White's Day (Haruna Kurosawa)

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White's Day (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 14 March 2016
Location: WPS Tower
Synopsis: Haruna just had to try harder...
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa remembered everything. The last thing she remembers is Hannah returning back to normal. Then feeling very tried and cold. Then she was... someplace else. Not a bad place. But.. it's a part where her memory is fuzzy.

When she woke up in a strangest of places, a cryo-tube in WPS, she'd hoped that meant Hannah was coherent again. She knew why Hannah would put her in such a place-- she'd had worked herself ragged trying to bring her back to life. She didn't really know how she felt about that.

I'm not worth your life...

Haruna obviously disagreed with one of the few things she remembers Hannah saying before she slipped away. When Aki and Corvus asked about the North Pole situation she merely insisted everything was okay and sorted and they saved the day!--- and then she prayed to Blue-sama that they didn't hear secondhand about how almost everyone had died.

Hannah still appeared to be crazed. This wasn't good. She'd secretly been looking forward to this specific day- White Day. She was gonna make it... 'White's Day' and it was gonna be super cute and a day full of pampering. Instead she was canceling all the appointments-- she'd hoped to have this situation resolved already....

Instead she was making new appointments because she still had this WPS running thing to do whether she liked it or not. Thank god for Boris-kun. She'd be chasing her own tail without his help.

She had to try harder. She had to try harder for Hannah's sake.

White's Day'll need to come later.