Yellow Beauty Burns Cold (Mami Tomoe)

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Yellow Beauty Burns Cold (Mami Tomoe)
Date of Cutscene: 02 August 2015
Location: Mami's Apartment - Mitakihara
Synopsis: Mami deals with some things emotionally with Kyubey.
Cast of Characters: Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe made it back to her apartment with one Incubator, Kyubey. The lithe Puella Magi sets him down briefly, closing the door behind her and locking it before she takes her hand, brushing it over the gem in her hand, and she dehenshins, her hand coming away with her darkened Soul Gem sitting in her hand. watching the dark tendrils reach around the yellow gleam deep inside of it, even swirling around enough that it even peeks out behind the actual metal pieces of the manifestation of her soul.

So accurate it is yet, though, the bright gold of her warmth and openness, of her dedication to being a Puella Magi and protecting this bright blue world, of her time with tea and cakes with people she would like to get to enjoy more - yet the darkness peaks, of never being able to find the friends she once had, or to make friends now she can keep. Kyubey's words from tonight keep ranging through her mind, even though --

"You would make a great friend and sempai for the pink haired girl." Kyubey speaks from the back of the couch where the Incubator has arrayed himself on it, rolling around on his back rather cutely.

Mami approaches him, scooping up the creature into one arm, her fingers gently running through the silky fur as she treads over to a small box on one of the single shelves in the room, delicately wrapping her fingers around a small grey and black object in there. She knows the witch who this Grief Seed this came from, and she saps the whole thing to clear the darkness of her soul on it, Kyubey watching with large, interested eyes.

The Grief Seed disappears promptly, and Mami escorts her little guest across her room to the kitchen, pulling out a small tub of ice cream, down to the last dredges, and a spoon. She promptly takes both of her little packages - the fuzzy one actually more dangerous to her health than the first one- before she settles into the couch that sits by her table, curling up into it as she moves Kyubey to rest over her shoulder and the back of the couch.

"I do mean it. She would be a great friend for you as well."

Mami flinches slightly.

"She seemed so scared, so young... like I was. Do you really think that she could be a good Puella Magi?"

Mami thinks back to her own wish, stranded in the car, struggling to survive. She thinks of her mother and her father, and she thinks of the blood, and of her wish, to bind herself to this life she was choosing to have. Does she regret it, in any way? Well... a little. But would she give it up, now that she has it, even knowing how painful it can be due tot he lack of friends? Yes. That doesn't mean she has to be happy about it.

"Just think, Mami-san." Kyubey says, watching the tears starting to streak down her cheeks.

"You could be her very best friend."