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Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Scenesys ID: 77) (ACTIVE?: No)
"If I could pretend and be someone else... maybe it'd be easier for me."
Name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi AKA: Black Lynx; Death Rebel
Gender: Male Theme: (CC) Shugo Chara!
School: Seiyou Public Grade: 9
Clubs: N/A Age: 15
Factional Information
Faction: Eclipse Groups Easter


A student at Seiyou Public School, Ikuto Tsukiyomi just seems like one of those kinds of people that refuse to be nice. Trapped in Eclipse's web, his desire to be free as an alley cat gave rise to the feline Guardian Character, Yoru, who is his constant companion. With Yoru he can Character Change, growing ears and a tail, and gaining the proportionate abilities of a cat; or he can Character Transform into Black Lynx. Unbeknownst to him, the darkness of his past has been gathered into yet another egg-- a Black Egg with which he Transforms into the murderous Death Rebel, Easter's silent, fanatical enforcer. Can he be returned to normal? Or has the Black Cat of Misfortune brought enough bad luck to even himself that it's too late?


Antivillain, Badass Longcoat, Brainwashed and Crazy, Black Feather Motif, Catboy (With Quirks), Creepy Crow, Darkest Hour, Despair Event Horizon, Evil Costume Switch, Evil Wears Black, Jerk With a Heart of Gold, Leitmotif: Death Rebel's Violin Song, Malevolent Masked Man, Names To Run Away From Really Fast, Sinister Scythe, Super-Powered Evil Side, Tall Dark and Snarky, Troubled But Cute, You Gotta Have Blue Hair

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'9"
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Favorite Food: N/A
Least Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite Subject: N/A
Least Favorite Subject: N/A


Title Date Scene Summary
ECFH Community Barbecue September 16th, 2016 Some people stop by the ECFH and have some grilled food.
Shopping spree! May 23rd, 2016 Chloe goes shopping and runs into Mikoto, who brought along Yoru and Hikari. They all hang out getting outfits and food for themselves, and sharing with Yoru.
Curiosity Befriended the Cat May 15th, 2016 Chloe and Yoru join Mikoto in trying to repair a damaged Armed Device. Things do not go as well as expected.
Midnight Meetings and Mighty Maelstroms! May 7th, 2016 Yoru is out late on the return to Mikoto's warehouse when he meets Sierra and Kit! Spirits are lifted all around by the mighty wind of Sierra's spirit!
Kitty Korner May 6th, 2016 Hikari was sitting around the warehouse alone. Except she wasn't alone. Hello, Yoru!
Orange Is a Righteous Color! May 4th, 2016 When Reiko comes across Death Rebel trying to steal heart's eggs, she decides to do something about it. As Prism Keeper Orange, she successfully vanquishes evil! But what became of the boy behind the mask...?
The Price of Freedom April 13th, 2016 Utau finally meets Ikuto's Guardian Character, and they plot how to get Ikuto back.
Behind The Scenes April 1st, 2016 Mikoto sneaks in backstage after a secret concert performed by Ikuto and Utau, determined to meet with Ikuto and get to the bottom of all of this.
You're Kitten Me! March 30th, 2016 Yoru meets up with Mikoto. Over pizza they make plans for trying to get in to see Ikuto at the next concert.
Sanctuary March 25th, 2016 Blue Lotus goes out to retrieve her hidden book. She calls for backup, but goes uncontested.
Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground March 20th, 2016 Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.
Servants of Evil March 19th, 2016 Ikuto's been out since the concert. Utau comes to visit, and two siblings silently curse their fate. Also Ikuto lies like a cheap rug, and Utau totally doesn't buy it.
FP: A Charity Concert March 18th, 2016 Utau Hoshino and the mysterious DL put on a 'charity' concert. Little do the Guardians and their friends know, the beneficiary of this concert isn't those in need, but Easter itself, as Utau and DL's music draws hundreds of X-Eggs out!
Guardians Before D-Point March 8th, 2016 Tadase calls the Seiyou Guardians to meet one last time and prepare to join the other magical heroes in the expedition to D-Point.
Nice to see you too! March 3rd, 2016 Utau is finally reunited with her brother, but something doesn't seem quite right..
Egging On - Part II February 29th, 2016 Things go horrible for Kukai on his way back. :I. Then they get /worse/...
Chara Napping. February 23rd, 2016 Amu sends her chara to kidnap Yoru!
Forgotten Places: Catch a Kitty By the Tail February 16th, 2016 Amu's plan to free Ikuto from Easter goes into motion. Step 1: Kidnap Yoru. ...What?!
Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Tokyo February 2nd, 2016 Walpurgisnacht causes more problems than just right at the source. A group of heroes protect a shelter from the Witch's familiars.
Storm Warning January 29th, 2016 Saying goodbye is hard. So let's not.
Big Secrets January 23rd, 2016 Amu is crying. Ikuto wants to know why.
Oops January 18th, 2016 Takashi accidentally unleashes a youma.
Fishy Curiosity January 12th, 2016 Reiko has a talk with Ikuto's Guardian Chata, Yoru.
Catch Ikuto By His Tail January 10th, 2016 Usagi sees Ikuto! Arm Cling to make sure he's okay! Confusion! Mamorambles (dude, it's Usagi, duh!) Beautiful Violin music! Bad Guy Violin music! Threats! Intrigue! Oh, also, Ikuto now knows who Sailor Moon is, whups. (Plus, Yoru gets a cootie shot!)
The Cat and the Navigator King January 9th, 2016 Ikuto finds himself where all stray cats do eventually-- Seiyou's observatory and planetarium. Tsukasa is there too, and Ikuto is surprisingly frank with him.
Never Trust a Cat January 7th, 2016 Ikuto's at it again. This time he runs afoul of Guardian Sol. Ikuto finds out Sol isn't playing, and Sol finds out how reprehensible cats truly are!
A Mage's Workshop January 7th, 2016 Welcome to Intelligent Device Improvement, Optimization, and Maintenance. Do mind the bleeding catboys.

