A Really Strange Day (Ichigo Momomiya)

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A Really Strange Day (Ichigo Momomiya)
Date of Cutscene: 20 September 2017
Location: King Penguin Park
Synopsis: Ichigo spends a normal day with her boyfriend Masaya only for it to turn really strange!
Cast of Characters: Ichigo Momomiya


A long yawn escapes the lips of the young redhead who is more then content to be curled up in bed. She reaches out to take the alarm clock when her tired eyes open to look at the time. "Oh no I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!" Ichigo Mamamiyo jumps out of bed, gets into her school uniform and runs our her bedroom door. As she races through the apartment, she grabs a piece of toast, pops it in her mouth and keeps going. She rushes out the door and makes her way to school just barely entering before the school doors close for the day.

The day itself was nice. School was boring and, she may have slept through literature (again) but she made it through! As she walked her way to the exit it dawned on her. "OH!!! I've got a thing tonight! Masaya-chan and I are going on a date!!!" She exclaimed to her friends as she rushes away from them. She makes her way out the door to meet the dark haired and dreamy eyed Masaya Aoyama.

"Hey Ichigo-chan, There is an exhibit at the museum about endangered animals. I thought maybe you and I could go check it out." He says with a soft smile to her.

That smile. It cuts right through the day into her very heart. She would do anything with him without thinking about it. She would say she was into competition bowling if it meant that she could spend more time with him. This though, It did interest her a lot. "OH! I've been wanting to go to that! I love animals!"

"Well shall we?" He holds out a hand to her and the two are off to the Museum.

As the two enter the Museum they begin looking at the various Red Data animals. They look at all sorts of animal exhibits and how they are endangered and nearing extinction. One of the animal exhibits is for the Iriomote Cat. "Aww, You mean these little guys are almost extinct? That is awful!" She laments as her eyes are locked on a mother and her kittens. Unknown to her, a device, hidden in a display scans her.

From an unknown location, Two men watch the data they are getting off the scans. "This is the one. Look at her DNA. Its a near perfect match." One man tells the other.

The Other man responds as he watches, "Are you sure you want to do this? She's a kid you can't expect her to do what you are expecting of her."

"Its not like she will be alone. there will be at least four others who will be with her. Besides this is what the Project calls for. She will be the one to lead the team and they will face off against this threat. If not, Humanity is doomed." With that, a shadowed works several keys and prepares to activate Project Mew.

After the journey through the Museum, Ichigo and Masaya make their way into the park where they take a seat. There is some small talk as the two just sit beside each other, small talking and enjoying each other's company. "How about a drink? I will get us both one. Be right back!" Masaya states as he stands up and goes to get them both drinks.

Ichigo smiles happily. "I can't believe that I am here with Masaya-chan! He is so cute! I wonder if he will make us dating official! I hope so..." She happily talks to herself as she imagines her and Masaya holding hands and even wearing wedding attire!

"I can't believe the fate of the world is resting on a girl like this." The first mans voice states.

"There is still time to pull the plug." The other man comments.

"No. We can't wait any longer. Every day we wait, the threat grows." With a worried tone in his voice, the man's hands move and a button is pressed.

Outside on the roof of a new building, A red light begins glowing. That glow grows stronger and stronger. Then with an extremely powerful burst of energy, A wave explodes outward washing over everyone and everything within the greater Tokyo area. Most would not even notice it. It wouldn't affect them in any way. For others though...

Ichigo happened to be one of the others. As the wave hit her, her body was knocked unconscious. There in the park, passed out. Ichigo began dreaming. A dream of a strange cat. A cat not unlike one of the ones she had looked at just a short time prior. It comes running at her. Running straight at her, not stopping until it runs straight into her. No pain. No nothing. The cat didn't just hit her. It went through her! She turns to look around for it in the dream. No sign of it. She looks down over herself and begins running her hands over herself looking for the cat!

Ichigo wakes with a start to find Masaya sitting beside her with a cold drink. Something is wrong though! The sun is setting! It wasn't setting before. She is handed the cold drink and she smiles. "Thank you! I am sorry! I guess I sorta passed out. I didn't know I was that tired."

Masaya looks at her with worry, "You've been out for hours. I brought you back a drink and you were out. I drank that one and just got you a new one a few minutes ago. Are you alright?"

The girl frowns, "I think so." She takes the offered drink and drinks up. "I umm. I think I should get home. I had a really weird dream. See you tomorrow?"

Masaya smiles, "of course! Remember, tomorrow is my Kendo competition! you said you would come."

"I will be there!" Ichigo smiles and waves. She quickly takes off running. The strange dream messing with her the whole way.

"It's done.I just hope we made the right decision." The second man comments.

"It was our only choice. Now, we just wait for the next Predasite attack."