Let It Snow (Mikoto Nakajima)

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Let It Snow (Mikoto Nakajima)
Date of Cutscene: 08 January 2016
Location: Nakaima Industries Warehouse, Uminari City
Synopsis: Mikoto lets it all out.
Cast of Characters: Mikoto Nakajima

Uminari City: Nakajima Industries Warehouse: Late Evening

(BGM: Let It Snow)

She isn't quite sure how she managed to hold up the facade of cold professionalism through the meeting with the Admiral. Somehow, she managed not to scream when the subject of that damn cat came up.

She'd spent half the night before combing the city for him, and the other half gathering up the personal items she'd picked out of the Arthra wreckage so far. By this point she was running on coffee and sheer unwillingness to stop moving.

Another circuit of the city was as fruitless as the last.

Finally, she couldn't hold it in any more. She spent her rage on a looming chunk of hull, slamming her fists into the unyielding metal until her knuckles were bleeding and raw from the pounding. The warehouse echoed with the impacts, and the screamed-out Belkan curses that spilled from her in a torrent.

Finally, she found herself on the warehouse roof, not quite sure how or why she'd gotten there. The revolver-like cylinder embedded in Carnwennan's hilt slammed through its millennia-unused cycle once, twice, three times, resounding like gunshots as cartridges of compressed mana were fed into the Device. With a wordless scream she slashed at the heavens, unleashing a single massive vortex of energy into the cloud-shrouded sky.

Spent at last, she collapsed to her knees, the sword tumbling from her hand to clatter on the roof beside her. Her voice ragged and creaky from abuse and most definitely in the key of off, she began to sing, flakes of white falling to mingle with the tears on her cheeks.

So, since we've no place to go,
Let it snow,
Let it snow,
Let it snow.