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Naomi Yomada (Scenesys ID: 170) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
Curiosity sparking the fires of Creativity! Cure Spark!
Name: Naomi Yomada AKA: Cure Spark
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Happiness Charge! Pretty Cure
School: Infinity University Grade: 7
Clubs: Electronics Club Age: 13
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


A gifted young lady with a flare for curiosity, Naomi Yomada is an amateur inventor and notorious for tearing things apart. She loves figuring out how things work and often does so by taking them apart and trying to put them back together. When she has access to parts she will often try to invent new gadgets and gizmos, often with explosive results. When she isn't destroying property she is often spending time with her moms and her sister. Either that or being a bit of a brat.


Technophile, inventor, Brat, Bungling Inventor,Gadgeteer Genius, BOOM!, Annoying younger sibling, Adorkable teen genius, Everyone's baby sister, Cuteness overload, Ditzy Genius, Cloudcuckoolander, Trolling, Sweet Tooth, Chocoholic, No Really where is the chocolate?

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'
Blood Type: A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Technology, Sweets, Chocolate, Making Friends, Annoying her sister
Dislikes: Peppers, homework, being treated like a baby, The Phantom Empire
Favorite Food: CHOCOLATE!
Least Favorite Food: peppers.
Favorite Subject: SCIENCE
Least Favorite Subject: Anything that isn't science?


