Hoshiyomi no Mikoto

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Hoshiyomi no Mikoto (Scenesys ID: 100) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"I will defy destiny."
Name: Hoshiyomi no Mikoto AKA: Ichiro Sakamoto
Gender: Male Theme: (OC) Akai Ito Samurai Girl
School: Verone Academy Grade: 11
Clubs: Kendo Club Age: Ancient (At least 500)
Factional Information
Faction: The Obsidian Pact Groups N/A


An ancient kirin that was elevated to the divine position of a kami at some point in Japan's past. The last living member of the Guardians of the Gate of Dreams, who, after the betrayal of Akashimaru, devoted his life to the protection of the seal on the Eater of Dreams. However, centuries of allowing the pain of betrayal by his best friend and the sorrow of death of the priestess Renge whom he loved to fester in his soul, coupled with seeing the very worst that human nature can offer, has turned this once just and noble being into a bitter and jaded soul. Driven by his sorrows, Hoshiyomi now seeks to fully destroy the very seal he swore to protect and bring about the end of all things. For what purpose? Perhaps to cleanse the world of humanity, or perhaps to end his own suffering.


Affably Evil; Astrologer; Attack Animal; Combat Pragmatist; Elemental Powers; Dangerously Genre Savvy; Evil Former Friend; Fallen Hero; Knight of Cerebus; Master Swordsman; No-Nonsense Nemesis; The Unfettered; Tragic Villain; Warrior Poet; Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.

Vital Trivia

Height: Hoshiyomi: 210cm (6'10), Ichiro: 178cm (5'10)
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Renge, Akashimaru, the Gaurdians of the Gate of Dreams, poetry, Noh theatre, history, stargazing.
Dislikes: Himself, Akashimaru, betrayal, humanity, needless suffering, all things evil.
Favorite Food: Kaiseki ryori
Least Favorite Food: Most modern foods
Favorite Subject: No particular favorite
Least Favorite Subject: No particular least favorite


Title Date Scene Summary
Fabulous Fall Fanciness September 27th, 2015 High school fancy-dress dance. Fun! Drama! Pretty clothing! Romance! Angst! Dancing! Spiked punch.

(From the ad: Several of the Three Wards' clothing and dress shops have come together, and have made a huge announcement: this week, they will be throwing what they intend to be the 'fanciest fall dance' for the various students of the area. The Verone Academy principal has generously granted the use of Verone's massive auditorium, but students from any of the schools in the area are welcome to attend! Put on your fanciest dress or snappiest suit, and join us for a night of fancy fun!)

Bamboo Nightmare September 4th, 2015 Seishi deals with nightmares in her own way.
Potential August 25th, 2015 Ichiro Sakamoto finds Seishi staying late after kendo club practice, getting in some extra training.
Night of the Lepus August 18th, 2015 You really shouldn't pet evil nightmare bunnies. Bunnaculas!?


Title Date Scene Summary
Nanashi, Birth of One With No Name. (Hoshiyomi no Mikoto) September 4th, 2015 Hoshiyomi begins setting plans into motion and starts by creating the being he will act through in the future.