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Mikoto Nakajima (Scenesys ID: 102) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"Wow. And I thought the heroes were tacky."
Name: Mikoto Nakajima AKA: Miko, Tessen, Ms Blue, You Crazy Disrespectful Girl
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
School: Infinity Grade: 10
Clubs: Kendo, Strategy Games Age: 15
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Born to a wealthy, old-fashioned samurai family, Mikoto obediently finished middle school at Verone Academy before deciding that it was time to kick over the table. Transferring to Infinity Academy and embracing the career of a Costumed Crusader for Justice seemed like a good idea at the time. Especially when the Old Family Heirloom she'd been entrusted with turned out to be an ancient Belkan artifact. Her current plan is to have as much fun as possible showing that she's stronger than any Darkness out there. If only she knew what really lay deep in the depths of its memory… like the ancient Belkan warrior it once belonged to, and the way her memory is slowly creeping into Mikoto's own. She ended up saving herself from a monster attack when Carnwennan first activated, and is now determined to stand on her own power.

She's been throwing herself into all sorts of messes since she arrived on the scene. Between her games, the Kendo team, heroics as 'Tessen' and mercenary work for Hannah's WitchHunter Arms as 'Hagane'¹, she keeps quite busy - and she's thrown in a romance with Ikuto and a 'big sister' attitude towards Amu and her friends to complicate things further. Where does she find the time for it all?


Sharp bladed stuff. Fashionista. Teenage rebelliousness. Playing strategy games. Collecting strategy games. Writing mediocre fanfiction. Throwing money at problems. Being more arrogant and stubborn than the bad guy. Standing up for her friends. Belkan History & Culture. Magic is so damn useful.

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'5"
Blood Type: A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Winning, looking good, spending time with her friends, learning complex new games
Dislikes: Games that are too random, watching her friends fight each other
Favorite Food: General Tso's Shrimp
Least Favorite Food: Green beans
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese Literature (Sure reading is fun. But talking about it is boring. There are no -rules-.)