Immediately after Never Trust a Cat

A Strange Equation January 5th, 2016 Ikuto steals an egg from a young skater-to-be! And Prism Keeper Orange tries to figure out how
New Years Bash January 1st, 2016 Hotel Augusta throws a new years party! Come for the dancing, stay for the drama, and live for the Chara and Koi.
I have a ? December 23rd, 2015 Ikuto wants to ask Mikoto a question.
A Chat. A Cat. Do we have a Hat December 17th, 2015 After the battle with Toymajin at the skate park, Ikuto again tries to get Mikoto to play it safe.
You Got A Problem December 13th, 2015 Amu's family is attacked by thugs... but Ikuto comes to help?
Nutcracker Suite! December 11th, 2015 Toymajin begins his attack on Tokyo! Can Christmas be saved in the St. Nick of Time!?
Eggtheftus Interruptus December 11th, 2015 Ikuto tries to take a heart's egg and is interrupted by a friend. Oh no, could Ikuto be about to hurt the only one he can really trust?!
Canines and Charas December 2nd, 2015 Su and a dog, both lost in Tokyo, encounter Ikiko, who helps them find their respective people... with some mischievous help from Ikuto.
Hatched Plans: Richie Rich November 22nd, 2015 Ikuto robs 2 of 3 pieces of some sort of artifact. Some sort of magical policeman tries to handle a video game powered madman. Do we really need to go into more detail!? Oh right. Amu and Tadase yell at Ikuto a lot.
When in danger or in doubt, apologize, it helps out November 21st, 2015 Ikuto and Mikoto bond over sandwiches, and plot Easter's downfall.
Towel Talk November 18th, 2015 Ikuto interrupts Amu's very private time to check in on her unhatched egg, and to bring her sweets.
After the Fire November 15th, 2015 Ikuto and Mikoto hash out the consequences of a mixed-up mission. A 'Hatched Plans' side scene.
Hatched Plans: Heist at the Hotel Augsta! November 14th, 2015 Ikuto tries to steal a strange diamond that calls for help. Can Tadase and Amu stop Ikuto and Mikoto from getting away with it!?
Ayana Kaiju! November 13th, 2015 Ayana managed to eat the wrong food out of Takashi's lab fridge. As a result, she is infested by a Youma, and the heroes and villains of Tokyo must stop her Cheeseburger-seeking Rampage.
It's not a date! November 10th, 2015 It isn't we swear!
Kitty Kataclysm! November 9th, 2015 Ikuto and Yoru bring a hurt cat to Verone's Animal Care Club! Daisuke helps!
After the Ball (Don't try the curried Escargot) November 6th, 2015 Mikoto and Ikuto finish their date with dinner and a bit of heart to heart talk.
Infinity University Charity Ball November 5th, 2015 A charity ball is thrown for the victims of the Infinity gym explosion, and everything goes perfectly with a wonderful time had by all with frills, thrills, and romance. Well... Almost.
Magical Girls and Ninja Pizza Cats! November 3rd, 2015 Mikoto and Ikuto chat about tradition, and heroes, over pizza.
Seiyou's Halloween Party October 31st, 2015 The Guardians have worked super hard getting ready for the Seiyou Halloween Party! Phantom Ruins everything. Ikukto/Black Lynx and Ikiko/Cute Wolf Tsukiko save the day! Along with.... an Anime Princess who is most certainly not Mikoto Nakajima.
Vanity Jotunn October 28th, 2015 A strange kind of youma attacks.
Cats and Dogs and Cute Wolves! October 28th, 2015 Daisuke finds an injured, lost (and adorable) puppy and brings it to the nearby Seishou School's Animal Care Club to get it's wound taken care of and also return it home! Ikiko is the Animal Care Club member on site- and Ikuto follows because he's also worried about a dog! (Cats!? Caring about Dogs!? THAT'S THE REAL MIRACLE.)
- END OF LINE - October 25th, 2015 Ikuto's up to his old tricks again. This time he steals the heart's egg of a girl at the Game Center Crown. Her dream of becoming a video game designer gives rise to the GAME MASTER, who tries to make the fight against Guardian Hino and Sailor Mercury into a total party wipe!
Art Criticism October 20th, 2015 Cure Gull, Bass-chan, Sailor Moon, and Ikuto fight Oresky, who is upset about losing a children's art contest.
Art Attack! October 6th, 2015 Art Attack!
Cat's Cradle September 29th, 2015 Sayaka and Ikuto meet on a pier.
Corporate Corruption pt 2 September 20th, 2015 Miss White has evidence that the CEO of WitchHunter Professional Services has tried to kill her. Twice. And Ao too. She's had enough, and intends to lure the man to the rooftop of the WPS building for a reckoning. But how far will she go to settle matters, and who will appear to stop her before she crosses a line she can't go back from?
Corporate Corruption pt 1 September 19th, 2015 Miss White has evidence that the CEO of WitchHunter Professional Services has tried to kill her. Twice. And Ao too. She's had enough, and intends to lure the man to the rooftop of the WPS building for a reckoning. But how far will she go to settle matters, and who will appear to stop her before she crosses a line she can't go back from?
First Decree: Growth v Decay September 9th, 2015 'Rot and decay' vs 'wildness and growth' changes into 'A fungal monster mash' vs 'Six thrown-together-by-circumstance magical boys and girls'. It's the first encounter with the Kandaina Otohime!
Cat Burglar September 7th, 2015 Sayaka stops by the P.M. Minimart and runs into Kyouko. Meanwhile, Yoru attempts to shoplift some sardines.
After School Stuff September 4th, 2015 Just after school, Ikuto comes across Mara playing her guitar. They talk a little over threats to each other's soul.
Featherfall: Youma Encounter! August 31st, 2015 As people elsewhere try to save Haruna, various youma roam the streets. Black Lynx, Sailor V and Amulet Heart take one on!
Investigating the Source August 28th, 2015 Miss White and Euphemia have tracked down the source of Ao Karina's magical illness. Miss White calls upon friends and allies alike to investigate. A powerful dark

