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Corvus (Scenesys ID: -1) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"I have a bad feeling about this...."
Name: Corvus AKA: Corvus-kun, Corvie, Seagull-chan
Gender: Male Theme: (NPC) Miscellaneous
School: N/A Grade: N/A
Clubs: {{{Clubs}}} Age: P. much Hundreds of Years.
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups WPS


Corvus was once a raven, one of four old ancient demigod protectors of some tribe in the Americas long, long ago. Events caused the four to be sealed in tablets, which Corvus reacted too badly given the horrible nature of why this was the case- and his hatred and malice for humans for sealing him grew over the countless years until he met a girl named Haruna Kurosawa during a field trip- whose inner despair woke him up from a long slumber. Tricking the girl into think he could grant a magic wish for his sister back- he made her his 'Witch Priestess' and proceeded to have her steal the souls of the denizens of Tokoyo. Stopped, and sealed- he was still released later by the Dark Kingdom to try to end Tokoyo, and the world. When this failed and he was defeated- he was saved by the girl who he'd tricked an hurt so much after she became a Pretty Cure, ending up her mascot at the behest of Blue, The Guardian Deity of the Blue Skies. Later events would have him turn into a seagull from a raven when he risked his life to save Haruna. He currently helps guide Haruna and her sister Aki as a Mascot, and helps run Gullwing Coffee in his 'human form' when Haruna isn't around or in school. Corvus has a penchant for free online mobile games and computer games and likes playing fighting games with Aki when Haruna is busy working the shop.


Being a Seagull, Eating your fries from your basket at the beach, Playing Video Games, Running Coffee Shops, Not being a horrible demigod bent on destroying all of humanity, Except that one guy who keeps attacking him in this one freemium game? Screw that guy.

Vital Trivia

Height: Seagull Height
Blood Type: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Video Games, French Fries, Coffee, Haruna and Aki, Mascot Poker Nights
Dislikes: Phantom Empire, Terribads, People Calling him Trashbird.
Favorite Food: Your French Fries
Least Favorite Food: His French Fries
Favorite Subject: Himself, Haruna and Aki, Pretty Cures.
Least Favorite Subject: How he stinks at this one game just leave him alone!


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