Title Date Scene Summary
Existentialism November 21st, 2018 Akari comes home to the hideout after the events of The Core of the Matter. By the end of her conversation with Mikoto, she has a plan.
Cheesed Off November 18th, 2018 In her first battle post-purification, Akari faces a pizza-youma alongside Mikoto, Millie, and Jiaying.
Back Home November 15th, 2018 After On Her Way Out, Akari and Mikoto return to the hideout. Akari invites Mikoto and Hikari to join the Aces.
Life Without Darkness November 12th, 2018 After the events of Safe Room Chat, Mikoto drops by. They chat about several things.
Let This Cruel Shell Be Ripped Away November 11th, 2018 Akari and Mikoto visit the Waldians' house in Mitakihara, so that Runealy can attempt to purify her. The results are initially ... painful, but better than expected.
About Your Girlfriend November 10th, 2018 Lacrima warns Hagane about what the higher ups of Eclipse want with her girlfriend. Lacrima hates herself a lot.
Making Arrangements November 10th, 2018 After the events of About Your Girlfriend, Akari and Mikoto arrange a meeting with Princess Runealy. Plans are made, both for defense and for purification.
Back Home November 4th, 2018 After the events of Those Who Remained, Akari comes home to Mikoto's hideout. Mikoto was worried -- and rightly so.
Togetherness November 1st, 2018 Akari and Mikoto talk about the situation with Eclipse. Both of them are confident, in the end.
The Good, the Bad, and the Crunchy October 24th, 2018 Part of this complete Stahlfist! A breakfast cereal youma goes on a rampage, and Nightbell is the first to the plate for getting rid of it. The cornflakes get soggy as the fight goes on, meaning that "crunchy" is less-than-accurate for the monster. It soon becomes clear to the heroes that "bad" isn't all that accurate for Akari, either.
Dreams of Ancient Belka October 20th, 2018 After months of only ever sleeping in her Nightbell form, Akari has the first dream she can remember! It leads to an interesting discovery.
The Only Things I Know Are Real October 14th, 2018 Nightbell and Tessen have their promised duel. Then Akari and Mikoto figure out the truth about the relationship between "Akari" and "Nightbell."
Hagane and Frau Doktor October 13th, 2018 While investigating into UMBRA's current events, Hagane comes across Dr. Murano. Some information and questions are exchanged.
Good Food, Good Music September 28th, 2018 Akari meets Mikoto's "sister" Hikari. Then, during her latest date with Mikoto, she has her first kiss. And her second. And ...
Akari's First Date September 16th, 2018 Akari and Mikoto stop for ice cream, when suddenly Akari asks a question which changes the course of the conversation quite a bit!
Back in the Saddle September 9th, 2018 Nightbell tries out Dr. Murano's new Zerobot, a robotic horse. Things go very badly as a result of Sakura-imouto showing up.
Congratulations, Fate T. Waldia! September 2nd, 2018 With the Waldians, Fate celebrates the officialization of her adoption as Fate T. Waldia with her new sister, Extended Waldian friends, Nanoha, Rashmi, Hoshi and Mikoto!
A Belated Birthday Party August 26th, 2018 Akari's birthday party with Mikoto, Rashmi, and Fate at the Korma Chameleon.
A Fine Evening in the Golden Kingdom August 12th, 2018 On the evening of Empress Endymion's ball, Dame Akari Hayabusa and Dame Mikoto Nakajima of Her Majesty's Left Hand meet together in the rose garden, deciding to spend their time together rather than joining the public festivities. Then something unexpected happens.
Birthdays and Lemonade August 6th, 2018 Akari meets Mikoto and lets slip that she hasn't had much of a birthday before. Mikoto starts making plans, and Akari finds herself surprisingly touched.
One More Test July 15th, 2018 Dr. Murano and Nightbell set up draining-machines on two rooftops this time, and one of them comes with a surprise! However, things get really out of hand when Cute Witch Kazeko shows up.
Kendo Club Blues June 25th, 2018 Akari joins Infinity's Kendo Club, where she befriends Mikoto.
Red Blade, Blue Fans June 24th, 2018 Nightbell and Dr. Murano's second test run is interrupted when Tessen shows up. A rivalry is born.
Warehouse Woes and Worries. March 2nd, 2018 Nanoha checks up on Mikoto after the Garden of Time incident. Mikoto's been busy with a prototype! Yuuno may be a nerd. Nanoha isn't sure!
