Visitors (Shinobu Kimura)

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Visitors (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 20 January 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Infinity University
Synopsis: After an exhausting night and a really bad dream, Shinobu wakes to the sound of a pair of guests.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

Last Night

It was the first time she had encountered a monster that wasn't a witch. It was tough. The wear on her body and on her soul gem are definitely apparent after that. Now, entering her room, Shinobu is exhausted. Her primary concern is not sleep however. As she gets ready for bed, she gets out her only grief seed. Touching it to her soul gem, the grey is removed and the soul gem is left in it's viridian beauty.

Once her gem is purified, she turns it to a ring once more before she passes out. She doesn't even turn the lights out. She simply passes out right where she is. No radio nothing. She doesn't even get under her blankets!


"What is that noise?!" Shinobu is suited up and going through labyrinth. Giant Nunchuckus walk by as if they own the place. Several Shurikens come flying at her. These aren't normal of course. They are familiars. Sharp, fast, and flat out nasty. They zip by the Puella. Tearing at her. Quickly she lashes out at them, taking them down in kind. It's a fight she wouldn't be unscathed from this one. Several cuts from the familiars have her bleeding. Onward though. Several sharp spears line the path complete with shields. Several Tonfas fly the the air like birds. Despite the lunacy, this labyrinth feels really strange. Comfortable even...

Then, into the witches' platform. The horrid creature is dressed in a gi, practicing with a bo. She spies the Puella and from nowhere a barrage of bo-shurikens go flying at her. Shinobu's jaw practically hits the floor. "No. It can't be! Nooo!"

Shinobu awakens with a start. Her alarm clock has been going off for the past two hours. She has tears in her eyes from the horrid dream. But that is not all...

"Shinobu-chan!! I am so happy to see you!" Her mother comes barging in and immediately hugs her, kissing her and is in tears herself. "I am so happy for the doctors. Oh thank heavens my baby can see again!"

"There she is! See I knew it wouldn't be permanent!" Her father comes charging in to embrace her too. Both of her parents hold her tight. Just showing love to their daughter.

Shinobu is still freaked from her dream and now, her parents are here? Well this can't get much crazier can it? "Haha? Chichi? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you both be at work? I've got school today!"

Her Mother smiles to her and finally breaks the embrace. "I just wanted to see my little girl again. So Your father and I have both taken today off to come visit. You told me you could see again and we wanted you to see us. Also we thought we might come and decorate your room a little. That would be nice wouldn't it?"

"Yes, we wanted to give you plenty of nice stuff to look at after being unable to see for so long." Her father states and gets out some art and a few posters from older bands. "See we even got a couple posters from the local radio stations for you to put up."

"First question, Chichi, did you..." Not much more needs to be said there. Then to her Mother. "It is so good to see you haha! It feels like its been forever since I seen you at home."

Her mother blushes and pulls out a small box and gives it to her. Then she notices the tears. "Why musume, why the tears? Aren't you happy to see us? Did something happen before we got here? Is it boy trouble?"

Her father just smirks and shakes his head, "No I bought them with real money. I didn't steal them. They are yours! We will put them up while you are at school today and then... Maybe we can take you to dinner tonight."

Shinobu pauses before she speaks up. Should she speak of what she's become? The contract? The fact that her soul's been yanked out and shoved into a gem? "It's okay haha. I had a really bad dream. It was... Horrible. I think I was fighting with the worst possible version of me. I just hope it's not one of those dreams that actually means something.

"A dream only has as much weight as you allow it to have. It's nothing to be afraid of sweetie. I know you. You could never be anything so terrible. You're too sweet." The older woman just smiles. "Open your present."

Her father on the other hand takes something off of his neck. A necklace which has an infinity symbol on it. She hands it to her and smiles. "Your Sobo gave this to me when I was having bad dreams. It means infinity but, I like to believe it protects from nightmares. I want you to have it. You take good care of it."

Shinobu smiles and bows politely as she slips the necklace on. "Thank you Chichi!" Then the gift her mother gave her is promptly opened. A box of sweets! "Oh thank you Haha! I've been wanting some yummy stuff! Ummm... I sorta overslept and I gotta get to school! Feel free to make yourself at home!" She blushes a little and quickly gets dressed.

Then with all the speed possible, she takes off out the door.

"Did you give her that ring before she left home?" Her mother asks curiously.

Her father responds quickly, "I didn't give her any rings."