Spontaneous Me (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)

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Spontaneous Me (Ikuto Tsukiyomi)
Date of Cutscene: 12 August 2015
Location: Iris Shelby's Apartment Complex
Synopsis: Easter's Black Cat is not good at being nice. But Ikuto has a favor to repay, and he does it the only way he knows how.
Cast of Characters: Ikuto Tsukiyomi

        Once again the Black Cat leaps over roofs with a purpose. As he alights on a roof and pauses, his thoughts go to the previous evening. He was pleased that Tadase seemed to have people who were willing to help him when he got himself into a bind. Ikuto couldn’t do that anyway, thanks to Easter.

        Well, at least he’s thankful for one thing about Easter... their payroll. A corporation like that, has plenty of money, thanks to the hundreds of subdivisions doing commerce. And with him one of the few people in the corporation who could deal with X-Eggs and X-Charas, that means he’s being paid for a rather unique service.

        So that means, while he can’t afford the ridiculous sum Iris quoted on that bill, he could still repay her kindness a little. Or possibly a lot, depending on how many people the healer treats actually pay her. Medical equipment isn’t cheap, even if she has that talking... whatever it is that’s scanning people’s... Linker Cores.

        Yeah. Lot of weird stuff he doesn’t know about.

        He finally reaches the location, and pauses on a nearby roof. “Hey, this is the apartment the Founding King brought Tadase to last night-nya,” Yoru replies. Ikuto gives a quiet affirmative grunt. “Why are we here? If you’re here while little king is better, there’ll be a fight-nya.”

        “...He won’t know.” And then a pause. He reaches into his pocket for the envelope he’d tucked in there before coming out here. Then he hops over to the same roof of the apartment complex. He pauses a moment to make sure the coast is clear, and then heads for the roof access door, his feline features disappearing. Roof access doors are rarely locked... it’s dangerous, as tenants could be locked out on the roof, to the real threat leaving it unlocked presents. Who’s gonna come in through the roof, after all?

        Ikuto, apparently.

        The Black Cat heads down to the floor, Yoru floating over his right shoulder. Making his way slowly down the hall, he looks at the doors. The door had been opened while he was inside, he’d seen the number on it. He just needed to find that number. And once he found it he slide the envelope underneath the door. Then he quickly jogged down the hall to the window at the end of the hallway. His cat ears and tail reappeared, he opened the window, and then he was away into the city once again.

        Amongst what he could safely withdraw from his personal account, there is a note. It’s typed, so handwriting can’t be traced. And the paper it’s printed on is stock anyone could buy from and office supply shop. Won’t find out who sent it that way. What does the note say?

『ありがとうございました。』—“Arigatou gozaimashita.”