We Didn't Lose February 27th, 2018 Sayaka checks up on Mikoto. Who is in the hospital. Cheering-up and some tentative planning happen. There is, alas, no pizza.
The Garden of Time February 10th, 2018 Precia Testarossa wants to bring her daughter back from the dead. She gets exactly what she wants. The end of the Jewel Seed arc! (Caution: Cthulhu-styled awfulness.)
Totally Wasn't My Fault January 23rd, 2018 Never one to leave tinkering with forces beyond her comprehension to others, Miss White tries an experiment. A grief seed, a youma, and a bit of borrowed time with the good Professor's equipment. This has nothing to do with the massive youma then stomping around Tokyo. It totally isn't Miss White's fault.
Sufficiently Analyzed Magic January 7th, 2018 Sayaka and Mikoto chat about WPS. Sayaka has questions about Devices...
Sharpe Family Bar-B-Que 2! December 11th, 2017 Hannah and family throws a bar-b-que. Friends and an enemy show up. There's deep fried EVERYTHING and exploding horseshoes.
What's the Buzz December 10th, 2017 A Japanese hornet gets ahold of a Jewel Seed and goes full kaiju. Its hate, rage, indignation, and fury are increased exponentially with its size.
Milkshake Madness November 6th, 2017 Hannah invites her friends to the GCC for milkshakes! Unfortunately, Aki is there. Tables are flipped, and traditional methods of Befriending are planned
Outbreak: Patient Zero October 28th, 2017 CONTENT WARNING: Scene contains elements of horror, suspense, zombie bloodshed, macabre themes and implied child abuse. When a berieved man uses a Jewel Seed to wish his deceased wife and child back from the dead, he also raises every cadaver in the Mitakihara General Hospital morgue with them.
This Spice Isn't Nice! October 24th, 2017 Eclipse has put dark energy in the city's Pumpkin Spice supply!
The First Rule Is... October 7th, 2017 Hannah's Absolutely Legal Fight Club!
No Bones About It October 1st, 2017 A Aquatic Fossil gets a Jewel Seed and things go horrible.
The Phantom's Wrath September 14th, 2017 Phantom, the Pretty Cure Hunter, is in town and he is having a few issues. This means trouble for more then just the Pretty Cures. It means trouble for all of Tokyo!
Midori-Ya Meet Up! - What's This About Jewel Seeds! August 23rd, 2017 Nanoha Takamachi calls a meeting with her friends and other device users about the Jewel Seeds!
Final going away lessons August 12th, 2017 Unmei and Kun go shopping in preparation of her soon leaving the ECFH. While looking through the food, they meet Mikoto!
RAIN delay August 1st, 2017 Mikoto gets a little help from your friendly local card captor to capture and restrain the Rain card and avoid getting soaked... too much more. So much water damage.
GTLK: Karma June 25th, 2017 Hannah Sharpe, left without her magic, is vulnerable and helpless. And having made so many enemies on many sides of the magical community, there's plenty who would see her suffer. There are also still plenty of people who are more than willing to object to kicking someone when they're down-- and who would come to Hannah's aid when in trouble, no matter what.
Launch Logia May 13th, 2017 A Lost Logia likes to pick things up and launch them at dangerously high speeds like a railgun. Nanoha, Rashmi, Mikoto, Tsubasa, Koji and Jin all stop it. THEN GO OUT FOR FOOD.
RAINing on her parade April 25th, 2017 Mikoto goes for a walk and gets RAINed on. Whatever could it be?
Birthday Party!! April 5th, 2017 Sayaka, Haruna, and Mikoto come to wish Naomi a happy birthday! So does Blue.
This Is Not How This Caper Was Planned March 15th, 2017 WPS tries to steal another evil artifact! ... Tessen is not happy. Neither is Cure Gull. Especially since it's on White Day. AGAIN.
Rebirth January 22nd, 2017 The time has come for Hana Shiroi to regain physical form.
Is This The Real Life December 18th, 2016 ...or is this just fantasy?~ Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality~ : Hannah and Friends go rescue Haruna from a perfect dreamworld. CONTENT WARNING: LBGT Acceptance. (or lack thereof.)
Can't Beat The Original December 17th, 2016 Mikoto and Minoke watch a Star Wars fanfilm. (Unfinished scene)
