2395/Lightning Crash

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Lightning Crash
Date of Scene: 24 January 2017
Location: Plot Room #2
Synopsis: A good day is really good until it isn't for Naomi.
Cast of Characters: Naomi Yomada, Hannah Sharpe, Rei Hino

Naomi Yomada has posed:
The challenge was given and set before the young inventor. So she did her best. That was her goal. She stepped back from her constant hunting of the Phantom Empire and honkered down for some actual studying. Naomi hadn't crammed so much as spent several days studying very hard. The test was Friday. It was going to take til monday to actually see how she did.

Now its Monday and... Drumroll for effect... She aced it! 110% Not only did she ace the test but she also did some extra credit on it! That had made her happy for the better part of the day. Now, she is on her way to visit her friend at the shrine.

Quietly she walks along. Riding on her head is The cute pink fairy who is laying low at this time. She also happens to be carrying a franken-device with her. It looks like an old boombox which has been tweeked and modified to take an MP3 player. It looks a little scary but its in one and thats a good sign. She climbs the steps and finally arrives at the shrine... "Ummm... Hello?" She doesn't yell but her voice is raised.
Hannah Sharpe has posed:
Rei's day has been...one of rest. After the confrontation with Usagi, though overjoyed at the outcome, it was still a very difficult thing. Hearts heal slowly. Plus, her own tests have been better than average! Shes' no Rei, but detention and C's are rare things for the young miko.

There's tea on the stove, and Rei is making lunch.

And by 'making lunch', she means reheating takeout fried chicken. Mmm. There's even mashed potatoes and gravy!

Naomi would be greeted by Rei's grandfather! With a laugh and a wave, he'd motion Naomi towards the house section! Rei would open the door.

"Oh! Naomi-chan. Come in." There's a bow to the other girl, followed by a whistling pot. Ah! She's going to get the tea!

Rei has a little smile on her face. "How've you been?"
Naomi Yomada has posed:
"Ohayo gozaimasu!" Naomi bows politely to Rei's grandfather. She is guided to where Rei happens to be. As the door opens, Naomi gives a warm smile and politely bows! "Ohayo Rei-chan!" She bows to her as well. "Ooo! Sounds like I am just in time!" She states as she hears the tea pot whistle. Quietly she enters the home and finds a place to set her things down.

As soon as Rei's grandfather is gone and umm, not checking out Naomi, the cute pink fairy comes to life and starts hovering around Naomi. "I brought my test. You said I needed to get a hundred on it. I did the best I could." She trails off and hands over the test.
Hannah Sharpe has posed:
Tea is poured, and there's plates out! Two. Does Rei /really/ even need to offer? She does anyway.

"Help me eat some of these leftovers if you want."

Back over to the table, some sleeves rolled up, and Rei-chan is eating! Even she can't make eating fried chicken graceful. It's simply impossible.

She's one drumstick down when there's a test offered! The fairy gets a wave too!

After much hand wiping, she takes the test. Slowly she looks it over. So many checks! A complete lack of red! And even extra credit? Rei didn't go that far on her last test.

"Naomi-chan. You've done well. That's the kind of effort you should put in, if you can. But don't obsess either." A slow frown there. An image of a certain bluenette pops into her head.

The test is slowly put down.

"Eat first. Tell me about your day."
Naomi Yomada has posed:
Naomi Yomada smiles happily. "OH it was okay. No problems really. Thats always a good thing. No enemies tried to fight with me or anything. That always makes for a good day!"

Quickly She goes for a chicken thigh and begins nomming on it. Lilac, who did wave back to Rei is over at the table too, sharing Naomi's plate and nibbling at a wing. "THis is an Earth Delicacy isn't it?" The fairy asks as she continues eating.

"I've been studying really hard. I just haven't been able to get out much. I guess when I get challenged like that I just wanna prove I got what it takes to do my best!"
Rei Hino has posed:
"It's very popular. Especially on christmas in Japan." Explains Rei. Delicious Colonel's secret recipie!

She honestly smiles too! "That's good. I wish we wouldn't have to fight at all." No, Rei doesn't /enjoy/ having to risk her life, fight youma, get hurt, or see her friends get hurt!

A laugh comes from the miko though. "Then maybe I should challenge you more often. See? You can do it with the right motivation. You just have to balance things."

Nomf nomf nomf. Mmm, chicken wings. Sip tea.
Naomi Yomada has posed:
Naomi continues nomming at the thigh and switches over to drumstick of her own. She smiles happily as she watches Lilac go to work on another wing. "Well Its not like I try to get wrapped up in my duties."

She looks at Rei and smiles. "Who do you fight Rei-chan?" She picked up on the 'We'. "I don't mean to pry or anything. I just am curious."

