Saturday In the Park (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Saturday In the Park (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 19 December 2015
Location: Ikuto's House, the Park
Synopsis: *CONTENT WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, AND DEATH!* Seems like even the Black Cat of Misfortune isn't immune to the spate of nightmares.
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi

December 19, 2015
3:00 am

        He knew this day would come. Ever since Easter took him from the place where he and Tsukasa Amakawa were hiding, he knew one day he'd face Tadase in battle. It was destined to happen.

        But he never thought it would happen like this.

        He watches Tadase stand across from him... from the sidelines! Ikuto finds he is wrapped in black chains that are so tight they make it hard to breathe. Before him, another version of himself stands, facing Tadase. Both are Chara Transformed, Black Lynx facing Platinum Royale.

        "Ikuto Tsukiyomi!" Platinum Royale declares. "Everywhere you go, you bring nothing but misfortune! I won't let you steal from or hurt anyone else!"

        "Child." It's Ikuto's voice, though it emanates from the not-chained Ikuto. He looks at his other self; the other Ikuto's eyes are dead.

        Tadase seems taken aback. "What?"

        "You're no king," the dead-eyed Ikuto says, his voice a growl. "You're nothing but a child."

        Suddenly a horizontal slash appears across Tadase's chest, staining a line across the white outfit red. The chained Ikuto tries to call out, but no sound comes from his mouth. It's the dead-eyed Ikuto whose voice speaks instead.


        Another red slash across Tadase's chest, this time diagonal.


        Yet another red slash, opposite direction of the first diagonal one.

        Tadase falls then, dropping his scepter. "Ikuto-niisan... why...?" he says weakly, trying and failing to struggle to his feet.

        The dead-eyed Ikuto narrows those lifeless eyes at the bleeding prince. "Worthless boy. You think you can rule the world? You are nothing. Not to me, or anyone else," he hisses. Then he turns, and begins to walk away.

        The chained Ikuto struggles harder. "No..." His voice is barely a whisper on the wind. He looks to his retreating doppelganger. "No, no, no, no... don't leave him there, stupid... do something, don't leave him to die..."

        Tadase's hand, outstretched after the retreating dead-eyed Ikuto, suddenly goes lax, falling to the ground. The chained Ikuto's gaze snaps back as he becomes aware of the movement. And as the sound of Tadase's labored breathing begins to fade, the chained Ikuto struggles harder against his bonds, trying to get to the dying boy. "No... Tadase, don't you dare die! You can't rule the world if you die..." He trails off, to shake his bonds, hard, hoping to shake them off...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

7:00 am

        Ikuto gasps, sitting bolt upright in his bed, hand reaching out as if he was trying to grab hold of something. Or someone.

        "...Kuso," he hisses. The reached-out hand he brought back, to scrub over his face, frustrated. He would have to have a nightmare the one night he decided to sleep in this camera-covered hell that Easter called a house. It's getting colder, so it's more difficult to justify sleeping outside, when there are so few places that are warm.

        But screw it. He isn't staying here.

        He gets up out of bed, reaching for a suit of clothes and dressing quickly. Yoru sleeps peacefully on a pillow; the Chara has his own side of the bed. Ikuto hates to wake him, really. But when he's dressed, Ikuto calls the feline Chara. "...Yoru. Get up."

        "...Nyaaaa~." The Chara rolls over, stretching. "It's too early to get up-nyaaa..."

        "Get up," Ikuto says again. "We're leaving."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

9:00 am

        It's a little too cold to be hanging out on the roof of a building. So instead, Ikuto's in the park, stretched out on a bench. His violin is resting on his stomach, his hands folded behind his back. Yoru is perched on the back of the bench. "...Ne, Ikuto."


        "...Shouldn't you be in school-nya?" Yoru inquires. "Are you gonna be okay missing class?"

        Ikuto shrugs. "I'm beat." Between the nightmares and the fact that he didn't want to sleep where Easter could watch him on camera, he hasn't been sleeping well. "If you're so worried about it, why don't you go instead?" The tone was clearly in jest.

        Yoru's ears perk. He sees an opportunity! "RIGHT! It's all up to me-nya!" He floats up into the air off the back of the bench, one hand-paw raised into the air in a triumphant way. "So! What do I need?" He starts counting off on his paw-fingers. "Textbook! Hankie! Afternoon snack! Let's get all those together and then I'll go right to school-- NOOOOOOOT!"

        Ikuto looks up at Yoru as he started counting off. Then as the Chara proclaims 'NOT!' loudly... Ikuto closes his eyes, and begins to chuckle.

        THAT is what Yoru wanted. After all that had happened in so short a time, Ikuto needed to laugh. And so Yoru grins widely, and then begins to lick one hand-paw, a self-satisfied look on his face. But something else occurs to him. "Oh right. You gonna get Tadase something for Christmas?"

        "I can't," Ikuto replies.

        "Don't want 'em to think you're goin' soft-nya?" Yoru inquires.

        Ikuto's expression darkens. "...I don't want them to end up like him." Yoru stills. He knows exactly who Ikuto means.

        Mamoru Chiba.

        The Chara's ears droop "...That's right. I almost forgot about that-nya..." Silence, for a moment, until Yoru suddenly gets a very determined expression on his face. "Right! I'm gonna get 'em somethin' myself-nya!" he decides. "It'll be from me! That way you won't have to sacrifice the charade-nya!" Looking to Ikuto, he asks, "What should I get 'im?"

        "I dunno," Ikuto replies, with a shrug. Yoru gives a sharp, sudden '--Nya!' and seems to fall over in the air, an exasperated look on his face. Then the Chara sighs. "Ikuto, you don't gift well-nya," he pointed out. Ikuto frowns, but says nothing.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

December 21
7:00 am

        Despite Ikuto's apparent lack of assistance, the boy will find the time to deliver a couple packages, one to Tadase and one to Amu. But instead of making a big scene, Ikuto will just leave them where they can be found. Amu's will appear on her balcony, Tadase's will appear in front of his bedroom's sliding door.

        Amu's gift is a large jar of multicolored gummi bears and an issue of a shoujo manga that Ikuto likes, messily wrapped up in brown paper. A card in a barely legible script reads, "Ikuto said you liked these, so here's some more. --Yoru".

        Tadase's gift? Ikuto has utterly caved. Messily wrapped in brown paper like Amu's gift, is a container of chocolate cookies (store bought of course, Ikuto couldn't cook if his life depended on it) and a CD. On the CD is a song played on a single violin. It's not of great quality. But if Tadase listens, he may just recognize that song. There is, however, no card.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

9:00 am

        Back in the park, Ikuto reclines in a tree, sat on the branch and his back resting against the trunk. Yoru floats above Ikuto, snickering. "I knew you'd get 'em something-nya." He suddenly gives a sharp 'NYA!' of surprise as Ikuto reaches up and tugs gently on his tail. Just enough to know he heard.

        "Quiet," Ikuto replies, folding his arms back behind his head.