Track and Field and...Mold December 2nd, 2016 Infinity's Track and Field team has tryouts and open runs! Namakelder arrives to stop so much useless energy and effort.
Nightmares, Security and Donuts November 27th, 2016 Sayaka holds a meeting with members of WPS, determined to learn more about a potential dangers of a soulgem in the hands of Madison Perry. Donuts are shared, and Sayaka snags an official position at WPS!
Midterm Blues November 21st, 2016 Numerous children call in sick at Seishou, claiming extreme exhaustion, many of whom have visited the space botany club. Meanwhile, there are rumours about plants coming to life in said club - or are they just the hyperactive imaginations of exam stressed students? Come and find out!
Monster MUSH October 31st, 2016 SEIYOU HALLOWEEN DANCE!
Scramble for eggs October 29th, 2016 Amu and Mikoto meet up again and have a talk after a purification of an egg! Yay!
A day at the arcade October 5th, 2016 Stuff happened!
Looks Like A Big One September 30th, 2016 WPS heads to the beach! Fishing ensues! This is ... not entirely as planned. (Partial scene.)
Last days of summer September 18th, 2016 As students enjoy the last hot days of summer, strange events occur in the local park. Is it heat stroke or..something else?
Lights, Camera, GLAMOUR! September 10th, 2016 Shut has a great idea for a movie! Cure Flora, Hikari and Hakuomaru have other ideas. ACTION!
Date night... September 4th, 2016 .. and not date night, but a night of chatting and teasing and laughing and acquiring magical girl plushies at the Crown.
CtC: Smash n' Grab July 31st, 2016 Eclipse targets the Crystal Group Expo! ... so does Madison Perry.
It's Personal July 10th, 2016 Shira decides to go for a more direct assault against those who protect Runealy. This time, she targets Fate Testarossa!
Go for VICTORY! July 6th, 2016 WPS is open for training, and Cure Victory comes in to take them up on their offer!
Stealing The Train July 1st, 2016 It takes a WHOLE LOT to earn hazard pay at WPS. This one pretty much qualifies.
The Platonic Ideal of Burger June 26th, 2016 Mikoto checks in on Fate, and introduces her to a little hole-in-the-wall burger restaurant.
If It Ain't Nailed Down... June 21st, 2016 Miss White and WPS holds up an auction. Voltron-kun gets stolen, and an auctioneer nearly gets Shiniko'd!
Who You're Working For June 10th, 2016 Mikoto and Miss White have a business conversation. That Never Happened. Ahem.
Retail Therapy June 2nd, 2016 Magical Girl shopping!
Shopping spree! May 23rd, 2016 Chloe goes shopping and runs into Mikoto, who brought along Yoru and Hikari. They all hang out getting outfits and food for themselves, and sharing with Yoru.
Curiosity Befriended the Cat May 15th, 2016 Chloe and Yoru join Mikoto in trying to repair a damaged Armed Device. Things do not go as well as expected.
Ice cream and philosophy May 13th, 2016 A chance meeting at an ice cream parlour quickly turns into a philosophical discussion about what is good and evil.
Kitty Korner May 6th, 2016 Hikari was sitting around the warehouse alone. Except she wasn't alone. Hello, Yoru!
Nice Device May 6th, 2016 Mikoto and Hannah encounter a Nicola practicing in the park. Fortunately, in a barrier.
Walpurgis Night Witches Ball April 30th, 2016 A party is thrown to celebrate the absence of Walpurgisnacht on Walpurgisnacht and witches gather to eat, drink, dance, and make merry. And kiss. A lot.
After-Action Debate April 30th, 2016 Chloe visits Mikoto to talk tech. And, you know, good and evil.
A Minor Disagreement April 27th, 2016 Kukai Souma and other magical girls visit WPS over the heart's eggs theft. Surprisingly amiable negotiation leads to massive property damage.
Burgers, Devices, and Secret Lairs April 24th, 2016 Mikoto and Chloe meet at a burger stand, and talk Device fu at Miko's Sekrit Lair
Team Spirit April 22nd, 2016 A group of school girls run into each other at the arcade and decide to try out the newest version of the Sailor V game, which requires some team effort to succeed.
Change The Game April 22nd, 2016 A late-night gathering at the Midori-Ya Cafe.
Taking Flight April 17th, 2016 A group meets at the Midori-ya, and decides to go flying.
Protect your Dreams! April 17th, 2016 Sierra meets Utau and Mikoto in the park, and Utau explains what 'the voices' might be, and the dangerous people who might be after her because of her special abilities.
