Choices (Mikoto Nakajima)

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Choices (Mikoto Nakajima)
Date of Cutscene: 17 January 2016
Location: Pikarigaoka, near Seiyou Campus
Synopsis: The Blue Knight considers her choices.
Thanks to: Ikuto, for making Mikoto's life interesting. Ayana, for helping create Hikari.
Cast of Characters: Mikoto Nakajima

Pikarigaoka - Streets - Evening, January 17, 2016

The girl in the blue suit walked down the street, wincing with every step, the wound in her side sending bursts of pain through her every time she moved her left leg. She leaned heavily on Hikari's shoulder, the familiar still in her battle-form of an outsize silver-grey leopard.

I'm sure that was him.

The youma's claw-swipe had ripped open her side and tossed her across the street. And he'd swooped in out of nowhere to save her. Just like he had Halloween night. But this time, he'd disappeared as quickly as he'd come.

Hikari had agreed, it had to be him.

She slumped to the seat of the bus stop. Uncle John was on his way with the car. There was a little clinic, one he'd used before, that was known in... certain communities... for its discretion. A doctor who would treat yakuza with gunshot wounds and not report it would probably be trustworthy enough to do the same for a clawed-up Knight.

She could have pressed on to Seiyou. Amu might have been there, able to heal her as she had Ikuto. But it was late. The girl might well not have been there. And she'd hate to come to them looking weak. Not after the way she'd treated Amu on their previous meetings.

She looks down to see the phone in her hand, Ikuto's number half-dialled. She bites her lip... and presses 'clear'.

She should just let it drop. She has bigger problems to worry about.

The Dark Kingdom.


But she loves him.

Her fingers move, almost without conscious thought, again entering the number. And again she forces herself to press 'clear'.

So what if Easter crushes a few childrens' dreams? It happens every day, even without their influence. Walpurgisnacht will destroy the entire city. It's so bad that Homura was even asking the Dark Kingdom for help.

But she loves him.

Her fingers move, almost without conscious thought, again entering the number. A third time, she forces herself to press 'clear'.

She has Hikari now. Trusted confidant, sister, partner, never even capable of betraying her. As close as her own skin. It would be safer if she let him go. What could one black cat even do against a monster that shed military firepower like rain?

But she loves him.

Her fingers move, almost without conscious thought, entering the number the fourth time. She stares down at it, her eyes flicking between two buttons.

Green. Dial.

Red. Clear.

She can hear a car approaching. It should be Uncle John. It's time to decide. To make her choice.

She looks down at the phone once more. And presses the button.