Priorities (Taskashi Agera)

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Priorities (Taskashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 24 February 2017
Location: UMBRA HQ, Riventon's Lab
Synopsis: With all that's happened to him recently, Takashi Agera goes back to prioritize what he knows best.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera, Mirai Chiba, Sailor Earth
Tinyplot: Sailor Earth

In the almost choking darkness of Riventon's lab, he stands - as Takashi Agera - in front of a chair. In that chair is a girl with long black hair and around it is several pieces of magitech machinery, providing a diagnostic feed.

"I'm even greater than I thought I was. You've been managing to subsist without deterioration for all this time. Just off stolen energy. Fantastic." There's a sort of smile on Takashi's face, but it's substantially more prideful and wicked than happy. "Just as realized and sane as when your eyes first opened. So have you managed to keep in contact with them?"

The girl shakes her head - standing up and stretching, turning to look back at Takashi. It's Sailor Earth, or 'Mamoru Chiba', or more accurately, Takashi's Nullheart. "No, it's almost impossible to think with all of them around. There are so many memories. More than one lifetime of memories. Chiba is the worst, but Tsukino isn't much better - they've got some sort of connection. All the guys with rock names have a small connection too. It's too much, it overloads me. I've had to follow them at a distance and take in what I can." She walks around the lab for a moment. "We really should go to the Moon. And the North Pole. You should bring equipment. I mean, now that you don't have to worry about upsetting one of them."

That earns her a glare from Takashi. But he doesn't dispute it at first. "Well, if she's not going to keep me at the front of her list I see no reason to do so for her. Besides, I've lost sight of some important things - some very important truths - I'm behind schedule now. Need to get back to work if I'm going to be ready when she is."

Sailor Earth doesn't appear to be listening too terribly hard, but she does lean in a bit, hands on her hips. "So this means I can go beat them up now, right? I can stop with this boring stuff?" She looks like the idea of getting into the mix with the Senshi and Shitennou is a delicious cake she's been watching but not eating.

"Not directly, but you can leave the shadows now, after I get some information from you. I need energy to finish this up, anyways. A lot of energy. The plan is, by the time they put all the pieces from your puzzle together, it'll be too late - and I'll be too far along." There's a grin there, as he turns. "Keep me informed."

Sailor Earth gives a light bow and then walks out of the lab, leaving Takashi alone. As he starts to wheel the equipment away, out of the corner of his eye, he spots a rather large, blue teddy bear wearing a sailor fuku, slumped in a chair, and to Takashi, looking somewhat disapprovingly at him. It's the bear Ami had given him still in the chair where he threw it when he came back to the lab.

"What are you looking at. I tried to make it work. I even put my experiments on hold. I've probably been set back six months! Six months!" Takashi is outright shouting at the stuffed animal. "And I didn't complain about that, but it wasn't good enough either. Because I tried to hug her. Because I tried to hold her. Because I tried to treat her like she was my girlfriend, and somehow the fact that she's unable to handle that makes it MY FAULT? She could've asked for my help, I could've fixed the admissions issue, but instead she just called the way I do things cheating?!" And during this Takashi's got the poor inanimate bear by the arm, shaking it about as Dark Energy is so concentrated in his hand it drips to the floor in viscous globs. "She could get in next year but there's only one of me, but my feelings don't MATTER!?" Another shake. "I'm supposed to just wait patiently and hug a damned STUFFED ANIMAL INSTEAD OF MY GIRLFRIEND?!" And that's when he stops, and looks at the bear.

Then he sets it back down in the chair.

"I just screamed my head off at a stuffed animal." he notes to nobody in a rare moment of self reflection. "...maybe Dark Energy can make you go crazy. Or maybe I'm just really upset." He sighs, and walks for a door in the back of his lab, using a keycode to get in, where he looks at an utterly massive tangle of wires, dark crystals, and Midchildan machinery, all connected to a single steel cylinder in the back room. There's a window in the cylinder, and Takashi walks over, pressing his hand against it. "It's okay. It's going to be alright. Soon you'll be ready and it won't matter anymore." Then he checks a few readouts that print in strange Belkan runes and turns to walk out of that room again, slumping and sighing for just a moment before straightening himself out and closing that door.