Pyrne Mikhael

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Pyrne Mikhael (Scenesys ID: 232) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"...You're really going to try to sweet talk me, when I've already hit rock bottom? ...I know what you are... you know what I want... just do it."
Name: Pyrne Mihael AKA: Pyrne the Thorn
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Guardian Princess Runealy
School: Infinity University Grade: 9
Clubs: Agricultural Club Age: 15
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Pyrne Mikhael and her sister both lived a hard life, taken from their parents and a wedge driven between them led to have an overall unpleasant early childhood. This culminated in a fight where Pyrne's sister was injured, and both were thrown out. In a moment of desperation and apathy, Pyrne contracted with a Demon. Now a ball of resentment and desperation, Pyrne the Thorn was sent to earth to destroy the Waldians. Agricultural talents were twisted into dark plant magic, along with a threshing flail. Mixing the two Pyrne has a very aggressive fighting style mixing traps and relentless attacks.


Green Thumb until the plants die, hates everything, but likes gardening, stranger in a strange land, doesn't want to be your friend, doesn't really want to be your enemy. Wishy-washy. Best and worst gardener in one. What do you mean the garden isn't supposed to be full of weeds?! Flailing about. Where did that mushroom come from??? REALLY likes mushrooms. Like. A lot.

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'11"(Pyrne) 6' (Thorn)
Blood Type: A-
Birthday: March 18th, 2003
Likes: Her sister, plants, gardening.
Dislikes: Everything else
Favorite Food: Stew
Least Favorite Food: Fancy foods
Favorite Subject: None
Least Favorite Subject: All of them


Title Date Scene Summary
Those Who Remained November 4th, 2018 A continuation of Trouble in the barrier Garden, wherein the two who stayed behind fight further and also escape!
Trouble in the Barrier Garden! November 3rd, 2018 Runealy, Gaofele, Akari, Jiaying, and Tyrfing go to investigate a garden! They encounter The Thorn and learn some information before they're forced to flee! ... Except for Jiaying and Akari... what will be their fate?!


Title Date Scene Summary
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