Chaconne (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Chaconne (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 30 August 2015
Location: Mitakihara - Easter Corp. Skyscraper
Synopsis: The Director of Easter has finally tracked Ikuto down. Now that he knows Ikuto's capable of extracting X-Eggs, he's got some instructions to give. And a not-so-veiled threat...
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi

        Ikuto scowls as he opens the door of the office.  He knew Nikaidou would eventually tell the Director.  Ikuto is worried now, about what the Director will say now that he knows.  What will he do now?  What restrictions will he put on Ikuto this time?

        ...At least he’s too big for Kazuomi to stuff in a closet anymore...

        As enters the darkened room, Ikuto wipes the scowl from his face.  He’s not going to give the Director the satisfaction of knowing that he’s upset with him, that he’s broken Ikuto’s composure.  Instead of going over to the desk, the young man leans against the wall next to the door, crossing his arms.  He says nothing, but waits for words.

        The Director remains at his desk, seated in his chair.  The chair is turned around, leaving the back of it to Ikuto.  But he’s not unaware that the Black Cat has entered.  “...Nikaidou told me you have the same ability as your sister.”  Getting to the nub of the matter quickly, as was his way.  “Do you have any explanation for why you never told anyone this?”

        Ikuto shrugs.  “...No one asked.”

        The Director narrows his eyes, and the chair turns around.  He places his elbows on the desk, lacing his fingers together in front of his face, “Do you not know what’s at stake?”  He turns his piercing gaze to Ikuto, who turns his head to look at the wall.  The boy says nothing. “...I see,” the Director replies.

        The room falls into silence for a few moments, neither one of them speaking.  Finally the Director stands from his desk, and turns to the window, leaning against one of the beams of the large plate glass windows.  “...Since you’ve demonstrated the same ability, I expect you to use it.  You’ll bring back no less than three X-Eggs a day from now on.  I expect more, but I will be satisfied with three.”

        Ikuto draws in a breath, suppressing a growl.  Instead he asks, “...Why do you want X-Eggs?  If they’re not the Embryo, they’re just junk.”

        “Nikaidou believes that he can find the Embryo if he can scan them,” the Director returns.  “He needs specimens; you will retrieve them.”  A pause, and the turns to look at Ikuto, who’s still looking at the wall.  He can see the tension in the boy’s frame.  The way his hand grips tightly at the upper arm.  How the boy refuses to look at him.

        Ikuto is afraid of him.  And they both know it, even if Ikuto’s trying hard not to show it.

        The boy closes his eyes, then shifts to stand straight.  He turns, makes to leave.  “Ikuto,” the Director intones expectantly.  Hand on the doorknob, he pauses at the sound of the Director’s voice.  “...You wouldn’t want things to get... ‘difficult’ for Utau, would you?”  Ikuto’s fingers tighten on the doorknob, and he hisses quietly.  But still he says nothing.  “...Well?” the Director prompts.

        “...I understand,” Ikuto replies dully, not turning to look at the Director.  He opens the door with a sharp pull, and leaves the room, only just this side of slamming it closed behind him.

        Ikuto heads immediately for the roof, scowling.  When he finally opens the door to the roof and enters, this door he does slam closed, with a vicious shove of a hand.  Yoru appears from the pocket of his jacket with a “Nya?” at the sound.  “Ikuto?  What’s wrong-nya?”

        For a long moment Ikuto doesn’t say anything.  Yoru’s accustomed to his quiet, but his obvious anger here—his ragged breathing, clenched teeth, sharply drawn-down brows, and the tremble in his arms—is something Yoru is not accustomed to seeing in Ikuto.

        Ikuto pauses, taking a few moments to calm down.  Breathes.  Only once he’s calm does he speak.  “...We have work to do.”