Hospital Ruminations (Mikoto Nakajima)

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Hospital Ruminations (Mikoto Nakajima)
Date of Cutscene: 20 October 2015
Location: Mitakihara General Hospital
Synopsis: Tessen chews over what she just told Madoka.
Cast of Characters: Mikoto Nakajima

As the sun sets over Mitakihara, a slender figure in blue settles onto the roof of the hospital, perched on the edge with no mind to the height she might fall from.

What were you thinking, encouraging her like that?

It was so straightforward. Automatic. Like she'd done it a million times before.

The girl had power, potential. That was clear. She practically gleamed, to those whose senses tended to the mystic.

She had spirit, she had heart. That was obvious, the way she'd gone after the monster, risking everything even without powers.

You had to save her. She could've died.

But she survived. Injured, but lightly. She'll recover. She'll learn from it.

And you praised her for it. Encouraged her. She's not a recruit! She's just a kid!

Skill was really the only thing she lacked. And skill can be taught.

It's not like you have a spare Device to give her.

That can be corrected.

Good luck.

In a flutter of cloth, her cape caught in the wind, the figure pushes off from her seat to plummet to the ground, far below. She lands neatly, silently, on the sidewalk. Then steps into an alley and vanishes from sight.