The Price of Doing Business April 15th, 2016 Miss White tries to steal a Heart's Egg from a Seiyou student! Several people express indignation. With fire bolts. And Flicker Shots. And cameras. And claws.
Something For Me April 15th, 2016 Fate tries to use a Jewel Seed, and it doesn't work out. She doesn't get what she wants, but she gets what she needs.
Stood Up Bride April 1st, 2016 A Witch gains a Jewel Seed, and tries to host a murderous wedding. Several magical heroes show up to stop the Witch, and no small amount of drama ensues.
Behind The Scenes April 1st, 2016 Mikoto sneaks in backstage after a secret concert performed by Ikuto and Utau, determined to meet with Ikuto and get to the bottom of all of this.
You're Kitten Me! March 30th, 2016 Yoru meets up with Mikoto. Over pizza they make plans for trying to get in to see Ikuto at the next concert.
White Out Finale March 27th, 2016 The Lost Logia sword that's had Hannah a possessed fitebeast for weeks is finally defeated.
Boarding Action March 27th, 2016 Takashi does pirate things on a science vessel. Heroes object, but Takashi has new friends.
Sanctuary March 25th, 2016 Blue Lotus goes out to retrieve her hidden book. She calls for backup, but goes uncontested.
White Out Part 3 March 24th, 2016 Hannah attacks her very own company. The members of WPS get close to freeing her...but the sword has other plans.
Study Buddies March 21st, 2016 Utau uses a study session as a front to meet with Mikoto and discuss how to help Ikuto.
Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground March 20th, 2016 Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.
Slasher Smile March 19th, 2016 Hannah Sharpe hasn't been herself lately. Can her friends save her?
A Night To Look Forward To March 19th, 2016 The Virtue dance, welcoming everyone back from D-Point!
FP: A Charity Concert March 18th, 2016 Utau Hoshino and the mysterious DL put on a 'charity' concert. Little do the Guardians and their friends know, the beneficiary of this concert isn't those in need, but Easter itself, as Utau and DL's music draws hundreds of X-Eggs out!
12 D-Point: Snakes, Swords, Stars, and Singularities March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Hagane and Firebird take on some seriously OP youma, and manage to both kill them and bring down an entire section of the Dark Kingdom with, I kid you not, a god damned black hole. Unfortunately, it is at the cost of their lives.
15 D-Point: The Last Battle March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, really heartbreakingly beautiful ghost poses. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.
04 D-Point: Blizzard Ambush March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Soon after arriving at the North Pole, the group of heroes is split up by a blizzard -- and are faced with the DD Girls. Homura and Madoka make sure that the rest of them are able to get inside-- and inaugurate the expedition of blood and tears with epic style and panache. (Beginning concurrent with 'A Loser Like You'.)
Abandoned Labs March 5th, 2016 WPS investigates another abandoned lab.
Extra Witchy Business March 4th, 2016 WPS goes on a Witch Hunt.
The Care And Support Of Brats March 1st, 2016 Kukai is walking off a significant beatdown the day after losing to Utau when he meets the mysterious rapier-wielding girl from the fight. It turns out he knows her and has more in common with her than one would expect.
Egging On - Part II February 29th, 2016 Things go horrible for Kukai on his way back. :I. Then they get /worse/...
Crossaints, Couples and Cats February 28th, 2016 Reiko, Mikoto and Minoke talk about things. Crossaints, Boys, and Cats.
Mammoth Noises February 25th, 2016 A number of magical heroes take on a Noise.
Caring for A Hurt Friend February 23rd, 2016 After Mikoto got injured during Pretty Cure's debut, Minoke comes to take care of her and meet her 'Uncle John'.
What d'you Mean, Transform February 22nd, 2016 Immediately after
Meet Bob February 21st, 2016 Hannah invites Madoka and Homura to her lab, so that Madoka can meet 'Bob'.
Warehouse Disaster February 20th, 2016 A disaster in the warehouse leads to a closer bond of friendship with Minoke and her friends.
