Wings of Hope (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Wings of Hope (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 06 November 2015
Location: Haruna's Infinity Dorm Room
Synopsis: Cure Gull has a low point and a high point!
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa had a busy two days. The first was a low point, but the second was an incredible high point!

The first day was that charity ball. Ugh! She screwed up! She wanted to try something new. Was it the best of ideas? Was it troublemaking? Yes! YES!- and she wanted to try it just once. Instead she caused trouble. She got Chiba-kun's date drunk!- and there had been some drunk drama! She felt really bad. Corvus had warned her and she didn't listen and she wanted to hide in her dorm again.

She's glad for Tsukasa-sensei. The talk made her feel a lot better. She smiled a little when he claimed he 'won' due to using a more experience alcohol- though she was a little fog headed. She apologized. No one seemed upset at her long term. She'd NEVER do this again. That's for sure.

Then she went and bugged Katsu-chan! Mari Katsu! Cure Victory! She had to talk to her about the trip she'd 'planned'--- White-chan's way to get into the The Cure Graveyard. Then she asked about dating because she was having conundrums! Of course- Katsu-chan was, too, she liked a girl called 'Storm Knight'! - so when another friend of Katsu's showed up- she begged and pleased to her to help Katsu-can , too!

Of course- that friend was Suzuki Natsume, the Storm Knight Katsu-chan liked! Haruana felt like her heart sunk as she had just blurted out Katsu's secrets to the very girl she liked without knowing! Luckily Corvus tugged her under the bleachers before she could make a large scene- and had a small pep talk and she came out from under the bleachers and said things!

After she spoke, Suzuki admitted that she liked Katsu-chan, too! - and it was awesome and she got a picture of them both and it was cute and she sent it to Katsu-chan later! Her silly mistake turned out really well--- Suzuki admitted she preferred bluntness and probably wouldn't had picked up on Katsu-chan's feelings otherwise! Suzu-chan and Katsu-chan were awesome together!

Haruna Kurosawa ran home after and started squeeeeeeing over the Virture Chat Line! Things would be okay, right? Besides--- she had to make some plans! She needed a bed moved into her dorm room- after all! (Where was Aki going to sleep when she saved her!?).