Fade (Naomi Yomada)

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Fade (Naomi Yomada)
Date of Cutscene: 17 September 2017
Location: Blue Sky Kingdom
Synopsis: What has been happening with Naomi?
Cast of Characters: Naomi Yomada
Tinyplot: Make a little Wish

Its been a few days since Naomi had been captured. The first night, She was tortured and hit with far more dark energy then she ever thought possible. She fought it with all she was. She was allowed to sleep for a few hours. Only a few. About 3 hours. She was awakened to more dark energy. For the next 20 hours, it was non-stop. She was flooded with darkness. Still she fought. She fought with all she was to keep from letting that darkness take her over. It was a truly valiant effort. A desperate attempt to keep from losing herself.

A few hours of rest is given to her. A few hours that the former Precure simply relishes. She is out cold in seconds. Time passes quickly. Much more quickly then she'd like.

The sound of a chilling voice rings out waking her from her slumber. The voice that has been squirming its way into her head for days now. Queen Mirage is there, sitting beside her. "You are strong. I will give you that. You've lasted longer then I thought you would. Cure Spark, Why do you continue to resist? You are alone. No one is coming for you. Those whom you have fought so hard to protect are here. Captured. You have failed. You aren't even a pretty cure anymore. You're simply my little toy. Your life is in my hands. My little Doll."

Naomi frowns and her eyes begin welling up. "I can't give in. I won't!"

"Curiosity, sparking the fires of creativity..." Queen Mirage smirks Menacingly "Even the brightest spark fades. As does Love, Hope, Happiness. The only things that remain are darkness and misfortune. You know this to be true. You can feel it." She begins pouring more darkness into her. "Even now, that spark is fading. If you will just give in. Accept what you know to be true. You will find that Curiosity and creativity are not all light."

Naomi listens. Her heart breaking. These words are making sense to her and its scaring her. "No..." She whimpers as she attempts to cling to the last thread of hope.

"Blue lied to you. Just as he lied to me. He lied to you. Let you believe that you were some kind of hero. He manipulated you just as he manipulated me. Let me guess, you even felt some sort of love toward him? Towards his other pawns?" The Queen Smirks as she continues flooding Naomi with Darkness.

"Please... I... Believe... Blu..." She tries to stand up only to fall onto the floor. Everything starts going dark... "Queen Mirage.... You.... Are..." The lights go out as she sighs a single word. "... right."

The Queen smiles for once over her handiwork. "That's right. I am right. Its time for you to share the truth with the rest of Blue's pawns," She states as she gently touches the unconscious girl's face, "My little doll."