Virtual Belka February 18th, 2016 Welcome to the Belkan Knight-Cadet Academy. Enjoy your stay.
When opportunity knocks, answer the door. February 17th, 2016 While Mikoto prepares for a trip into Virtual Reality, Haruna urges Minoke to act on her feelings.
When is a Device not a Plot Device February 13th, 2016 The Firebird and the Blue Dragon discuss Devices, team plans, and chinese food.
Its over 9000... Tickets February 10th, 2016 Happy times at the Crown Center Arcade!
Sports and Chocolate February 7th, 2016 Mikoto goes looking for Amu. Instead, she finds Kukai, and Frozen Chocolate.
Mahou Tamura February 6th, 2016 Biggest Ice Cream Social Ever! (Non-canon)
A Witch In Time February 5th, 2016 Homura's life was already bad enough... but now Riventon is giving her an evil twin?!
Walnuts-chan Celebratory Funeral February 4th, 2016 Miss White holds the most solemn and appropriate funeral ever. This might be a complete lie.
Where's MY Chocolate! February 3rd, 2016 Hosshiwa is upset that no one got her chocolate on Valentines Day. So she steals everyone elses.
Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Tokyo February 2nd, 2016 Walpurgisnacht causes more problems than just right at the source. A group of heroes protect a shelter from the Witch's familiars.
Calm Before the Storm January 29th, 2016 A few people get together for a little last minute training before the big showdown with Walpurgisnacht
Storm Warning January 29th, 2016 Saying goodbye is hard. So let's not.
What is the Sound of One Mage Flying January 28th, 2016 Mikoto and Nanoha help Firebird work out a better Flight spell.
After The Bomb January 27th, 2016 A wounded Knight seeks safety and healing - and reassurance that she's still doing the right thing. Takes place immediately after "The Black Comet".
The Black Comet January 27th, 2016 Ayana has gone missing, and Riventon is just a tad bit upset about this.
Last Chance Dance January 25th, 2016 (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
Analysis Paralysis January 25th, 2016 The Blue Knight debates her motivations.
Bonds and Betrayal January 23rd, 2016 Ikiko decides she's tired of Ayana being subjected to Riventon's evil. On the night of the full moon, the day after his birthday, she gathers her friends and allies to enact a ritual to sever Ayana's familiar bond. The results are far more colourful than expected.
Familiar Chat January 23rd, 2016 Mikoto has been overworking herself -- AGAIN -- and Hikari takes steps.
Magic User's Club Practice Session January 21st, 2016 Firebird gets a lesson in magic from Miss Blue, and the two discuss learning strategy.
Incursion January 19th, 2016 A mysterious creature violates Tokyo's space-time, and an equally mysterious girl is on-hand to help defeat it.
Oops January 18th, 2016 Takashi accidentally unleashes a youma.
A Tale of Two Mages January 17th, 2016 Minoke meeting her new teacher Mikoto and Mikoto's familiar in the hospital after she got wounded dealing with a witch.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time January 16th, 2016 A very nasty and new Labyrinth has opened. A gang of thugs is attacking everyone they see and are marked by a witches kiss. Reports that at least one person has vanished after being attacked are coming in. Someone needs to stop the madness! WARNING! This may get dark. It is a PMMM Themed scene after all.
A Familiar Home January 12th, 2016 Mikoto and her new familiar go home after "There's Snow Day Like The Present"
Chop Shop Witch January 12th, 2016 WPS and company visit a Chop Shop with a client.
There's Snow Day Like the Present January 12th, 2016 A Jewel Seed infests a Snow Leopard Cub. In the ensuing fight, the snow leopard is gravely injured. While Riventon and Fate rush away with the jewel seed, Mikoto makes a new friend. Literally.
Neon in Monochrome January 10th, 2016 A Shade attacks the Neon District! The Cute Wolf, a Cute Fox, Miss Blue and a Creepy Doll(!?) help out. Reiko def. loves pretty boys. :I
Meeting: Walpurgisnacht January 10th, 2016 Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
Tea With Lindy January 9th, 2016 Nanoha, Mikoto, and Suzuki have big questions for Lindy.
A Mage's Workshop January 7th, 2016 Welcome to Intelligent Device Improvement, Optimization, and Maintenance. Do mind the bleeding catboys.