presence fills the night, alerting the defenders of Tokyo to it as well...

It's Just Ice Cream August 23rd, 2015 Several people meet for ice cream. Ikuto must be getting better at this whole "villain" thing, because he manages to become the bad guy without lifting a finger.
Moonlight Serenade August 16th, 2015 Ikiko's out on patrol when she hears someone playing the violin. She discovers a cat and a fiddle.
Cat Through a Hot Glass Window August 14th, 2015 Amu has an interesting discussion with Ikuto without ever leaving her bed! Ran playfights with Yoru! Icecream!
Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle August 13th, 2015 Still worried about Tadase, Ikuto camps out on a building where he can see Iris's office. But not close enough that Tadase would hear him playing his violin. However, Tuxedo Kamen does hear him. And the masked man asks Ikuto some hard questions.
Patient Out, Patient In August 12th, 2015 Tadase Hotori gets brought in with a severe case of Waldia, just as Mamoru Chiba's leaving after recovering from same. Chaos ensues as multiple people cram into one flat.
Black Cat, Black Mage, Sugar Rush August 10th, 2015 A strange energy signature brings multiple peices of Eclipse to the woods to find an unexpected surprise!
A Song of the Sea and Forest August 9th, 2015 It's not too long after the Witch attack at the hospital, and Ikuto's up to his old tricks again! Stealing the heart's egg of a prospective singer, Ikuto finds opposition in Junko Fuma and Zafira. But this time he bites off a little more than he can chew...
Ice Cream of Fate August 3rd, 2015 Kyouko is having some ice cream. Sayaka is there, and so is Ikuto, and so is Kyubey.
Acts of Desperation August 3rd, 2015 Ao Karina is taken by a Witch atop Mitakihara General Hospital. Miss White tries to free her alongside Tokyo's magical defenders. With tensions high and the Witch strong, Miss White resorts to an untested weapon.
Trouble At The Theme Park August 1st, 2015 Watery runs amok at the Roaring Bayside Theme Park
Unlock My Heart: Amulet Heart Awakens! July 21st, 2015 Tadase's just trying to have a nice conversation with Amu Hinamori, the girl with three Guardian Chara eggs. And then that thieving cat Ikuto just HAD to get involved! tha'ts okay though, Amu and Tadase gave him what for!
Wolf & Fox versus (Doctor) Cat! July 20th, 2015 Ikuto steals a Heart's Egg of a would-be doctor! Can Cute Wolf Tsukiko and Black Fox recover it?
Fox and Cat, Chance Meeting July 19th, 2015 Ayana gets lost while looking around Seiyou, and happens across Ikuto on the roof. Ikuto offers conversation begrudgingly, but isn't too big a jerk. This time.
We Need to Talk July 15th, 2015 Makoto and Naota have a few things to talk about. Unfortunately Ikuto interrupts their conversation by BEING A JERK TO A LITTLE GIRL.
The Virtue of a Helping Hand July 11th, 2015 Scorn continues her rampage... but will she keep to her evil path after learning that she's been tricked?!
A Splash Of Doubt July 9th, 2015 A snake youma appears!
Fishes In Peril! July 6th, 2015 The Adventures of Fish Girl and Cat Boy! Far from a Dynamic Duo, Reiko and Ikuto instantly get started off on the wrong foot! ...Paw. ...Fin. But she's got help! Can Prism Keeper Orange and Cute Wolf Tsukiko save the FISHES IN PERIL?!
Feathers and Fur July 5th, 2015 Ikuto comes to Hannah's office with a feather. Hannah questions Ikuto's motivations!
Kitty Rescue July 3rd, 2015 A crow-youma has decided that a kitten named Ashes will be its first statement that it will no longer stand cats chasing birds! Thankfully there are those who would save a cute little kitten!
A Kitty Appears! Ikuto Meets Hannah July 1st, 2015 Hannah meets Ikuto! Morals are probed, and Hannah gets a part-time trash man.


