Kazue Yamamoto

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Kazue Yamamoto (Scenesys ID: 111) (ACTIVE?: No)
"Choose the easy path or the hard one, but expect obstacles either way."
Name: Kazue Yamamoto AKA: Puella Magi Kazue, "The Virtuoso"
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
School: Infinity University Grade: 8
Clubs: Music Age: 14
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


During school, Kazue is the same humble girl everyone knew before she became a minor celebrity, doing her work well enough and always willing to show off her techniques. One thing has changed, however, and that is the fan-mail and interview requests she receives every few days, all of which she has been seen dumping into the trash without a moment's notice. At the moment, not much is actually motivating her to fight other than the basic needs of a Puella Magi, but her old passion for music, seems to have spilled over into her new job. Kazue has begun her duties as a Puella Magi, and is growing wary of the encroaching taint that has accumulated in her week of idleness. She has been listening for leads to new targets zealously from the moment she travels to school until deep into the night with the use of her sound manipulation abilities. Kazue has developed a new sense of confidence-- or is it recklessness?-- after making her wish, and she is determined to fight with the speed and intensity of 1000 beats per minute.


Can play by ear with perfect accuracy. Also has perfect sight-reading. This applies to any acoustic instrument and it's electronic derivatives.

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'3
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: N/A
Likes: Alternative rock/metal, Jazz, Live musical performances, Pink Floyd
Dislikes: Insincerity, Her wish, Meat grinders
Favorite Food: Undecided...
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant, ground meat
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math


Title Date Scene Summary
Royal Invitation October 24th, 2015 Runealy invites Kazue to meet her at a familiar restaurant, where the two get to know eachother better.
Something Wicked... October 23rd, 2015 A Witch attacks Mitakihara, but something is different about this one.
Repaying Debts Part 1 October 11th, 2015 Miss White repays debts to Eclipse. By dumping hazardous chemicals illegally. The guardians of tokyo intervene. Cure Gull is Captain Planet.
Minimart Meeting September 19th, 2015 Kazue stops by Kyouko's job and the two have a brief conversation.
A Twist of Peppermint September 17th, 2015 Kazue learns that her wish is a bum deal and that she has to fight Witches to survive. Cure Gull gets mistaken for a Witch! But helps her new friend obtain thier first Grief Seed!


Title Date Scene Summary
Recovery and Realization (Kazue Yamamoto) October 21st, 2015 {{{Synopsis}}}


Kazue is the daughter of Junpei and Kaori Yamamoto, an up-and-coming couple in the jazz music industry. She quickly gained an interest in inheriting her family's musical legacy since the day she began piano lessons at age 6. It was during her early teenage years, however, when she began to truly focus on music, especially the guitar. Her parents were overjoyed by her interest, and sent her to a private instructor. Inspired by her teacher's wisdom, Kazue dreamed of becoming a famous performer and rising through the ranks like her parents. She entered a professional contest, full of energy and optimism, but she suddenly realized that she had never performed in front of thousands of strangers before. She went into a nervous breakdown and locked herself in a dressing room moments before her performance. Suddenly, she storms out and, Instead of playing a simplified verse of Paul Gilbert's Technichal Difficulties with her instructor, she played the whole thing. In the days to follow, she began sight-reading multiple technical pieces with perfect accuracy and became well-known on the Internet for doing requests for strangers. It has been a week since her performance, and she has begun to keep to herself once again, declining all interview requests and trying to allow her fame to die down.

Physical Appearance

Kazue's face is draped on both sides by a dome of wispy emerald hair, ending in points below her chin. Her eyes, peeking curiously from under foreward-curving bangs, are a light shade of brown, almost to the point of being orange.