Immediately after Never Trust a Cat

Jewel Seed: Youma Edition January 6th, 2016 A very... unique youma tries to claim a Jewel Seed, having mistaken it for the Phantom Silver Crystal. This is the first of many mistakes it makes.
New Years Bash January 1st, 2016 Hotel Augusta throws a new years party! Come for the dancing, stay for the drama, and live for the Chara and Koi.
Salvage Rights December 31st, 2015 Riventon and Fate try to lay claim to a hunk of the Asura, but Nanoha, Mikoto, and Amu show up to stop them!
Return Policy December 31st, 2015 Scene contains: frightened potential puella, a yelling match between puella veterans, a lot of dirty laundry being shared, and a retail witch.
A Meeting of Mages December 30th, 2015 Nanoha and Mikoto go for Okonomiyaki after a fun morning's flight.
The Care and Feeding of a Foxgirl December 24th, 2015 Blue, Orange, and Wolf discuss the nature of familiars, and what is up with Ayana.
Open Hearted December 23rd, 2015 'Tis the shortest day of the year, and Ayana is out to make her very own pet. Ikiko, Reiko, and Mikoto, however, have other ideas. Featuring: Space-shuttle sized Koifish, Girl Kissing, and the Power of Purification!
Stop Throwing Rocks! December 23rd, 2015 Euphemia and Fate search for Jewel Seeds and eventually resort to dubious but fun methods, but are soon caught up in conversations. Nanoha doesn't fall for the silliest con job ever.
I have a ? December 23rd, 2015 Ikuto wants to ask Mikoto a question.
Takoyaki Talk December 20th, 2015 WPS' best and brightest discuss recent events
A Chat. A Cat. Do we have a Hat December 17th, 2015 After the battle with Toymajin at the skate park, Ikuto again tries to get Mikoto to play it safe.
Back in Black December 15th, 2015 Riventon has improved on his ability to drain energy from the world around him, and as usual heroes come to stop him. This time, however, the forces of Evil have a surprise for those meddling heroes.
Eggtheftus Interruptus December 11th, 2015 Ikuto tries to take a heart's egg and is interrupted by a friend. Oh no, could Ikuto be about to hurt the only one he can really trust?!
Nutcracker Suite! December 11th, 2015 Toymajin begins his attack on Tokyo! Can Christmas be saved in the St. Nick of Time!?
Royal Garden December 4th, 2015 Tadase, Amu and Mikoto are hanging out in the Royal Garden.
You Scream, I Scream... November 24th, 2015 WPS goes to screw up an evil ice cream plot!
Hatched Plans: Richie Rich November 22nd, 2015 Ikuto robs 2 of 3 pieces of some sort of artifact. Some sort of magical policeman tries to handle a video game powered madman. Do we really need to go into more detail!? Oh right. Amu and Tadase yell at Ikuto a lot.
FotWF III: Waking Up November 21st, 2015 Hana Shiroi and Madison Perry come to reclaim Erin Takayama, but Erin and her new friends have other ideas. The TP Finale.
When in danger or in doubt, apologize, it helps out November 21st, 2015 Ikuto and Mikoto bond over sandwiches, and plot Easter's downfall.
Save the Sister... November 18th, 2015 Friends go save Aki Kurosawa from the Phantom Empire.
Takeout in the Labs November 16th, 2015 Hannah, Gull, and Ms. Blue eat Chinese Takeout in the WPS labs
FotWF: This Isn't Even The Final Boss November 15th, 2015 Erin Takayama is bringing out her best witches in a single, powerful brawl... but is this another attempt to kill the magical defenders of Tokyo, or does she have another goal in mind?
After the Fire November 15th, 2015 Ikuto and Mikoto hash out the consequences of a mixed-up mission. A 'Hatched Plans' side scene.
Hatched Plans: Heist at the Hotel Augsta! November 14th, 2015 Ikuto tries to steal a strange diamond that calls for help. Can Tadase and Amu stop Ikuto and Mikoto from getting away with it!?
Out Damn Spot! November 13th, 2015 Erin lures Mikoto into a Witch Labyrinth... but it turns out this Witch has a flair for theatrics!
Fukajima Jewelry and Arms November 13th, 2015 Hannah has a hands-on approach to competition.
Interview with a White-san November 11th, 2015 Mikoto gets a job interview.
After the Ball (Don't try the curried Escargot) November 6th, 2015 Mikoto and Ikuto finish their date with dinner and a bit of heart to heart talk.
Infinity University Charity Ball November 5th, 2015 A charity ball is thrown for the victims of the Infinity gym explosion, and everything goes perfectly with a wonderful time had by all with frills, thrills, and romance. Well... Almost.
Magical Girls and Ninja Pizza Cats! November 3rd, 2015 Mikoto and Ikuto chat about tradition, and heroes, over pizza.
What's Eating WitchHunter Arms! November 2nd, 2015 Something is eating Hannah's employees.
Seiyou's Halloween Party October 31st, 2015 The Guardians have worked super hard getting ready for the Seiyou Halloween Party! Phantom Ruins everything. Ikukto/Black Lynx and Ikiko/Cute Wolf Tsukiko save the day! Along with.... an Anime Princess who is most certainly not Mikoto Nakajima.
Fall of the White Flower I: Blumenacht October 30th, 2015 A new power arrives in Tokyo and delivers an ultimatum to its magical defenders.
Something Wicked... October 23rd, 2015 A Witch attacks Mitakihara, but something is different about this one.
An Unexpected Guest October 20th, 2015 After being hospitalized in the aftermath of the Youma attack at the Kickboxing Nationals, Madoka receives an unexpected visitor in Tessen, one of the magical girls that helped defeat it before it could hurt very many people.
Mikoto and Shiori October 18th, 2015 Mikoto and Shiori meet at night.
Kickboxing National Kickdown! October 18th, 2015 The Kickboxing Nationals are interrupted by a youma.
Seed of Sunrise: Finale September 21st, 2015 An ancient villain is unsealed, and creates an artificial sun over Tokyo Harbor. Will Tokyo's defenders stop her in time to save Earth?
Corporate Corruption pt 2 September 20th, 2015 Miss White has evidence that the CEO of WitchHunter Professional Services has tried to kill her. Twice. And Ao too. She's had enough, and intends to lure the man to the rooftop of the WPS building for a reckoning. But how far will she go to settle matters, and who will appear to stop her before she crosses a line she can't go back from?
Corporate Corruption pt 1 September 19th, 2015 Miss White has evidence that the CEO of WitchHunter Professional Services has tried to kill her. Twice. And Ao too. She's had enough, and intends to lure the man to the rooftop of the WPS building for a reckoning. But how far will she go to settle matters, and who will appear to stop her before she crosses a line she can't go back from?
Pig Pickin' August 31st, 2015 Hannah hosts a pig pickin'! It ends in 'MURICA, painful curse removal, and things being on fire.
Hospital Delivery August 22nd, 2015 Mikoto delivers Hannah's homework! Banter ensues!
Seed of Sunrise: Neon District August 19th, 2015 A powerful Lost Logia appears and creates a maze in the middle of Mitakihara's Neon District. Some try to navigate the maze. Others try to blast their way through. Who will find their way to the Lost Logia first?


