Nanashi, Birth of One With No Name. (Hoshiyomi no Mikoto)

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Nanashi, Birth of One With No Name. (Hoshiyomi no Mikoto)
Date of Cutscene: 04 September 2015
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Hoshiyomi begins setting plans into motion and starts by creating the being he will act through in the future.
Cast of Characters: Hoshiyomi no Mikoto

It was a dark room, or was it even a room at all? There was light, off in the distance, a very terrible light, pulsing as if something were beating upon it. It had become a familiar sight over the long years; a mental representation of the seal place on a great evil from long ago. A seal he intended to tear open. But for now, for now the ancient being needed something that could move for him, to do the work that needed to be done without revealng himself to those that would try to stop him.

So he stood before a a suit of leather and a featureless white mask. It would serve as the basis for his new servent. Eyes close, a sharp breath is taken in, and then his hand moves, a surge of magic flowing through him, the ritual beginning.

"Earth to form and strengthen," he chanted, voice low and even. A sphere of swirling dirt and stone forming in front of his hand. A single movement, as if the elemental matter were seized by him, and he moved it level with the waist of the armor. There it floated while his hand moved up, and to the left, in line with the armor's arm.

"Water to flow and adapt," he continued, a sphere of water surging into existence before his hand like waves crashing against the shore before settling to stillness, the earth below growing damp and fertile. Fixing it in place, his hand moved to the side until it rested in front of the armor's other arm.

"Fire to drive conviction and purpose," he said, as a spark flashed before his hand, casting the immediate area in a crimson hue as fire burst to life in front of him. The heat warming the earth below and causing the water beside to flow. With that, his hand moved up, resting before the mask above the armor.

"Wind to embed thought and experience," he bellowed out, the whistle of wind blowing through sounding around him as his hair blew in the breeze. Fire flickered, water surged as waves, and the earth shifted. His hand moved once more, coming to rest at the intersection of the four elemental forces.

"And from the Void, spirit and creative impulse," He shouted, the darkness growing all-consuming in the space before his hand, a thin blue halo of light forming around that empty blackness, swirling deep into its center endlessly. The four elemental forces around it pulsed, tugged ceaselessly toward that center point.

From the four points, the elements surged forth, crashing into that center, tumbling into the endless Void from which all comes. A pulsing surge of light filled the area, he reached out to it, grasping that single point. His hand shook, a surge of magic flowed through him and when next his hand opened, what looked as a steady blue flame, casting a cool light, burned in his hand. "And from the five," he said, hand thrusting forward, slamming the flame into the chest of the armor, "a soul and new life are born!" The very air around him cried out with the birth pains of the world, the ground shaking as new life began. And when all settled, before him, on knees and slowly looking up, an unnaturally thin figure in leather armor with a featureless mask looked up to him.

He reached out, offering a hand to the figure, looming before it lit by the light of the seal behind him. "You are born, my nameless soldier," he said, as the figure took his hand. Helping it up he turned and motioned for it to follow him. "Now come, I will explain the purpose for which you exist. There is much work to be done." He walked off into the darkness. The soft sounds of his creation walking close behind him only just able to be heard.