Water (Shinobu Kimura)

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Water (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 13 January 2016
Location: Central Harbor
Synopsis: Sleep catches up with Shinobu at the worst possible time.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

At what point does an unanswered question become an obsession? Is it the moment that question is asked? Is it when it causes you to start losing sleep? Or is it when that question becomes an unbearable weight that is all you can think about? Whatever the answer, Shinobu is there. Her feet have carried her to the solace of her quiet place. The Central Harbor, at the end of the peer.

There aren't many people out today so the sound of the ocean as well as the sound of the gulls flying around are all the more prominent. Shinobu's Mindsight picks up on the ambient magic that's been collected in the water making the waves shimmer in violet light. The occasional aquatic life is seen as it swims by. It is truly an awe inspiring sight. The girl takes a deep breath, the sea air penetrating her entire spirit. Any other day, this would be perfect. Any other day she wouldn't be weighed down so much.

Shinobu hangs her head, burying her face in her hands. No tears will come but this doesn't stop her from going through the motions. Its all too much. Why would this much pressure be put on young girls? Its not right! Sobs form in her throat. Its all so much to worry about.

"Shinobu-Chan! Just what are you thinking?! This is a raw deal and you know it. I taught you better than this. Listen to your friend, If you do this you are going to be the very thing I didn't want you to be!" The words which resound loudly at Shinobu are sharp and filled with love. For a brief moment, an image forms against the violet waves. Her mother. "You are not a victim. You're a survivor, baby. You don't have anything to prove to anyone."

"Okasan, It's too much to carry. He's forced this! I will be a victim no matter what path I take. If I accept his contract, I'll have my soul ripped out and put in a gem! I'll be responsible for fighting things that are really bad! If I don't, I don't know if I could carry the weight of my own regret! Could you do it?" Shinobu responds to her.

"It is not my burden and never will be. Why is this so important to you. Just walk away from that creature and get on with your life. You're not a puppet. You're not a tool to be used in some alien's fights. You're my daughter and you have such a bright future. Don't give it up."

Shinobu just continues crying. The words piercing into her in the harshest way. "I can't. Can't you see that? That creature has doomed me. I know what's out there now and there is no way I can ever forget. There are so many people I could help. People are going to suffer and die if I don't step up now!"

"Is that why you are considering this? It's okay to look out for yourself. It's not selfish to look out for yourself sometimes. This is one of those times. Put everyone else out of your mind and think about yourself. What do you want?" The masculine voice comments as another image forms on the water. This one looking like her father. "Besides, A single wish, you could have anything you want. Imagine that. You could be rich, famous, have a great boyfriend.

The addition of her Father makes this abundantly clear. She's dreaming. She goes quiet. There is a lot to think about. "You're right, Otosan. I can't do this for everyone else. I gotta do it for myself. But there is just so much that is happening. Before a month's out that witch is coming and its going to cause a lot of damage. I gotta do something."

"Don't even. You've been told multiple times that you can't let that be your deciding factor. If you make that the basis of your choice I will disown you." Her mother comments to her.

"You're mom's right. There are plenty of people that will be there to deal with the witch. You need to worry about you right now. Forget everyone else!" Her father adds.

"JUST STOP!" Shinobu shouts.

Everything fades. Shinobu awakens with a start. She'd drifted off. The dream was intense as anything. Her lack of sleep had finally hit her. She sighs softly. They were right. There is only one person who can make this decision and it can't be based on everyone else. This is a personal choice. Why does it have to be so hard though?