Song of the Caged Bird (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Song of the Caged Bird (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 06 July 2015
Location: Pikarigaoka - Clover Tower
Synopsis: Ikuto realizes the equation has changed. Possibly for the better.
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi


(BGM: Song of the Caged Bird - Lindsey Stirling)

        Up at the top of the Clover Tower, the wind is strong enough that most sounds can't be heard from below. Which suits Ikuto just fine. He doesn't want to be disturbed anyway. He's not doing something evil, though. The sound of a violin wafts through the air up here, carried by the wind, the sound haunting and ghostly.

        Eyes closed, he drew the bow across the strings, fingers of the other hand moving between the strings at the neck as if his hands were guided by some other force entirely apart from his own mind. Usually he played sad and melancholy songs, but this time something just the slightest bit hopeful snuck into his music. Hopeful... and perhaps slightly less proper than his classical violin background should have allowed.

        Perhaps Yoru sensed something different about the music too. He paused in his chasing and pouncing of the yellow ball he favored, to look up at Ikuto. Mournful melodies by moonlight were Ikuto's usual fare. The sound of this was different, and even he knew it. But he didn't dare interrupt. This was how Ikuto worked through his issues.

        It wasn't until Ikuto drew the bow across the strings with a final flourish that ikuto spoke up. "So... what's different, nya?" Ikuto opened his eyes, and fixed a confused look on his Guardian Character, with an inquisitive grunt. "It sounds different. Happier. That's good. But why, nya?"

        Ikuto paused. He knew it was different. And he knew trying to hide it from Yoru was pointless. So he didn't bother. "...That girl with the koi. The wolf-girl. And there are more. The equation's changed."

        "Changed, nya?"

        "Before it was just Easter," Ikuto replied. "Now there's others. They'll oppose Easter. Maybe they'll be enough."

        Yoru pointed out, "...But then you'll have to fight them, nya."

        "I know," Ikuto acknowledged. "Why do you think I did what I did in the park? I wanted to see what she was capable of." The wolf girl... she was still an unknown factor. There wasn't enough time for him to observe her.

        "Oh so you're finding out more about 'em, then," Yoru said. "Gonna tell Easter about 'em, nya?"

        "No," Ikuto replied immediately. Then he realized it. He might be able to use this to his advantage. "I need to make them want to come after Easter. I need to be the villain."

        Yoru frowned. "...Ikuto..." The boy didn't reply. He knew it was a risk. But he'd been taking risks since he'd been assigned to Easter's 'cleanup' anyway. If he started going after heart's eggs, Easter would be a natural place to investigate. Besides, he might just find the Embryo himself if he did.

        Just a little while, he told himself. He only needed to play the villain long enough for those magical types to figure out where he came from and come after Easter. He'd let the magical types take care of Easter. Maybe then he could get himself and his sister free of this cage...