Nebulous (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Nebulous (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 26 August 2015
Location: Somewhere In the City
Synopsis: Ikuto is still on the hunt for the Embryo. But this time someone's watching him...
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi


(BGM: Nebulous - Taylor Davis)

        So bright and happy.  So full of hope.  He wanted to help everyone, the boy said.  Not just medically.  He wanted to help the sick, help the poor, help the sad and lonely—everyone that needed a hand.  That was a wonderful dream, his mother said.  There weren’t enough people in this world that wanted to help people just for the sake of helping them.

        Indeed, it was a wonderful dream.

        ...Magical perhaps?  This child’s heart’s egg could even be the Embryo he’d been searching so long and hard for.  The thing that would free him from Easter’s control forever, and let him find his father.  So of course Ikuto has to find out.  Ikuto finds the boy exiting an ice cream shoppe.  Violin in hand, Ikuto’s ears and tail appear... and he begins to play his violin.

        Sad, lonely, hopeless.  And it has the expected effect.  The heart’s egg floats out of the boy’s chest-- black as tar, with a white ‘X’ on it. Yoru quickly zooms down and takes possession of the egg, carrying it back up to the violin-playing catboy on the roof of a building.  Ikuto stops playing, to look at the egg he now holds.  He realizes what it is immediately.

        ...An X-Egg.  It’s like any other X-Egg, nothing special about it.  This can’t be it.

        Another failure.  Would he ever find the Embryo?  Or would he be Easter’s ‘pet cat’ forever?  Would he never find his father?  Because surely his father would straighten all this out.  But Ikuto would have to find him first...

        The thought of never being able to free himself from Easter, never being able to find his father, brings a surge of rage from Ikuto.  And the X-Egg in his hand suffers the brunt of it, shattering into glitter and shards that vanish into thin air, disappearing from between his fingers.  He looks down at the streets below, watching the people mill about the streets.  The cat ears and tail disappear, as he no longer needs them.  For the moment he appears lost in thought.

        A quiet round of applause from a single set of hands startles Ikuto out of his thoughts, and his head tilts up slightly.  He doesn’t bother looking back though; the chuckle and the voice is enough to tell him who it is.  And he silently curses his luck.  “Very good~,” comes the male voice, with false lightness.

        Ikuto is having none of it.  “...What do you want, Nikaidou.”  Hard to tell if that’s even a question.  But it does not sound as though Ikuto is very pleased to see him, either way.

        The man behind Ikuto on the roof is a tall, slim man in his twenties, with messy red hair that’s almost orange.  He’s in what’s popularly known as ‘business casual’.  “So... you and Utau have the same talent.  But I suppose it makes sense, given the circumstances.”  Ikuto says nothing.  The man in the business suit frowns a bit at that, but forges on, “More importantly... what do you think the director’s going to say when he finds out you kept this from him?”

        Ikuto draws in a breath through his teeth, eyes widening.  The frown on Yuu’s face turns immediately into a smirk.  Bingo.  Right in the tenders.  Though that’s the only outward sign from either of their emotional state—Ikuto's discomfiture and Nikaidou's smugness.  And a moment later, both of their countenances return to normal.  Ikuto says nothing, finally turning to put his violin back in its case.

        Nikaidou verbally prods Ikuto again.  “You know he’s not going to be pleased you didn’t tell him, don’t you?”

        Ikuto doesn’t speak until he’d latched the white case of his violin closed.  “...I don’t care,” he says flatly, standing up and shouldering the case by its strap.  “You’ll tell him.  Nothing I say will stop you.  So get to the point.  What do you want?”

        Yuu stands straight from where he’d been leaning next to the roof access door.  “I just came to see if you had any last words.”  He turns to the door.  “I guess not.”  With that he exits the roof via the door.

        Despite all his bluster, Ikuto knows the Director won’t kill him.  No, the Director needs him too much.  None of the others can dispose of X-Eggs, so a ‘janitor’ is still needed.

        ...Of course, that doesn’t mean the Director won’t make Ikuto wish he was dead...