Wobbly (Naru Osaka, Kunzite)

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Wobbly (Naru Osaka, Kunzite)
Date of Cutscene: 07 October 2016
Location: Text messaging
Synopsis: Trying to diagnose magical problems remotely does not always work all that well.
Cast of Characters: Kunzite, Naru Osaka

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:10:29 2016: I have Questions. (That aren't articulating well without sounding stupid).

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: I have time. Narrowing questions down is sometimes a team sport.

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:15:53 2016: When I get drained, I know how to recover that (short term, and longer term). My art feels .. wobbly today. I don't know if I've done too much in quick succession, or if something's weird. Drain tactics, not helpful. (I had hope if it was the former, it would help.) Thoughts?

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Three questions that I can ask usefully without seeing what you're talking about in person.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: (1) Have you been working harder than usual lately?
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: (2) Have you been attacked/drained or otherwise been participating in fights lately?
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: (3) How are you feeling? Relatedly, how is your mother, and how are you and Raskoph doing?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:27:20 2016: 1) Not significantly. Not enough to be an easy 'yes'. 2) A couple fights, but with days between and not targeted at me. (I know! Weird. Cool, but weird.) 3) Tired, but that's normal. My mother's fine, if grumpy at a new marketing person. Alex and I are alright. Not bubble stage heart eyes, but alright. We didn't break up or anything.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: That last seems like a low bar.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Any closeness in time between when you didn't break up, and when the wobbly feeling started?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:33:50 2016: It is a low bar, but .. well.. No. That was days and days ago, and wobbly is now. There's been plenty of time between not breaking up and now.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: When did you first notice the wobbly feeling?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:37:52 2016: Last night. Sleep and food and caffeine did not work the magic they were supposed to. (no pun intended.)

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Did you create any art earlier that day, or the day before?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Okska at Fri Oct 07 12:40:23 2016: That's like asking if I remembered to breathe at any point yesterday or the day before. Yes, of course I did.
<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:41:21 2016: And it was fine.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: So somewhere between the two may be where your air supply goet contaminated, somehow, or where an extant contamination passed a threshold. What happened between those two times?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:45:51 2016: Nothing I could come up with. School. A nap. If it is merely that I've somehow over done it on the arting, is it just patience?

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Possibly.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: How long have you been feeling generally tired?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:55:30 2016: Tired? Tired is my superpower. Approximately forever. Early summer maybe? Spring? Forever.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: You mentioned napping. How long was there between your nap and when you tried to work; how early did you try today; how long is there usually between sleeping and art, for you? I suspect school usually falls between.

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 12:59:14 2016: School usually falls between. Generally I work out in the mornings, and then school (which may or may not have art) and then art is evenings (and night). Nap was right after school. Art was after. immediately and later both. Today was at school, and after.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: And the trouble was still extant after school, is that correct?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:02:32 2016: Yes.
<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:03:21 2016: And it still feels stupid to fuss about it. And to not know how being out of magic energy feels. That also feels vaguely stupid. How can a person not know?

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Options: I can come look at your current work and try to discern any changes or trouble in it. You can talk to Rei, or to Mamoru, or possibly to a dreamwalker given the nap. We can take a look at your school.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Do you know what wattleseed tastes like?

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:06:53 2016: Um. No? What's wattleseed?

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: How can you not know a flavor merely because you've never tasted it before?
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: (Australian acacia seed.)

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:08:19 2016: I am going to make the leap that my magic is more inherent to me than wattleseeds are.
<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:08:36 2016: But your point stands.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: We don't, generally, start out with inherent knowledge of how these things work or feel. We have to sort that out from experience.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: (Its necessity makes it no less frustrating.)

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:11:01 2016: To an outside perspective who missed the fumblings of those I know. Yes. Frustrating. I'll bring my art by.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: There's always the other possibility, by the way.
<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Flu season should be starting up any time now.

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:13:33 2016: I do not have time to get sick.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Sicknesses regularly argue.

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:16:47 2016: Isn't there some sort of side benefit of magical that means you don't get sick? Seriously, those who wish or contract should include that clause.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: Well. Puella might not. They pay for it.

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:18:03 2016: True. I think I'd rather have a cold.

<PHONE> You text Naru Osaka: as for the rest of this, I am certain Mamoru would love the opportunity to explain in precisely what ways he never gets sick, especially not earlier this summer

<PHONE> A text from Naru Osaka at Fri Oct 07 13:21:18 2016: <snerk> It's a sad day when I'm hoping I have a cold.