Desperate Research (Hannah Sharpe)

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Desperate Research (Hannah Sharpe)
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2015
Location: Hannah's Lab
Synopsis: Mamoru is dead. Resurrection works how?
Cast of Characters: Hannah Sharpe
Tinyplot: Consign Me Not to Darkness

Miss White's lab is soaked in more darkness, sadness and desperation than usual, and it's not due to the Familiars and Witch she has contained. Indeed, the creatures are oddly silent. The magical girl's suit is rumpled, still damaged from the previous fight. She'd thrown off her tie a while ago. Even her hairclip is at an odd angle, and her hair oddly disheveled for the CEO.

The experimentation table is covered in dozens of books haphazardly, piles of notes on a laptop while four computers wheeled into the lab hunt through Eclipse records at an astonishing pace. Hannah works frantically, ignoring her physical pain, exhaustion, and her bloodshot eyes. A half-gone bottle of sake is on the table.

The titles and searches are all related.

'Youma-ization of humans'.

'The nature of sealing and manipulating souls'

And one in particular over and over.

'Human Resurrection'

Hannah's knees go weak, and she stumbles, crashing against another table bumped up against a wall. Her hand catches something. A rose, red and long-stemmed. Beside it, the golden urn containing the remains of a man she called family.

Turning the rose in her trembling hands, she runs a finger along it. Wince. A thorn catches her finger. She squeezes harder, the pain forcing her awake despite wanting to pass out, and slowly she gets up.

Putting down the blood stained rose, she turns to the urn.

"...I'm not giving up on you. Not now. Not ever."