Bad Reputation (Makoto Kino)

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Bad Reputation (Makoto Kino)
Date of Cutscene: 07 October 2016
Location: Seishou Public School
Synopsis: After almost a year and a half, the rumors should've died off. But as it turns out, they haven't been forgotten.
Cast of Characters: Makoto Kino
Tinyplot: Sailor Earth

Something's wrong.

It's a gradual change, so gradual that Makoto's not entirely sure when it started. Last week? The week before? Maybe it's only just been this week. All Mako knows is that the other students at Seishou, even some of the teachers, have been acting... different.

On Monday when one of the first-years accidentally bumped into her in the hallway and scurried away stammering apologies, she didn't think much of it; that sort of thing happens often enough. But the next day she stared feeling eyes on her - classmates staring, only to hastily avert their eyes when she looked towards them, avoiding eye contact.

By Wednesday there were more. Even the P.E. teacher seemed to be eyeing her suspiciously when he instructed her to stay on the sidelines instead of joining the other girls in basketball, as though he were waiting for her to challenge him on it. She'd just sat as instructed, bewildered, wondering as she watched the rest of the class going back and forth across the court what she'd done. She couldn't think of anything; P.E. is usually one of her better classes, sad as that is to say.

Now it is Friday, and the classroom went quiet when she came in this morning. Not completely - Usagi is still Usagi, and Ami and Naru still treat her the same as always. But out of the rest of their class, there are only a few who'll meet her eyes, and Makoto doesn't know why.

She doesn't know why, but it feels familiar all the same. It feels like going back to when she'd first transferred, before she met Usagi and the others. It's been over a year now, and she thought she'd put those days behind her, so why--?

She is standing at the shoe lockers at the front entrance, changing out her school slippers for her street shoes and getting ready to go home, when she gets her answer: voices from the other side of the bank of lockers, two girls talking to one another with no idea that she's there.

"I seriously thought I was going to die," one of them is saying.

"Do you really think it's her?" the other girl wonders.

She shouldn't listen to other people's conversations, Mako is vaguely thinking to herself as she steps into her shoes, but the next thing she hears has her freezing in the act of putting her slippers into the locker cubby: "An 'unusually tall' girl, wearing a uniform that doesn't match any of the schools around here? Of course it's Kino, how many of those could there be?"

"I guess..."

"Besides, don't you remember what people were saying last year when she transferred here? She got kicked out of her last school for fighting."

"Geez. I didn't think that was really true, but if she's going around mugging people--"

Makoto turns sharply away from the shoe lockers before she can hear any more, heading for the entrance with long, too-fast strides. Maybe the two girls will see her leaving, maybe they'll realize she's overheard them, but Mako doesn't look back to find out. Her blood feels like ice water in her veins.

It seems like the past isn't as far behind her as she'd thought.