Ichigo Momomiya

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Ichigo Momomiya (Scenesys ID: 212) (ACTIVE?: No)
Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in your face!
Name: Ichigo Momomiya AKA: Mew Strawberry, Mew Ichigo
Gender: Female Theme: (CC) Tokyo Mew Mew
School: Seishou Middle School Grade: 7
Clubs: Go Home Club Age: 13
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups Cafe Mew Mew Waitress


A kind and friendly young woman who is often considered a freak by some friends at school, Ichigo Momomiya is your completely average girl. She goes to school, sleeps through some classes and has a boyfriend she is completely head over heels for. This all changed radically when her body was infused with the DNA of an endangered Iriomote Cat. Now as Mew Ichigo, she is out to protect the planet from the Cyniclon threat and their nasty Predasites.


Ditzy, Fiery Redhead, Speaks Cat, Nya~,The Brawn, Big Eater, Hard Worker, Always lands on her feet, Leader, Emotional, Sleep anywhere, Weather detection, Emotional Transformation

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'0
Blood Type: A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Sleeping, Catnip, Bells, Tuna, Cream, Her Boyfriend
Dislikes: Predicites, Cyniclons, and people being jerks!
Favorite Food: Pastry with Maple Syrup, Popcorn, Pancakes, Pizza, Fried Tuna Fish
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Lunch!
Least Favorite Subject: Literature


Title Date Scene Summary
Cookie and Cat October 27th, 2017 Sky Jack and Mew Strawberry meet up, and work on ways to use their powers.
Mew Mew Cafe's Grand Opening September 27th, 2017 Mew Mew Cafe throws a grand opening party that starts with some unexpected piano tunes and ends with Ichigo and Makio gaining a little more understanding about eachother.
Killer Bunny from a Parallel Dimension!!! (But not really...) September 23rd, 2017 Madoka makes a Mew Friend!
Making a Mewtastic Autumn Festival September 21st, 2017 Things go a little weird when two students begin showing signs that everything is not alright after some bizarre events yesterday...
What's a Predisite September 21st, 2017 A mutant rat attacks an innocent bystandard. Ichigo and Makio team up with the Guardians and discover they are MEW MEWS!


Title Date Scene Summary
A Really Strange Day (Ichigo Momomiya) September 20th, 2017 Ichigo spends a normal day with her boyfriend Masaya only for it to turn really strange!