Dear Miyo Masuko (Naomi Yomada)

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Dear Miyo Masuko (Naomi Yomada)
Date of Cutscene: 24 October 2016
Location: Naomi's bedroom
Synopsis: After getting some pictures of the Elusive Cure Spark, Naomi is throwing down the gauntlet.
Cast of Characters: Naomi Yomada

The sound of the printer whines as it prints out several pictures of Cure Spark. "Are you sure about this Naomi-chan? This isn't just calling out a bully. This is challenging one head of the Trio. You are asking for a serious fight and Oresky won't play fair. You could wind up with a lot more then just Terribads, Kindabads, and The Trio." Lilac is collecting pictures and flying them over to Naomi who is sitting on her bed with a pen and a tablet in front of her. She has the pen in her mouth at the moment as she is lost in thought. Lilac flies over and moves toward her ear. "NAOMI-CHAN!" She shouts causing Naomi to jump sending pictures and her tablet flying all over the room.

"What! What! I'm awake really! I'm here. I'm just trying to think of how I am going to write this. I just want to make sure not to come across as rude with this. Sorry." Naomi looks at Lilac and gives her a hug. "I'm sorry. Yes. We can't just play defense anymore. We need to actually take the fight to them. Maybe then we can actually deal a blow to them that will get them to take us seriously and force them to back off for a bit so we can actually have a little breather." She states as she grabs her tablet.

Lilac frowns but does enjoy the hug. "But Oresky took you for granted before. He didn't expect you to actually be able to hit him with your attack. He's going to be a lot more prepared for you. Plus he might show up with other generals. He could also bring... Phantom." She looks very nervous over that. She begins gathering the pictures up. "Just be safe. If he does show up, run. Don't be a hero. I don't want you to wind up dead."

"I'm planning on it. Its why I asked Sayaka to join in and mentioned Kyouko too." She taps her pen on her head. "This has to be done Lilac. I have to fight. I'm a Pretty Cure. That means its my job to do this. Its our job to do this. Besides, Its not like he is going to unleash a butt load of terribads all over the place right?" She snickers. Then she begins writing...

-=Dear Miyo Masuko,

It is a pleasure to finally meet you, at least in letter form. My name is Cure Spark. I am one of the newer Precures in Tokyo, Japan. I have watched your show a lot and it is always awesome to see the different Magical Girls fighting the good fight and beating back their respective enemies. I have heard that you are a Precure fan from my good friend Cure Gull, so I autographed a few pictures which are included with this letter.

Now I do have a request to make of you. Your show draws attention from Magical girls across the world. I think some of the Phantom Empire may also watch. This is what I am hoping for. I would like for you to relay a message to Oresky of the Phantom Empire. "You have attacked peaceful people and have threatened my home. The last time we met, we started something that we didn't get to finish. In this light, I am challenging you. You claim to be the best of the best. Prove it. I don't think you are. Oresky, I am laughing at your false greatness. You want to change my opinion. Come out and prove it. From what I've seen, all you do is hide behind your monsters. I call you a coward and the least of your associates. I will be waiting for your reply."

Thank you so Masuko-san. I am sorry to ask this of you but its the surest way we can get a message to them. Thank you again and I hope this message finds you very well.

Your friend, Cure Spark=-

Naomi puts the pen down and shows it to Lilac who gives it a quick read. Her jaw just drops. "Naomi-chan, this is really good and very not good. Its going to really get to them if they are watching. Since you are going to go through with this, I am with you. I don't like it but, you're right. Lets go give it to her."

Naomi nods and ruffles Lilac's head. "Lets go." She calls out, "Moms! I'm going for a walk" With that she signs one of her pictures as Cure Spark. Then she quickly puts them in a big envelope along with the letter. She quickly takes the envelope and heads out the door. Hopefully, by morning, Miyo Masuko will find a yellow envelope addressed to her on her window sill.