Into the Depths (Makio Ryu)

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Into the Depths (Makio Ryu)
Date of Cutscene: 20 September 2017
Location: Uminari Sea Park
Synopsis: Something very unusual occurs as Makio tries to head home from the sea park one night.
Cast of Characters: Makio Ryu

"It's time for closing Ryu-san," the voice of one of the staff notes as Makio's eyes suddenly shift up, away from the tank he was watching so intently. His hands, that are nearly touching the glass wall, slide down to his side.

"Ok, I've just gotta go get my bag," the blunette responds as he fully turns away from the fish that'd held his attention. With the man from staff leaving the area to take care of some closing duties, the teenage boy moves to do just what he said…

And that was when something in the world shifted. Something felt…WRONG… Something….

Makio's visible eye stares blankly at nothing before he turns back toward the tank. At first the boy looks as though he's looking for some lost thing. Possibly he was looking for a sound he couldn't track down the source of. Whatever is driving him, he quickly seems to be less and less mentally present, eventually making his way to the access for the tank in an almost zombie like way. Slowly he trudges upward, getting closer and closer to the way into the tank.

Suddenly there's black…

Disjointed flashes.…

Makio's body violently slams into the water below. His form moving in such a way that it's hard to tell if he jumped with far more force than his current state seemed like it could offer, or if someone else attacked him. His body sinks into the depths, his eyes still showing at least minor awareness though he gives no reaction. No struggle, no attempts to breathe in, no shock.

Water...water.…water getting darker…shining flashes within the darkness…colors within the darkness…

Makio sees the fish. Makio reaches forward, as if trying to pet over one of their scaled bodies.

Violent flashes between dark and light…

Water! Blood! Water! Blood! Water! BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!

Pieces of fish are floating about where entire fish were…and then the darkness takes over.


Makio finds himself waking up in bed, in different clothing. He tries to shake the grogginess off as he sits himself up at the edge. Just as he manages to get the rest of the way to his feet, he spots a note on his door. His face curls up in confusion as he reads over it.

"Makio, we aren't sure what happened last night. The staff found you floating in one of the tanks and all the fish were dead. Nothing was found wrong with your health despite you having been found in such a state. The park's security tried to view footage of what happened, but the cameras didn't catch anything. If you remember anything, you need to speak with the authorities."

He frowns deeply. The fish were dead? He named some of those fish! Yeah, sure, it wasn't like a pet he got to keep at home, but it was still a little upsetting. He pauses, staring at nothing again as he lowers the letter. "What even happened?" he asks himself, "I can't remember anything but-…" He cuts off as he rubs at one of his temples. Those flashes fly through his mind again.

He gives a little shiver before suddenly having a coughing fit. His eye goes HUGELY wide as he stares down at the hand he'd coughed in. His body shudders and he backs away from the door, FLUMPFING back into sitting position on the bed, not having expected to back into it…

He was coughing up fish bones.