Lilac giggles. "Thats my Naomi-chan! She's always curious! Its why she always blows things up!" She giggles. "SHe opened up her phone because she was curious.'
Rei Hino has posed:
One more wing down! That's it for Rei, at least until the mashed potatoes are devoured! Mmm, delicious, fatty proteins and carbs! She can afford it, for all the physical work she does at th shrine.

That's an easy question, and there's no pause from the Miko. A little blush though. Woops, caught! "For my friends. For the good people in the city. I don't like seeing people hurt." A little bit of a common answer, but it's true enough.

A giggle. "As long as you temper your curiousity with wisdom and experience, you'll do fine, Naomi-chan." Dishes are put away, and then, once tea is done, she starts leading towards the fire pit. It's unlit, so the young woman has to stoak the fire to a roaring blaze. Despite the weather, it's soon sweltering in here. IN her hands are beads, and she makes several prayer signs and other motions, kneeling.

Turning to Naomi, she smiles. "Please be silent. This might take a moment."

Outside, crows caw in their nests.
Naomi Yomada has posed:
Naomi smiles happily, "That didn't answer my question though. You I asked who do you fight? Not why do you fight. Though the reasoning for fighting is a good one! I fight for those I care about and I really care about most everyone. Its the best way to handle it I think!"

She noms on some of those yummy mashed taters and gravy because that stuff is just amazing! She laughs a little and finishes up. Happily she begins helping to clear the table. "Curiosity though is the spark that lights the fires of creativity!" YES! SHE DID IT! SHE SAID THE THING!

Quietly she takes her tea and follows Rei towards the fire pit. She watches the Maiden light the fire and getting going. When she kneels down, so does Naomi. Its the most polite thing she can do. When asked to be silent, she nods and just lowers her head.
Rei Hino has posed:
"It's...the same answer." Offers Rei vaguely. Specifics are bad. Her first duty is the Princess, after all.

Still, Spark's enthusiasm draws giggles from the girl. She tries to hide them. Woops~. She can't always be Serious Miko.

"I...I'm sure you're right." What enthusiasm! She half laughs, half blushes. What a girl, this Naomi-chan!

A deep breath, and that roaring fire bursts to life! There's the feeling of otherwordly presences, the cosmos leaking, all to a single point in Rei Hino. Her breath catches. Her brow sweats. Hands move into a prayer sign, and she shudders. Whatever she's seen has her skin growing cold. In the very depths of the fire, light turns to cold blackness to just a moment.

And then the roaring fire slowly recedes back to normal levels. With a shuddering sigh, Rei almost collapses. Only her strength of will keeps her up. She turns to Naomi.

"A...A mirror. A brilliant, lovely mirror. It seemed to reflect so many beautiful things, but yet...it seemed motionless. Melancholy. Darkness, moving and quivering, surrounded it. Then, twin lightning bolts pierced the mirror, and light filled everything. It was blinding."

Rei falls silent, gasping, before slowly forcing herself to her feet. There's a large bucket filled with water, and a few fire pokers. She walks unsteadily.

"Naomi-chan? Could you?" She motions to the pokers as she picks up the bucket. Sploosh!
Naomi Yomada has posed:
Naomi blinks a few times. It doesn't take rocket science for her to figure out what that meant. She frowns and bites down on her bottom lip. Already her heart is sinking over the whole thing. She looks down and just takes off her glasses to rub her head.

"Naomi-chan..." The soft voice sounds very shakey. Its a voice filled with worry. Lilac quickly flies close to Naomi and embraces her as best she can.

Naomi pats the fairy gently as she moves to help Rei extinguish the fire. It doesn't take her too long. She's had a lot of practice doing that after all. Silently she moves back to where she was sitting. "Thats not good." She finally states. Quietly she rubs the back of her head.
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei looks to the pair of fairy and Naomi. There's worry she doesn't even bother hiding behind. This is the other duty of a Miko. To care for those she Reads for.

"What does it me..." She pauses. No. She should't pry. A sigh.

"Call me. If you're in danger. I'll help, Naomi-chan. That's my duty as a friend. And a Miko of this Shrine. We must guard against the supernatural dangers." A passionate gaze, and then a smile.

"You can stay here tonight if you'd like." A soft sigh, and she's walking towards the house. Every now and then, she leans on her broom that she grabbed up. Truly, being a Miko is tough.
Naomi Yomada has posed:
Naomi Yomada looks at Rei and shakes her head, "If this happens, you will not be able to help. I know exactly what it means. It means someone is going to be sealed in a mirror. Forced into Misfortune and dispair." She frowns and just shakes her head.

Lilac looks at Rei and frowns, "The lightning bolts are Naomi's symbol when she is magical."

She sighs. "I think I'll call home and take you up on this one."