Wishes (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Wishes (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 27 September 2016
Location: Bedroom
Synopsis: Haruna Kurosawa ponders a new development. Now there's more questions- and this time, only she can answer it for herself.
Thanks to: Naru Osaka
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa laid on the bed and stared at her PreCard Decor. The heart gem on the front was glowing brilliantly. She'd lost track of time. She thought she had more of it. But here she was...

She'd finished her PreCard Collection, filled her PreCard Decor.

She'd earned her wish.

She thought for a long time about what she was going to wish for. She knew the rules. In theory... she could wish for anything- but she also knew the warning Kami-sama gave each and every single Precure.

The wrong wish can create just as much misfortune as fortune. Just as much sadness as happiness.

She thought of various wishes she'd thought of in the past as potential wishes.

Some were related to Hannah. She really wanted to.. give Hannah her arm back. Her /real/ arm she lost protecting her during Walpurgisnacht. The possibility of also wishing Ao-chan to full health was a wish she'd pondered. But. Hannah. Hannah didn't want any of those wishes for her. She frowned a lot when she'd brought it up in the past. She knew why. Hannah-chan saw wishes as an easy out.

Part of her thought about wishing the Phantom Empire away-- or any of the other major problem groups-- Easter.. Eclipse.. but then quickly knew that was a bad idea. If it was a good idea, well. Some Pretty Cure who'd completed their Decors would had done it already. Right? Besides. Just. Wishing your problems away. That'd create misfortune. Right?

Another part of her wanted to wish her parents were more accepting. But, that too... forcing your will on someone for a selfish reason. That /had/ to create misfortune. Ugh why'd she even think about that.

She could make a blanket wish, too right? Wish good fortune for everyone who'd helped her for the past year. That'd be a good use of the wish, right?....

"You know that wish isn't going anywhere, right?" asks Corvus, as he perched on the nightstand by the bed. "Absolutely no one can use it besides you- and it's not like it has an expiration date." he says. "Take your time. Think it over. When you feel you're ready. Well. The cards will be ready." he says matter of factly.

Haruna Kurosawa flopped over to her back and 'ugh'ed'. "I know." she says. "Ugh, do I know." she mutters at the ceiling.