Title Date Scene Summary
After the Storm October 28th, 2017 In the aftermath of Naomi's personal nightmare, She attempts to get back into the swing of normal life... With the help of Makio and Jiaying she makes a start.
Dolly Town October 26th, 2017 The Fallen Pretty Cure Ningyo is out to cause mischief for all of Tokyo. Can she be stopped?
Ningyo September 19th, 2017 A new Phantom Empire General arrives and she looks way too familiar...
No Good, Bad Horrible News September 16th, 2017 Turns out the entire Phantom attack was a smoke screen for Naomi's family to be kidnapped easily. Now Naomi's kidnapped too. Uh oh. What can be done!?
No Good, Bad Horrible Things September 15th, 2017 What happens when a Pretty Cure Falls....
The Phantom's Wrath September 14th, 2017 Phantom, the Pretty Cure Hunter, is in town and he is having a few issues. This means trouble for more then just the Pretty Cures. It means trouble for all of Tokyo!
Big sisterly talk September 9th, 2017 Cure Spark tries to talk with Sakura and see if she can help. It doesn't quite have the result she hopes.
Weed Wacking September 6th, 2017 Seth's sunflower gift turns out to be a youma! Sayaka accidentally left it in her locker at school, except it escapes.
Welcome Home, Spark-chan! September 5th, 2017 Naomi is back from France! Haruna greets her and tells her some recent happenings! Some really good! Some really bad!
Birthday Party!! April 5th, 2017 Sayaka, Haruna, and Mikoto come to wish Naomi a happy birthday! So does Blue.
Dancing in the Park March 16th, 2017 A little training becomes a fun get together as Naomi and Sakura swing dance. Sayaka also stops by to find out whats been happening lately.
Spark in the Dark March 10th, 2017 When Cure Gull and Blue drop in on Naomi to discuss the situation with Phantom and the Deep Mirror, They stumble onto something Naomi has been keeping to herself...
Phantom Shadow March 3rd, 2017 Cure Gull and Cure Spark go on Patrol and Eat Burgers! Wait. Eat Burgers? I mean get blindsided by Phantom, Pretty Cure Hunter.
Being Safe March 1st, 2017 Naomi gets invited to Gullwing Coffee, and learns some more about the Gull in question. (Unfinished scene)
Lil sis is sad January 25th, 2017 Sakura is back and going for the cards. And she's bringing muffins, cupcakes and hell with her!
Lightning Crash January 24th, 2017 A good day is really good until it isn't for Naomi.
Notes, Plushies, and Belief January 13th, 2017 Naomi and Seth visit the Hikawa Shrine.
Finding Virtue January 5th, 2017 After dealing with another visit from Hosshiwa, Cure Spark encounters Amulet Heart and Seth. Her actions are brought to light as she finally finds someone from Virtue to talk to.
Through the Looking Glass January 1st, 2017 The thoughts of the old year and events which are in motion cause Naomi to pay a visit to the Cross Mirror room and Blue. Sakura gets to meet the Guardian god and manages make Blue sad!
The 11th Hour December 27th, 2016 As the new Year begins closing in, Naomi's got a little job to do that involves explosives! Oh and Hosshiwa shows up with An Elder Terribad and... a BabyBad? And what is Strawberry Swing?
Media Mayhem December 9th, 2016 A little training on the ice, goes awry when Miss Mass Communication herself, Miyo Masuko shows up looking to find Cure Spark for interviewing. Who she finds is Naomi, Sakura, and Tomoyo.
Trucking on through December 8th, 2016 Cure Spark discovers she has the drive to get the job done! Unfortunately, first she has to cut out a few problems in her life.
The petals of training December 7th, 2016 Sakura's training continues! She learns how to properly grip her wand and strike, as well as summoning one of the forms of the cards. It's a bit much for her. Also, the two confess their sisterly love.
A Spark of inspiration December 6th, 2016 Spark gets a new idea after finding out Sakura was attacked. Training her! Hopefully she survives.
Storm of the century number forty-five. December 4th, 2016 A great storm overtakes the city, created by four of the clow cards. Can the gathered magical forces fight it off?
So we meet again December 4th, 2016 Sakura meets Cure Spark OUTSIDE of being a ~cute~ spark! They talk.
A clogged river November 27th, 2016 Sakura met Cure Spark and together they captured the wood card, moments before being attacked by a giant grasshopper man!
Monster MUSH October 31st, 2016 SEIYOU HALLOWEEN DANCE!
Botanical Boredem October 24th, 2016 Cure Gull, Sayaka Miki and Naomi Yomada talk about things in the gardens when everyone else behaves for a very bored night.
In Hindsight... October 11th, 2016 Naomi and Haruna talk about some recent events! Oresky, Awesome New Attacks, and Plushie Cure Gulls.
Terribad and Terribird October 7th, 2016 Oresky attacks the Fall Festival!
One of those days October 7th, 2016 Sayaka's just having one of those days where nothing's going right. Even the wraiths are picking up on her bad vibes. Luckily she's got some allies in the area.
Clowning around with the wiggles October 6th, 2016 Cure Spark versus ... balloon animals?
Phones and phone numbers October 3rd, 2016 Harbourside chatter with Tadase and Naru and Jiaying and Naomi and Amu about Virtue and phones and gardens and tea and plenty of introductions.
Offensive Discussion October 3rd, 2016 Haruna approaches Naomi concerning Hannah. The idea of going on the offensive with the Phantom Empire is brought up.
Fun and Fighting at Roaring Bayside September 29th, 2016 Evening fun at the theme park is interrupted by a lady with a penchette for sweets.
Catching Up September 4th, 2016 A pair of Precures do a little catching up on a sunday morning.
Black Is The New Orange September 1st, 2016 UMBRA has a plan to return orange to the universe! Riventon and Lacrima are TOTALLY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Somehow, other people do not seem to be lauding them appropriately for this. Maybe it's the amount of dark energy mixed in, or the Nullheart Reiko...
Dancing in the Park August 27th, 2016 A little dancing practice in the park leads to Naomi and Alexis meeting and a a new crush!
Freedom and Donuts August 26th, 2016 Yuzuki and Naomi run into each other over hair-dye pranks. Explosive ones. Fortunately, not in the immediate vicinity. Yuzu, meet Cure Spark!
As We Know It June 24th, 2016 It's the end of the world.
PreCure Meeting June 21st, 2016 CureVictory invites Cures Gull and Spark to Verone academy for a more personal meeting face to face after the chaos at the sand castle competition.
The Cure for the Common Sandcastle! June 19th, 2016 Oresky thinks he should win a sandcastle contest! Cures Victory, Spark, Drive and Gull all collectivly disagree.
Meeting over Tea June 18th, 2016 Amaya meets Naomi in the Cross Mirror Room!
Crossed Mirrors, Crossed Hearts June 16th, 2016 Naomi Yomada and Haruna Kurosawa go meet with Blue. Things are asked. Things are explained. What's love go to do with it, got to do with it?
History Lessons June 10th, 2016 Two of the local Precures have a long talk over ice cream. Naomi finally gets just how scary Phantom is.
Volleyball Battle June 10th, 2016 A very good volleyball game. A battle between Seishou and Infinity U turns into a battle between Pretty Cure and a Terribad!
Explosions of Curiosity June 10th, 2016 Electronics club is going on at Infinity U. Naomi meets Eilam and bumps into Nicola who is visiting
Magical study buddies June 9th, 2016 Sayaka and Naomi exchange magical girl notes while lamenting school and homework.
Tea and Sympathy(For Trodden Toes) June 8th, 2016 An encounter between Naomi and Nagihiko leads to a tiny tea party and trampled toes as Naomi starts learning the value of dancing.
One day at Midori-Ya June 7th, 2016 A chance encounter between Nanoha, Nicola and Naomi at Midori-ya
A Great Big World June 6th, 2016 A chance meeting between Naomi and Naru leads to a talk about how big the world is!
Witching Hour June 4th, 2016 Shiniko and Lacrima attack a pair of drug dealers for justice and energy, which one takes priority unclear. Puella Magi Sayaka and Cure Spark take issue with this attempt, and prevent the pair from doing lasting damage to their chosen victims.
Let the Beautiful day turn Terrible! June 3rd, 2016 A good day goes really sour with the appearance of a green grasshopper guy.
BOOM! May 31st, 2016 A little tinkering in the park leads to a fun meeting between Haruna, Nagi, Hoshi, and Naomi.
A Rude Awakening May 28th, 2016 Naomi is awakened by her fairy to go fight with a Terribad. She meets a fine feathered Cure!
Curiosity and Rules May 27th, 2016 An encounter with blue leads to a bunch of questions as well as Naomi learning the rules.
Recovery May 26th, 2016 in the aftermath of the Tarribad attack, Katherine recovers in the bedroom of Naomi Yomada.
The Lazy Grasshopper May 25th, 2016 Namakelder is up to his usual laziness. When he uses an unsuspecting mother to create a Spark Plug Terribad, He also causes the arrival of a New Pretty Cure... Guaranteed to have a Shocking ending!


