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Four heroines, descendants of shamanistic families blessed by 52 Totems (animal spirits), must fight against the evil organization HUNTERS, a group of poachers and collectors of rare magical beasts led by The Huntsman.

Using the powers of the Totems in card form, the four heroines, the Aces of Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts, fight against the poachers to protect, free and unseal the Totems. But The Huntsman is not without his tricks; dark magical girls are on his to-do list, and new Totems can be created for them to wield.

The Huntsman seeks something, at any rate, something he believes he requires a large amount of magical beasts to achieve. The Totems may be a good start, but magical girls should beware! Their mascots make good prizes too.

While we don't want to come off as closed, applications for this original theme might require more work than other themes. This isn't because we (the cast) are more severe than other casts, or because the material is more difficult, but rather because the way the theme was written, there's only so much room for additional characters (and most of the room is villain-side). Still, if you're interested in working it out, try contacting one of us (by @mail if needed) and we'll get back to you ASAP.

The Premise

Earth has always been protected; no matter how far you go back, the amount of guardian spirits, gods, royals, or other magical entities watching over the human race has always been uncountable. But a group of them, the fifty-two Totems, hailing from reaches past our sky, came to Earth not for its humans, but for its animals. For its great wealth of potential for life, all life, no matter the form.

The Totems arrived when humanity was still young, in the era of shamans, of voodoo, of tribal magic. They saw the Earth and found its life beautiful, and wanted to see it thrive. They took on the shape of numerous animals, past, present or future, and became the guardians of Earth's nature. While other great entities would watch over the humans and the Earth, they would dedicate themselves to its wildlife. To this end they blessed a number of shamanistic family lines (currently four) with the power to use the abilities of the Totem should anything ever threaten nature. Then they went to sleep, the sleep of animals with an eye still half-open.

Skip to the modern day. Past the Earth sphere, a great evil known as The Huntsman chases the trail of the Totems amongst the stars. He and his HUNTERS live for the thrill of the hunt, the greatest games, for glory and fortune. As they find Earth, the magical signatures of Tokyo-- of magical girls, of their opponents, of the land itself-- completely fry their ship's systems. They are forced to land, their ship no longer capable of leaving the Earth. But why would they want to? All the greatest hunts of the universe are right there, under their noses. They camouflaged their ship under a small corporation, and began their operations.

When they found the first Totems, they all fled to Tokyo, drawn by the same magical forces that grounded the HUNTERS, seeking protection. The Beetle, Spider, Cat and Hare sought the descendants of the families they blessed. And it is those girls now who take the fight to The Huntsman and his HUNTERS.

The Cast

Totem Descendants

The descendants of the Totems are those born from families blessed by them a long time ago. Their blood runs through their veins, however thinly, but it's not about the strength of their blood, but of their hearts. While being part of their bloodlines is certainly what allows using these powers at all, in the hands of someone without a strong heart, or a strong potential to become someone with a strong heart, it would be no more effective than a firearm. The four primary Aces harness the powers of the Totems through cards based on the four primary suits of cards.

  • Etsu Miyazaki, the Ace of Spades, wielding the Beetle Totem.
  • Kimi Takeda, the Ace of Hearts, wielding the Hare Totem.
  • Jun Kaneko, the Ace of Diamonds, wielding the Cat Totem.
  • Machi Ono, the Ace of Clubs, wielding the Spider Totem.


HUNTERS (Habitat Usage and Natural Territory Expoitation Requisition Syndicate) is an organization that hails from another world, though their past isn't currently defined. Likely, they were criminals who took to the stars under the leadership of The Huntsman, a mysterious man they do not even know the origins of, in search of fame and money. Their primary motivation is the thrill of the hunt, to build a trophy collection of greater value than any other in existence. The Huntsman is aided by a general (someone is currently working on that application!) whose powers are derived from artificial Totems made in the image of the Major Arcana tarot cards.

While the HUNTERS have a ship, it is completely busted and won't be able to leave Earth (or the ground) anytime soon. It acts as their hidden base, though! Their technology isn't that advanced, relying more on magic than anything else. One could consider their guns to be wands, staves and assorted magical focuses. Poachers aren't very powerful on their own, but they have the ability to drain and absorb power out of creatures and mascots, powering up until defeated.

HUNTERS do not kill their prey-- ever. They use any number of non-lethal status effects to contain preys and put them on display without actually harming them. Any strong enough magic can undo this, meaning that there's no special requirement to undo the Poachers' work. Killing people who oppose them, on the other hand, isn't off the table.

  • The Huntsman, mysterious leader.
  • ????, his best general.
  • A Cerberus-themed lieutenant of some sort? Maybe three? (Not set in stone.)
  • The Poachers, the rank and file.

The Numerous RP Hooks

  • The first and most obvious is that magical girls are gonna be magical girls. While the Aces have slightly more interest in protecting the Totems than anything else, they are still heroes! So, expect them to show up to basically any scene, and likewise to accept help from anyone.
  • Next, HUNTERS. HUNTERS do not stop at just hunting Totems. They will hunt anything that could be regarded as a great magical beast. In other words: your magical girl mascots! If you would like your mascot to be in danger and to be saved, or even to be captured for a longer-term mini-plot, don't hesitate to ask us. And, of course, you're also free to take personal interest in HUNTERS-- to seek an alliance, or to bust their chops something fierce.
  • The Totems are another hook. Are you a villain? Do you want to corrupt, enslave, steal, seal or otherwise exploit one of our Totems, caught or still free? Just get together with us! We have several dozen Totems still in the wild right now and twelve a piece otherwise, and they're free game for villains to mess with, no matter their source!

Cross-Theme Compatibility

We're generally alright with people who aren't us getting to borrow our cards or Totems to use their powers. The only caveat is that unless you have a very powerful ability used to draw out the strength of something (like Sakura Kinomoto's ability to seal/unseal a card) it'll be a little bit less impressive than when we use them. Another good example of suitable characters to do this full-strength is the Wolkenritter and their ability to harness Linker Cores.

The other side of that coin is that the Aces' weapons specialize in drawing powers out of magical objects (like their cards). Whether your own special toys or powers would be compatible with this is up to you, as is how efficient or inefficient it turns out to be.

Members of HUNTERS, meanwhile, specialize in draining powers out of beings and powering themselves up into assorted monsters. Upon their defeat or retreat, this power returns where it came from. They also excel at sealing, containing or otherwise preserving magical creatures, non-lethally. ANYONE with magic can break those seals (stronger ones may require hand-holding and teamwork!).

Totems Currently In Use

♠: Beetle, Mantis, Shrimp, Eel, Armadillo, Locust, Lion, Whale, Antelope, Swan, Hawk, Siren, Caucasus

: Hare, Scorpion, Wolf, Falcon, Porpoise, Rhino, Jaguar, Hippo, Gull, Eagle, Ogre, Lunarian

: Cat, Hedgehog, Shark, Salamander, Badger, Pelican, Mammoth, Owl, Chameleon, Dragon, Osprey, Fox, Sphinx

♣: Spider, Gorilla, Snake, Polar (Bear), Gila, Nautilus, Centipede, Unicorn, Jellyfish, Ant, Bull, Apus, Tarantula

Major Arcana: Empress, Magician, Tower, High Priestess, Temperance, Chariot, Strength, Hierophant, Devil, Judgement, Moon, Star, Sun