Recovery and Realization (Kazue Yamamoto)

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Recovery and Realization (Kazue Yamamoto)
Date of Cutscene: 21 October 2015
Location: Kazue Household
Cast of Characters: Kazue Yamamoto

Kazue gasps as she abruptly breaks free from the clutches of her own weariness. She instinctually feels at the wound on her arm, feeling the gauze tightly covering it, and quickly looks in front of her to see that she is in the local hospital. A faint grunt is heard on her left, but before she can react, Kazue is under attack once again!

Kazue's parents exclaim her name in unison, almost suffocating her in a tight embrace as they awaken to greet their daughter. With a sigh of relief and tears in her eyes, Kazue struggles to match their hug's intensity as she begins to register what feels to be new injuries on top of her old ones. Kazue is retrospectively astonished at her luck for only getting grazed by the Puella Mercenary's attacks, but she must have left her feet out a bit during the explosion, because she can't seem to feel either of them...

As the hug beguns to wind down, Kazue wipes the tears off of her face and tries to sit up on the bed as her parents take their seats once again by her bed.

"What happened?" Kazue asks shakily, hoping desparately to hear good news... Considering the circumstances. "You got cought up in an explosion at the Harbour," Kazue's mother replies, now holding tightly to Kazue's hand. "Some witnesses called the authorities.. you were one of the first people to be rescued, along with another girl." Kazue can only hope Cure Boost was able to survive after setting up defences for her allies. A sigh of relief leaves her mouth as she tries to hide her worry.

"The doctor said you'll get released soon." Kazue's father is looking down, rubbing the stubble on his face as he explains. "'Said there might have been some dangerous chemicals in that explosion, but not to worry. The real question is..." he glances up to meet her daughter's eyes staring pensively. "What were you doing in the Harbour?"

"I-I--My friend wanted to show me something on the beach." Kazue stammers, trying to come up with an answer. "It's a special place for her and she just wanted me to see it, but... I never got to meet with her."

After a good three seconds of the two staring eachother down, Kazue's father smirks and ruffles his daughter's hair. "Don't worry about it. You're lucky to be alive, kid, so just stay put and get some rest." With a grin, Junpei Yamamoto turns nonchalantly to his wife Kaori. She's already starting to nod off again. They must have been waiting for a while for her to wake up. Almost on cue, a nurse opens a door to Kazue's right and tells her parents that visiting hours are over. "Kazue-chan, have a good rest; we'll see you tomorrow." she says, standing up and drowsily following her husband as they take their leave. "I'll see if I can get the name of that other survivor. Hang in there, Kazue!" Her father reassures as he is ushered out the door.

Everyone says their goodbyes and their I love yous and the two leave the room... Kazue smiles to her parents as the door closes and looks out a nearby window in the silence of their departure. Darkness.. She checks the silver shackle around her thumb and her smile goes from an earnest display of affection to a grimace extending a thousand yards. Black tendrils almost totally cover what little is left of the pale green of her Soul Gem. Kazue feels an odd stoicism overtake her as she is dragged back into what she hopes is the realm of dreams.