Title Date Scene Summary
Catharsis (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) May 22nd, 2016 Things go sideways for Easter....
Dark Lullaby (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) April 29th, 2016 Death Rebel is still around. What's hidden behind his mask? Here's a peek...
Kukai's March Report (Kukai Souma) March 28th, 2016 Kukai finally gets around to making his second report for Tadase.
Shatter Me (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) February 16th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE - Following "Catch a Kitty By the Tail", Ikuto tries to convince Director-san that he's lost Yoru for good. It doesn't go as he expects...
Last Time (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) January 12th, 2016 Ikuto tries to put something to right, completely the wrong way. Kind of a specialty of his by now, isn't it...?
Diablo (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) January 7th, 2016 Ikuto realizes he's in one hell of a mess...
Saturday In the Park (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) December 19th, 2015 *CONTENT WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, AND DEATH!* Seems like even the Black Cat of Misfortune isn't immune to the spate of nightmares.
Moonlight Improvisation (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) December 14th, 2015 Following Mamoru's death, Ikuto has an epiphany. It's not a good one.
Alone In the Stars (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) October 22nd, 2015 Cure Gull and Sailor moon lost track of Ikuto after the Terribad attack. Here's why.
Chaconne (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) August 30th, 2015 The Director of Easter has finally tracked Ikuto down. Now that he knows Ikuto's capable of extracting X-Eggs, he's got some instructions to give. And a not-so-veiled threat...
Nebulous (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) August 26th, 2015 Ikuto is still on the hunt for the Embryo. But this time someone's watching him...
Spontaneous Me (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) August 12th, 2015 Easter's Black Cat is not good at being nice. But Ikuto has a favor to repay, and he does it the only way he knows how.
Song of the Caged Bird (Ikuto Tsukiyomi) July 6th, 2015 Ikuto realizes the equation has changed. Possibly for the better.


        Yoru is Ikuto's Guardian Character. Born from his wish to be as free as an alley cat, Yoru is as mischievous as he is adorable. Like Ikuto he possesses feline ears and a tail, but in addition his hands, feet, and eyes are also feline. Aside from that he looks rather like a tiny Ikuto. Yoru has been shown to have the ability to fly or float, as all Guardian Characters seem to be able to do, as well as to call, speak to, and command large groups of cats.


Name Thoughts
Hannah Sharpe "...I was right. You are trouble. You almost killed Ao. If you can't even control yourself around her, how can I trust you?"
Reiko Touyama "She's very strong for being so young."
Ikiko Hisakata "...That's twice now. And you seem to know exactly what to do. I will be watching you carefully, wolf-girl."
Naota Uneme "You're pretty strong too. But your technique needs work..."
Ayana Moriko "Get stronger."
Tadase Hotori "...I'm not going to let you end up like him."
Iris Shelby "...Tadase is a pain, so I hope the money helped offset it some."
(Yoru's Addendum: "He means thank you-nya!")
Mamoru Chiba "...Stupid. That's what happens when you help everyone else before yourself. Involve yourself with other people's problems, and that's all you get. Dead."
Mikoto Nakajima "...You're involved now. I can't let you get hurt, though..."
Amu Hinamori "Take care of Tadase. Don't let him give until he has nothing left."