Well That Happened (Reiko Touyama)

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Well That Happened (Reiko Touyama)
Date of Cutscene: 06 May 2019
Location: Touyama Household
Synopsis: Reiko Touyama tries to make something neat for a new friend and that turned out to be a horrid mistake, whoops.
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama

Reiko Touyama had spent all night working on a picture for her newer friend. She was introducing her to her older friends. Riley was a cool person! She was from America and played a guitar excellent! It was fair to maybe draw her a picture, right? She'd showed her the Prism Keeper comics she drew sometimes. She figured she'd draw her as one! Lots of careful articulation, lots of wikipedia searching about America and-- Prism Keeper Brass! Now brass as a metallic color but it was also maybe kind of a silly military joke. 'Brass', get it!? Reiko was pretty sure she was being clever. She carefully filed the sketch into a folder to protect it and went to bed.

Reiko Touyama woke up the next morning and brushed her teeth and brushed the bed head out of her hair as she got dressed in her usual groggy, half asleep manner, two lazy koi following her with tiny, tiny coffee cups as one rubbed eyes with a fin. She sat down at her desk to check her E-mail, when she went to open up the folder she'd left on her desk. She blinked a little though. The folder was peeked open. Like there was something there besides flat paper. Reiko frowned a little as she went to open it----

The folder flew open! Shreds of paper flying out at her like confetti as she pulled out paper from her mouth. "My picture...!" she exclaimed as she looked at the shreds. What happened!? Was this the koi's fault!? Maeko-chan making a statement...!? She began to clean up when she noticed the object sitting in the open folder. A long, familiar shaped crystal, translecently golden-brown....

A Brass Chroma Prism.

"....Oh. Oh no." said Reiko as she placed a hand to her forehead. "I'm such a dummy....!"

This.. this is gonna be a problem. Isn't it.