What has Been Seen...(Shinobu Kimura)

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What has Been Seen...(Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 29 January 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Infinity University
Synopsis: Faith and Fear collide as Shinobu finally sees what she couldn't during the meeting.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

There are times when living where you go to school is a real blessing. The driving rain outside has discouraged Shinobu from going out and doing nearly anything. The good news though, She got her hands on some of the pictures from the Walpurgisnacht meeting. While she was present for the meeting, she couldn't actually see just what the big deal was. She could of course hear the urgency in the voices of those who held the meeting. That has been her guiding light. Now though, with only a few hours before this nightmare begins, She starts the video.

The pictures begin their dark dance. While Shinobu is no stranger to the lunacy that occurs within a labyrinth, the things in the pictures are completely overwhelming. There isn't a labyrinth. This is all happening. The city being devastated by such a nasty witch. Everything within her shakes over it. She can't stop herself from crying. Tears flow as her body trembles.

As the images cease, the young Puella Magi just weeps. When she walked in she was sure she was ready. Her mind was prepared for this battle. Her body ready to fight and to win. Now everything has changed. Everything feels so wrong about this fight but there is no way she will ever back out. She can't it goes against her very spirit. One thing is certain though, The familiars are the only thing her marital abilities will be partially effective against. She needs to start working out some new ideas for her magic.

Something else though is more important. After seeing those pictures, she gets out a piece of paper and a pen. Closing her eyes, She begins to write:

-Dear Mom and Dad, I don't know where to begin writing this. I don't know what to say or how to say it. Mom you taught me to not be a victim. You taught me to stand up for myself no matter what happens. I have lived up to this and I am happy to say that I was never a victim. Even in my darkest times, I did all within my ability to not be the victim.

Dad you taught me to look for the best things in life. For me the best things in life are the people around me. It took being blinded to see the true beauty of life is not in the things that others have but in the people themselves. This is why I had to do what I've done.

Mom, Dad, I went out into the storm on Saturday evening. There are many people who were stuck out in the horrid weather and they needed help. The natural evolution of the lessons you've taught me were this. I used what I was taught to keep others from being victims. I used what I know to steal the most precious of things. Life from Death. I chose to be a hero for those who can't save themselves.

I am sorry that I didn't see you one last time. I'm sorry that our last time together went a little crazy. I love you mom and dad. I look forward to the day when I see you once again. Until our next meeting. May I always be in your hearts.

Love, Your Daughter, Shinobu -

The paper is folded and placed on her table. From there, Shinobu begins planning. "Okay. So far, I've been able to use my future sight. I can create more bos. I can charge them. I can make tips and I can create scythe blades. All of these things I did by either instinct or by thinking about it. They all come from me though. So how can I use this?"

She then blinks a few times, "It's a Staff. I use a freaking Staff!" She facepalms and just busts out laughing. "Oh gods how could I not have thought about this! Magicians and staves!" She just continues laughing loudly. The neighbors at this point probably think she's a lune!