Moonlight Improvisation (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Moonlight Improvisation (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2015
Location: Mamoru's Apartment Complex
Synopsis: Following Mamoru's death, Ikuto has an epiphany. It's not a good one.
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi

~ Life, confused as this young thing shuddered at the look of Death, asked, "Death... why do people fear you, but cling to me?" ~

~ Death responded, "Because they have known you, they have grown with you. But me... they have only heard of me, seen me only when the ones they loved disappeared in my embrace. Though you are harder on them, making them push just to get so little they still fear me... But no matter how much they fear me when the time comes, I accept them with open arms as if we were old friends." ~

Moonlight Improvisation - Vadim Kiselev

        The sound of a violin filled the air near the place where Mamoru Chiba had once lived.  It wasn't happy music; with Ikuto it rarely was.  He so rarely had reason to play anything happy.  And this certainly wasn't a situation that called for happy music.

        Of course Ikuto had heard about it.

        He didn't know the guy very well.  But it's always upsetting to hear that a fellow student, even if it's not at your school, has died.  More than that.  It was someone who'd offered Ikuto help.

        And now he wasn't around anymore.

        That was why Ikuto never relied on anyone else.  People who try to save others... this is how they end up.  They give until they can't give any more.  Then they die because they didn't keep any strength for themselves.  Used up and thrown away.  And that made an uncomfortable realization hit home.  And it hit hard.

        ('This will be Tadase one day.')

        The music came to an abrupt halt, with a squeal of strings.  Yoru, sitting on the edge of the building with downcast eyes, turned abruptly to see what the source of the problem was.  "Ikuto?"

        The boy said nothing.

        He stood at the edge of the roof, looking out over the city.  He knew it was true.  Tadase would just give, and give, and give of himself... until what?  He'd end up just like Mamoru.  Dead.  Used up and thrown away.

        It was about then that all Ikuto's carefully-crafted plans fell apart.

        He couldn't ask Tadase to do this.  Or Amu, or Mikoto, or anyone else.  He couldn't ask them to solve his problems.  Easter was Ikuto's problem.  Not theirs.  If he expected them to do anything about it, he'd be just as guilty as anyone else of using up the finite resource known as 'friends'.

        Ikuto frowned darkly.  Then he began to put his violin away, movements stilted, a barely-contained rage there.  He closed the violin case, probably a little harder than he needed to.  A pause... and then he took out his phone.

        Months ago, it felt like forever, Mamoru had put his number into Ikuto's phone.  Call him, he said, if he needed help.

        Not much good keeping it in there now, was it?

        Ikuto navigated to the number in his phone.  But he found himself hesitating before deleting it.

        ('Why?  He's dead.  He can't help you, and you can't help him.')


        Number deleted, his phone proclaimed.

        Then he turned to look up at Yoru as he put his phone away.  "Let's go."

        Yoru was concerned.  He'd never seen Ikuto like this before.  But before he could ask about it, cat ears and tail appeared on the boy, and he was leaping away from the roof.  Quickly Yoru flew to catch up.  "Ikuto!  Ikuto, wait up-nya!"