Written Word (Takashi Agera)

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Written Word (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2016
Location: Takashi's Lab, UMBRA HQ
Synopsis: Takashi struggles to respond to a specific letter that's been waiting on his desk for some time.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi leans back in the chair in his lab. He's glaring at a little letter on his desk, opened some time ago but still waiting for a response. All it's earned so far is that glare. Just thinking about it boils a little bit of anger to his mind, but of course, the sender of the letter wasn't one for whom he was really supposed to respond with anger.

It annoys him even more that he knows the letter was sent to annoy him, and it's working. He kicks the desk, then pushes his foot against it and slides the rolling chair across the miasma-filled lab, turning in it to rest at a different table.

From the floor hops a small white creature, with grey eyes, tails flipping back and forth as its eyes roam over the assorted crystalline pieces, vials of strange liquids, and arcane apparatus. "This is pretty ambitious." Nyubey says, tilting his head. "Even for you. Do you think it'll work?"

Takashi picks up a small crystal, dull and dim, but it suddenly sparks with a bright golden color for just a moment before it flares out. Takashi's eyes light up similarly, but in a different way. "I have no idea. That's half the fun. It'll be more reliable than last time, though. I learned a lesson. Even if this goes poorly, I'll learn something from it, too. And it stays within the realm of every agreement I've made." he says with a smile.

Nyubey smiles. "Technically, anyways." the creature says, knowingly and mischievously. Takashi doesn't respond to that.

What Takashi does, however, is smile. "Easily my greatest work yet. Sometimes I even impress myself..."

Sometime later, Takashi sits back in his chair, the envelope from before open, and reading over the letter. Next that sits a peice of paper and a simple plastic pen. He reaches over, frowning, to pick up the pen when the loud steps of heels echoes behind him.

Before Takashi can turn around to note the presence, a glass container of ink is slammed down on the desk, the pen is picked up a thrown, and an actual fountain pen is slammed down in its place. "Hey, if you're gonna respond to that, don't half-ass it."