Mistral Durand

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Mistral Durand (Scenesys ID: 246) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
To save lives by blade or by salve. I am Guardian Mist.
Name: Mistral Durand AKA: Guardian Mist
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Guardian Princess Runealy
School: Infinity Grade: 10
Clubs: Fencing Age: 16
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


A former bandit gang's healer, unaware that it was also a recruiting effort headed by a demon. When Mistral discovered this, she did everything in her power to try and stop the demon that had been the bandit leader earlier in the day. She barely survived, but bought enough time for the Princess to arrive and actually save everyone. Deeply repentent now, she's taken a rather sharp 180 and will do everything in her power to protect and heal with her ultimate goal to become a doctor, aided by this world's medicine and magic blended together. There's an almost insatiable hunger to learn more, to push herself harder and to do it all without complaint which has resulted in sleepless nights and marathon sessions until she's passed out. She's learning to slowly temper that, but it's slow going when you're trying to redeem yourself. Coming across as distant, her bedside manner definitely needs work, though at least in her case actions speak louder than words. There are some remaining vestiges of her life before, whether it be hiding away things she finds valuable, lies and a hobby of practicing lock picking. She certainly has a few odd outlooks on day to day life as well, nevermind the culture shock of being in a whole new world with all new... everything. A quick study, if she can learn to relax she'll settle in eventually. Hopefully.


Fencing (Both kinds), Pick Pocketing, Armed Robbery, Sewing, Home Medicine, Alchemy, Dishonorable, I'm a hero now I swear, Actually Trustworthy, Hard Working.

Vital Trivia

Height: N/A
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: April 29th
Likes: Fencing, Textbooks, the TV Thing, Lockpicking (It's just a hobby now! Honest!) Science Journals
Dislikes: Demons
Favorite Food: Apples. Anything with apples.
Least Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite Subject: Biology
Least Favorite Subject: N/A


Title Date Scene Summary
The Silver Snow Falls August 10th, 2019 Requiem reveals herself as not just an antagonist, but a villain as she creates magical snowfall at Roaring Bayside Theme Park and begins draining the energy of it's attendees. Luckily Runealy and Mistral are there to ensure her evil plot won't go unpunished. A difficult and tiring battle ensues, but Requiem is driven off before her task is even half complete.
By Blade or By Salve: I am Guardian Mist August 4th, 2019 Mistral Durand has spent some time on Earth, and remains firm in her desire to become a Guardian Knight. Ready to take the Oath, Mist joins her peers!
Abrupt Acquaintance July 30th, 2019 Cecelia and Mistral are both at clover tower when they run into the other Waldian. Literally.
Mistral Meets (a) Fate July 29th, 2019 Fate meets the new girl at the Waldians Home.
Mist Rolls In July 28th, 2019 Mistral Durand arrives on Earth, being met by her princess and a potential future peer!


Title Date Scene Summary
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