Interruption of Death/The First Step Into a New (Dark) World (Seth Locke)

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Interruption of Death/The First Step Into a New (Dark) World (Seth Locke)
Date of Cutscene: 26 March 2017
Location: Mitakihara General Hospital
Synopsis: Seth is in the final hours of his life, and a timely intervention of his father and older brother brings about a miraculous recovery...

Or does it?

Cast of Characters: Seth Locke

During a fateful night...

On a hospital bed in the Cardiology Ward of Mitakihara General, Seth lies sleeping; sensors are attached to him, and in turn these connect to monitors, keeping a constant update on the delicate condition he's going through: a heart condition that's slowly killing him.

That's the official version, at least – in reality, the truth is that over a decade ago, he was poisoned. A slow-acting poison attacking his heart, to prevent his father from leaving Eclipse and set back years of research on the project he's been working on.

And now, the Director of the Project, and Seth's father, Herbert Locke, was leaning over his son, watching him sleep a restless sleep. It had been quite a while since he last saw him, buried in his work – and find an attempt to save him.

The boy's eyes opened, if only for a moment; it was enough to find two silhouettes with his blurry sight. “D... Dad...?”, the boy's voice came out almost like a hum, the result of multiple drugs pumped into his system. “What... have you... done...?”

Herbert looks between Seth and his elder brother, Daniel, who remained at the feet of the bed.

“We knew he would learn eventually, no matter the efforts to keep it from him”, Daniel shrugs. “Partly, the predicament set upon his shoulders was factor to contribute for him to remain alive for so long.”

Herbert shoots a displeased look to his eldest, but ultimately he has to agree. “Yes”, he says. “It is such a cruel irony.” Resting a hand upon his son's head, his resolve almost seems to crack.


“But, I won't stand for it any longer”, he says. “A father's duty is to his children, and my son needs my help.” He looks back to Daniel again, “Are you ready?”

“Yes”, the elegant twenty-something replies. “I've made all the preparations.”

“Good.” Herbert looks back to his sick son. He reaches for a briefcase at his side, and proceeds to open it.

“Is... Amy... alright...?”, Seth's speech remains slurred, but sounds more determined. “You... need to... get her...”

“Seth...”, Herbert replies, producing a syringe with a silver coating. “Please... forgive me.”

Worn out from all this ordeal, Seth was unable to move as the syringe came in a dive by his father's hand, and plunged into his chest.

And, in that final moment, he recalled the vision described to him by the mysterious miko from the Hikawa Shrine – two doctors...

And everything went black.

Pain. Like liquid fire, washing away through veins. Like hands squeezing the air out of his lungs. Like being underwater, and fighting to reach the lit surface – a surface that never seems to arrive.

He swimmed (floated) towards the light. What was that sound? A voice? A woman, singing? And he remembered!


The light seemed to gain a human form. (An Angel?) It reached out an arm to him.

(Come to me... It's time.)

His heart pounded in his chest, resonating through the darkness like it was some chamber.

(No. It can't be...)

Then, just as the surface is at hand, the lit watery ceiling begins to fade.

(Run! Run towards the light!)

Darkness. Darkness all around. And a roaring, thundering sound, from below.


And out of that mirky depth, something stirs; darkness comes to life, wraps around him, and squeezes and drags him into itself...

He woke up screaming, grabbing onto his chest, to find out it wasn't night anymore, but mid-afternoon. His father was nowhere to be found, nor was Daniel. He was surprised to learn from the nurse he had entered a coma during the night...

And in the afternoon, he was out of the hospital on a recovery discharge.

'Too soon', he thought. 'Something happened.'

When his sister arrived to greet him, it was a tearful reunion – for her, anyways. Seth felt more intrigued about the events that had unfolded the night before than he felt happy about being back.

As he left Mitakihara General behind, he looked back to the building, a faint frown coming to his face. All his time there, all his time before then, strangely felt like a dream.

And he had just woken up.

He stopped, confused, uncertain of what he should do. But he quickly came to the realization it didn't matter - not right now, anyways. All he wanted right now was to get back home...