A Shocking Victory? (Naomi Yomada)

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A Shocking Victory? (Naomi Yomada)
Date of Cutscene: 06 October 2016
Location: Clover Tower
Synopsis: After the fight with Oresky, Cure Spark takes off and vents some frustrations.
Cast of Characters: Naomi Yomada

"What in the name of all that is good in the world just happened! I purified Oresky! I seen it! I think Everyone did! He was done! Then that dark energy. That was really dark. Even I felt that. I don't feel Dark Energy! This is a bit of a problem!" Cure Spark was on the move. She had left seconds after she finished the Ball Lightning attack. Her family was in the crowd and the last thing she needed was for them to be tipped off that she was a Pretty Cure. So off she flew out into the city only to double back and land on top of Clover Tower. Now she is up there pacing back and forth trying to get a clue.

Lilac had left with her and went chasing after her after she left the scene. The little fairy was worried about her companion. Once she had caught up with Spark, She starts floating along, pacing with her. "I seen it too. You hit him! You nearly purified the leader of the Tokyo Generals! That is amazing Spark-chan!" She is happy about that but then she starts thinking a little. "That energy was really dark. I dunno where it came from but I know who we need to talk to."

Spark nods, "You and me both. We gotta get in touch with Blue-Sama. Perhaps talking with him and a few others from Virtue wouldn't be the worst idea. That level of dark energy is definitely a big problem. It was enough to completely counter my purification! Where the hell did that come from? You don't think That might have come from Queen Mirage do you?"

"It could have! I don't know though. It felt really bad though." The fairy frowns as she looks over her partner. She lands on Sparks shoulder and leans against her head. "Its okay! You did really good. You took out all of those kindabads with on attack! That was really cool! You're getting better at fighting. Oh!!!" She pulls out the Precard commune and opens it up to show the new cards, "Its another autumn type outfit!"

Cure Spark takes a look at the cards and smiles, "Oh that one is adorable!" She smiles and gives a little sigh crossing her arms over her chest. "Things just got really difficult, Lilac. I know one thing, Today wasn't a defeat. It was a victory even if we didn't get Oresky taken out. The fact that he was almost taken out though is a great sign. It means we can take the fight to them and We can win!"