Title Date Scene Summary
Fade (Naomi Yomada) September 17th, 2017 What has been happening with Naomi?
Naomi's Nightmare (Naomi Yomada) September 15th, 2017 The Former Cure Spark is trying to cope with her current predicament. After the events of: No Good, Bad Horrible Things -
Dear Miyo Masuko (Naomi Yomada) October 24th, 2016 After getting some pictures of the Elusive Cure Spark, Naomi is throwing down the gauntlet.
A Shocking Victory? (Naomi Yomada) October 6th, 2016 After the fight with Oresky, Cure Spark takes off and vents some frustrations.
The Grounded Blues (Naomi Yomada) August 25th, 2016 Where has Naomi been these past two months? Has she been been berry sad and fallen into misfortune? One thing is azured, She's learned a valuable lesson.

Current Cards

  • Henshin: Cure Spark
  • Henshin: Rock Candy Break Dance
  • Henshin: Strawberry Swing
  • Magician
  • Idol
  • Surfer
  • Chef
  • Nurse
  • Kitty
  • Kimono
  • Autumn Outfit
  • Autumn Sweater Outfit
  • Police Officer

Attack list

  • Spark Beautiful Halo - An AoE attack that sends a ring of lightning magic all around her.
  • Spark Lightning Strike - A fierce physical strike charged with magic.
  • Spark Blinding Flash - A magical attack which can cause temporary blindness.
  • Spark Static Repulsion (or Spark Repulsion) - A shield which repels and reflects inbound attacks.
  • Spark Lightning Storm - Much like the name suggests, Creates a storm of lightning strikes.
  • Spark Surging Beam - A Beam attack which strikes enemies brutally.
  • Spark Lightning Dash - A quick move which simply causes Spark to move really fast for a short time.
  • Spark Dazzling Jet - A very nasty attack which turns Spark into a fast moving weapon for a short time.
  • Spark Sprite Eruption - A mid powered attack which is AoE. Usually the precursor to Rock Candy Break Dance.
  • Spark Glittering Staff - A magical weapon that looks like a lightning bolt. Very useful for training and beating on things.

Rock Candy Break Dance

  • Spark Terran Jackhammer - An AOE and signature move of The Rock Candy Break Dance form. Good for taking out small Fry.
  • Spark Cavern Swipe - A defensive move which makes a quick barrier over the immediate area.

Stawberry Swing

  • Strawberry Water Drop Hop = A fun AOE dance where she dances with a weaker enemy and purifies them as well as other small fry.
  • Smokin' Hot Wave - An AOE capable of purifying enemies that are close enough.


  • Pretty Cure Ball Lightning - A High Powered ball of purifying magic wraps around the target, finishing them off.
  • Pretty Cure Ribbon Lightning - A ribbon of lightning that will bind a target infusing them with purifying magic, finisher.


Naomi has two mothers. She refers to the them as Mom and Momma. Her Mom works as a Mechanic. Her Momma is a homemaker and does her best to take care of the family.

Naomi's birthday is March 27th.