based around holidays or other things about the time of year. Around Christmas they will have a penguin march, complete with handing out of little gifts, it extends out into Janurary. In November they have the animals dressed in costumes or doing little acts to celebrate times like Gion Odori, Karatsu Kunchi, and Betchya Festival.

Other details: The park's main mascot is Kikiru-tan the dolphin (who is pictured on the gate) there are probably some lesser mascots encompassing some of the other animal types in the park as well. The park has actually been around for some years now as it was in the process of being built. However many think it is brand new because it only just officially finished building recently. It had been allowing people in before now, but wasn't doing anything to call attention to itself till it had ALL of it's features finished.

Associated Logs

Title Date Scene Summary
No Bones About It October 1st, 2017 A Aquatic Fossil gets a Jewel Seed and things go horrible.
Of Fishbirds and Waterferrets November 22nd, 2017 Lamya stops by the park and gets a small introduction to Pengus.