Title Date Scene Summary
Choices (Mikoto Nakajima) January 17th, 2016 The Blue Knight considers her choices.
Let It Snow (Mikoto Nakajima) January 8th, 2016 Mikoto lets it all out.
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Hikari is Mikoto's Familiar - technically, by Belkan tradition, a Guardian Beast. The ritual endows an animal with the ability to take a human form (and several variant combinations of this and their animal form), as well as human-level intelligence and the ability to use magic in the same way as the Master.

Hikari was a young snow leopard, resident in the Tokyo Zoo. During a battle over a Jewel Seed she was badly wounded. Mikoto refused to leave the wounded animal to die, and instead performed the ritual to transform her. Now, she is often seen alongside Mikoto, either as a small silver kitten, a charming teenage girl, or a huge and powerful war-cat.

When appearing in her human form in public - a rare occurrence, so far - she tends to act reserved and shy, but clearly attached at the hip to Mikoto. Even in her feline forms, she can be quiet and easy to miss, like any cat. She has a playful side that comes out on occasion, however - and should she need to fight in her Master's defense, a cunning and ruthless anger.

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Name Thoughts
Carnwennan "My partner, my other half, my loyal companion."
Labyrinth Architect "A new friend. He's quiet, but solid backup. I trust him, and he takes good care of me."
Hikari "My Familiar, my sister, my confidant. The only one I can trust to never betray me, never leave me."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi "He's fun to hang out with, and I can talk with him about all the weird stuff. Not many people I can trust with that. And he saved my life! SO worth it."

"... stupid stubborn cat."

Tadase Hotori, Amu Hinamori, Alejandro Tatakai "Ahh, the Seiyou Guardians. Fun bunch of kids. And so serious! Lighten up sometimes, Prince-boy!" *glares at Amu* "And hands off Ikuto-kun!"
Hannah Sharpe "Definitely an interesting sort. I've seen some of the dark things she gets up to… and I need to see more. To understand why she takes such risks with her own soul."
Madoka Kaname "She's got a good heart, that girl. There's steel in there. I like her… I'd be glad to have her as a Squire, that I would."
Riventon "Jerk. Jerk Jerk Jerk Jackwad Jerkity Jerk."
Nanoha Takamachi "A new mage has arrived! And she's... another little kid. Well, at least this one can fight! And she's friendly, too. Fun to have around."
Fate Testarossa "One of Umbra's Kids... and a bit obsessive about her mom. Really, kid, this stuff is dangerous enough as it is."
Ikiko Hisakata "A good kid. And she's in love with a familiar. Well, I've seen stranger."
Ayana "The one Ikiko's in love with. Odd kid, but it's to be expected from a familiar created by a total jerkwad like Riventon. Hope she enjoys her new life."
Minoke Sato "Another young mage in need of tutoring. I'll be glad to help her learn the ropes of this business. And maybe we can do something about that spinal injury... somehow." ("... doesn't hurt that she's kinda cute... and fun to hang out with...")
The Centai Zel / Graustiegritter "The Grey Knights. The hidden blades of the Belkan Empire. They do what needs to be done. I remember loving them like brothers and sisters. … I've never met them."
Jethri yos'Albar "I am."

Common Spells

Name Notes
Panzershiff This basic defense shield is tough, but only covers a small area. Labyrinth Architect's version is much better.
Flicker Shot Forms an array of blue-glowing arrows. A standard blaster-type spell, Mikoto tends to stack these and fire them off in large bursts.
True Flicker Shot The more common Flicker Shot leaves out a component of Jethri's original spell. The complete version is designed for more stealthy employment: Instead of glowing blue arrows, each shot is nearly transparent with a slight iridescence, like a shard of glass dipped in oil and then wiped clean.
Blitzschrecken This spell causes a number of Flicker Shots that have already been cast to coalesce onto Carnwennan's blade, exploding outward once it strikes the target - preferably from within, after a stab delivers the point into the target.
Flakschrecken A more Belkan-style blaster than Flicker Shot, this mana vortex is formed by a swing of the Knight's blade, before being propelled at the target. More powerful but shorter ranged, it cannot be 'stacked' the way Flicker Shot can.
Fliegerblitz A flight spell of common style. Apparently slightly slower than Fate Testarossa's.
Hook Bind A series of Flicker Shots chain together to surround and bind a target.

¹ - This was originally 'Miss Blue', but has been changed to leave the name 'Blue' open for Prism Keeper Blue.